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    ‘Master the Media’ How to Effectively Engage with Local Media to Promote Your Services

    Sinéad O’Donnell Account Director

    Johnny Fallon Account Manager

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    • Understanding the power of local media

    • