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  • Amateur Handheld Transceivers

    Universal Radio, Inc. Info.: 614 866-4267651-B Lakeview Plaza Blvd. Orders: 800 431-3939Worthington, Ohio 43085

    Quality Equipment Since 1942Page 65


    LCD Dot Matrix Display 435 Memories (3 Call) Alphanumeric Memory Encode/Decode Wideband Receive CW/SSB Rx on HF Double Band Scan Dual Freq. Receive

    The Kenwood TH-F6A transmits in the 144, 220and 440 MHz amateur bands and has dual chan-nel receive capability. Enjoy 5 watts out with thesupplied 7.4 volt 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery (orexternal 13.8 VDC power). A low power setting of0.5 watts and an extra low power output of 0.05watts is featured. The controls are easy to use andthe LCD informs you of the exact status of theradio. This radio offers sophisticated widebandcommunications reception. The special "B" bandhas reception from 100 kHz to 1300 MHz (lessrestricted freqs) in FM/AM/CW/SSB. Yes, this HThas the ability to decode SSB and CW on HF! Builtto MIL-STD-810 C/D/E standards. This HT in-cludes the PB-42L 7.4 VDC 2000 mAh Lithium Ionbattery, 120 VAC adapter, belt clip and singlehigh-performance SMA antenna. 2.3 x 3.5 x 1.3inches 9 oz (58x87x30mm 250g).

    List $404.00 Order #0066 Please Call












    Optional Accessories

    NEED A PRICE?The price of amateur radio gear is constantly changing as aresult of coupons and promotions. For current pricing pleasevisit our website at: www.universal-radio.comor call toll-free: 1 800 431-3939

    VIEW ACCESSORIESWe do not have room in our catalogto illustrate accessory items but theymay be viewed on our website at:

    # Model Item Description List Price Your Price4373 BT-13 Battery Case 4 x Alkaline AA Cells $28.00 $24.95 5413 BT-15 Battery Case 6 x Alkaline AAA Cells 38.00 28.95 5596 BT-16 Battery Case 6 x Alkaline AAA Cells 24.00 19.95 6736 KBP-9 Battery Case 4 x Alkaline AAA Cells 34.95 34.95 5427 KHS-22 Single ear, behind-the-head PTT boomset 36.00 31.95 3054 KHS-26 Earbud Clip Microphone 28.00 22.95 3247 KMC-45D Speaker Microphone 86.00 69.95 0000 KNB-63L Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 1130 mAh Discontinued 5660 KNB-65L Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 1520 mAh 45.00 44.95 6722 KNB-74LW Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 1100 mAh 75.00 74.95 1799 KNB-75LW Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 1800 mAh 85.00 84.95 6742 KPG-46X USB Programming Cable 60.00 54.95 5343 KSC-32 Rapid Desk Charger 70.00 52.95 1879 KSC-25LSKRapid Drop-in Desk Charger 48.30 39.95 3697 PB-39 NiCd Battery 9 VDC 600 mAh 62.35 54.95 5330 PB-42L Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 2000 mAh 88.00 79.95 5273 PB-45L Li-Ion Battery 7.4 VDC 1800 mAh 99.00 74.95 1798 PG-2W DC Cable 25.00 17.95 1280 PG-3J Filtered Cigar Lighter Cord 49.00 36.95 3471 PG-4Y PC Serial Cable [DB9] 35.00 31.95 4384 SC-51 Soft Case TH-F6A 17.00 15.95 5638 SC-55 Soft Case TH-D72 22.00 16.95 2459 SMC-32 Mini Speaker Microphone 70.00 52.95 1172 SMC-34 Speaker Mic with Remote 42.00 31.95


    Built in TNC 1200/9600 Built in GPS 1000 Alpha Memories Encode/Decode Wideband Receive LCD Dot Matrix Display Nine Scan Modes Clock/Date Function

    The Kenwood TH-D72A Data Communicator hasan integrated GPS receiver and built-in TNC(1200/9600) to provide superior APRS opera-tion. And the TH-D72A can be employed as part ofKenwoods Skycommand System II+ when usedwith the TS-2000 series. The TH-D72A also offersEchoLink memory compatibility and a mini-USBconnector. Other features include: 1000 alphamemories, 9 scan modes, CTCSS/DCS, cross-tone, waypoint export, DX cluster tune, clock(date/time), band mask, call channel, monitor,auto power-off, MHz mode, shift, VOX, auto re-peater offset, simplex checker and ten DTMFmemories. It is MIL-STD810 and IP54 weather-proof. The TH-D72A can be a stand-alone Digi-peater and even function as an iGate when prop-erly connected! Includes antenna, battery,charger, USB cable, printed and CD manual.

    List $512.00 Order #3072 Please Call

    Auto Repeater Offset Built-in CTCSS/DCS Weather Alert Multi Scanning Modes Backlit Keypad 200 Memories Battery Saver Circuit Narrow FM Ready

    The Kenwood TH-K20A is a rugged 5.5 watt, 2meter HT with straightforward operation. It has alarge backlit LCD, backlit keys and Weather Alert.Receive coverage is 136-174 MHz. You get 200regular or 50 alpha memories. Enjoy simple re-peater operation with auto repeater offset andautomatic simplex checker. Scan types include:CTCSS, DCS and 1750 Hz tone burst. Otherfeatures include: Auto power off, time out timer,memory channel transfer and wide/narrow devia-tion. Everyday functions are preprogrammed into11 keys with an additional PF key that can beassigned with a custom function. Three outputlevels (5.5/2.5/1 watts) are available for extendedbattery life. MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F. KNB-63L Li-ion 1130 mAh, KSC-35S drop-in charger, andEnglish/Spanish/French printed manual.

