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Amazing facts about animals

Muhammad Bilal Anwar8TH Semester (evening)2013-VA-261UVASAmazing facts about animals

Total species on world are 8.77 million.

10,000 species of animals discovered every year.

Scientists estimate that 150-200speciesof plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every24 hours

The biggest mammal in world:(1): BLUE WHALE weight upto 190 tons(2): Length 30-35 meter(3): Life span 80-90 years

Largest mammal on land:(African bush elephant)

Fastest animal: (cheetah)(1): Run upto 120km/h.(2): Attained speed in 4seconds only.

Fastest bird in world. PEREGRINE FALCON(1): Maximum Recorded Airspeed of 389 k/h (242 mph).

Fastest fish in world: (sailfish)(1): can swim upto speed of110 km/h.(2): weight upto 90 kg.

Slowest animal: (sloth)(1): moving speed is 0.003mph

National animal of Pakistan(marrkhorr)

National bird of Pakistan: (chakur)

Dog was the first animal to be domesticated by humans.

Just like humans they are left or right handed.

Dogs can smell sadness & fear in humans.

Grey hound is the fastest breed of dog run upto 45-mph.

Dog (canis lupus familaris)

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs(1): theobromine is present in chocolate, dogs are unable to matabolize cause diarrhea & vomiting in dogs.

In US about 85.5 million cats are pet.

A cat sleep about 16- 17 hrz per day.Cats (Felis Domesticus)

Chimpanzee DNA is 98.4% identical to human.An average chimpanzee is four time stronger than human.Chimp is the only animal which can recognized itself in mirror.chimpanzee

Cattles are colour blind to red & green.

Polar bear (king of north):(1): transparent skin(2): survive in -39 to -50c(3): hibernate in snow

Salt water crocodile (bite 3700 psi)

Strongest bite force in felines (jaguar) about 2000 psi

(1): human 162 psi.(2): dogs 550 psi.

Long term memory to take revengeCamel have 3 eyelids act as wind shield againt sand stormsDrink upto 20 gallonsShip of desert ( camel):

23 monthsLongest gastation length in land mammals.

12-13 daysoppossumSmallest gestation length in mammals

Dolphins sleep with 1 eye open

Height:Male: 5 6m.Sleep for 5-30 min/day.Drink water after 3-4 days.Powerful kicker20 inch long tongueHeart beat 150 times/min

Giraffe (Giraffa Camelopardalis)

Largest dolphin is the killer whale(orca).

Koonj (Demoiselle crane)

(1): 3-4 kg bird(2): sign of love.

37,000 feet high fly.

Average plane fly upto 35000 to 40000 feet.

griffon vulture

Bee hummingbirds

(1): length 2.75 inches(2): weight 0.056 ounce.(3): found in cuba


Harpy eagle (largest eagle breed)(1): national bird of panama.(2):weight upto 9-10 kg.(3): 2 meter wingspan.

LD50= 0.15mg/kgBelcher's sea snake (most venemious)

15,000 human kill by 1 gram poison , size 2 inches.golden poison frog (most venomous)