    List $169.95 Order #3020 Please Call


    Are you a collector lookingfor an older radio model?

    Please visit our used equipment department

    This Kenwood TH-D74A trib-and handi-talkie was pre-viewed at the 2016 DaytonHamvention. It will operate onthe 144, 220 and 440 MHzbands. Receive ranges: 136-174, 216-260, 410-470 [A] and0.1-524 [B] MHz. RF powermay be set for 5, 2, 0.5 or 0.05Watts. There is a stunning240x180 pixel transflectiveTFT color display. It isequipped with a built-in TNCand GPS that supports APRS. This radio fea-tures D-Star with superior audio and even sup-ports simultaneous APRS / D-Star operation! Itis Bluetooth compliant and supports microSD andMicro-USB. The extended receive includes AMand shortwave reception including SSB and CWreception. There is even a 12 kHz IF output for PCdecoding. Rugged IP54/55 weather proofing.List $651.95 Order #4074 Please Call


  • Amateur Handheld Transceivers

    Universal Radio, Inc. Info.: 614 866-4267651-B Lakeview Plaza Blvd. Orders: 800 431-3939Worthington, Ohio 43085

    Quality Equipment Since 1942Page 66

    IC-T70A HDIC-T70A Sport

    Three RF Levels Auto Repeater DTMF Keypad Battery Saver 302 Memories Simple Operation Encode/Decode

    The Icom IC-T70AHD 2M/440 HT features mili-tary grade rugged construction (IP54 and MIL-STD-810), internal VOX function, CTCSS/DTCSencode/decode and 5.0/2.5/0.5 watts out on bothbands. Receive coverage is 136-174 and 400-479MHz. Enjoy 302 alphanumeric memories andmultiple scan modes. Also DTMF memory chan-nels, wide-narrow channel spacing, with 700 mWof audio, backlit alpha display, weather channelalert, keypad, repeater lock-out, auto-repeaterfunction, VOX time-out timer and auto power off.The IC-T70AHD comes with BC-193 Li-ion drop-in tray, BC-123SA AC Adapter, BP-265 Li-ionBattery Pack (7.4VDC 1900 mAh), belt clip andflexible SMA antenna. 2.35 x 4.4 x 1.2" 13.4 oz.List $296.00 Order #4070 Please Call

    Sport version (no Li-ion battery or charger)List $236.00 Order #0000 Discontinued

    IC-V80 HD &IC-V80 Sport

    Rugged Construction Simple Operation Three RF Levels Backlit LCD DTMF Keypad Battery Saver Encode/Decode 207 Alpha Memories 16 DTMF Memories

    The Icom IC-V80 Sport 2 meter handitalkie fea-tures military grade IP54 MIL-STD 810 ruggedconstruction, internal VOX function, CTCSS/DTCS encode/decode with tone scan and 5.5/2.5/0.5 watts out. Enjoy 207 alphanumeric memoriesand 3 scan modes. Also 16 DTMF memory chan-nels, wide-narrow channel spacing, with 750 mWof audio, backlit alpha display, weather channelalert (USA version), keypad, repeater lock-out,auto-repeater function, time-out timer and autopower off. The IC-V80 Sport comes with BP-263AA cell holder and BNC flexible antenna.List $124.00 Order #0580 $99.95

    The Icom IC-V80-35 HD version comes with BC-193 fast Li-ion desk charger, BP-265 Li-ion battery(7.4 VDC 1900 mAh) and BNC flexible antenna.List $199.00 Order #0280 $149.95

    Digital DMR / FM CTCSS/DCS Voice Prompts Scanning Modes Color LCD Display 1000 Memories DTMF Encode/Decode 5 or 1Watts RF

    The TYT MD-380 UHF DMR handheld transceiveruses the latest TDMA - Time Division Multi Accesstechnology. It also operates in traditional analogFM mode with 12.5 or 25 kHz channel operation.The radio features a large color display. Channelsmay be labeled with up to 11 characters dis-played. The tri-colored LED indicates: Green -receive, Orange - scanning or Red - transmitting.Coverage on the UHF model is 400 480 MHz with5 or 1 watts. The VHF version covers 136 174MHz. Two rotary click knobs on the top panel arefor power/volume and for 16 channel selection.The DTMF keys on the front panel are backlit.Supplied with 7.4V 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, drop-in charging base, 110/220 Volt AC adapter, SMAtype antenna, belt clip and strap.MD-380 UHF Order #0380 Please CallMD-380 VHF Order #0381 Please Call

    MD-380 UHFMD-380 VHF

    # Model Item Description Price6409 SPK MIC380 Speaker Mic $14.951902 B ELIM 380 Battery Eliminator 13.954016 BAT-380 Li-ion 7V 2000 mAh 23.95

    MD-380 Accessories

    MD-390 UHFMD-390 VHF

    Digital DMR / FM CTCSS/DCS Voice Prompts Scanning Modes Color LCD Display 1000 Memories DTMF Encode/Decode 5 or 1 Watts RF

    The TYT MD-390 UHF DMR handheld transceiverbrings you all the features of the popular MD-380and meets the rigorous Waterproof DustproofIP67 standard. This HT may be submerged up to30 minutes in 1 meter of water and will stilloperate. It uses the latest TDMA technology andalso operates in traditional analog FM mode with12.5 or 25 kHz channel operation. The radiofeatures a large color display. Channels may belabeled with up to 11 characters. The tri-coloredLED indicates: Green - rx, Orange - scan or Red- xmit. Coverage on the UHF model is 400 480MHz with 5 or 1 watts.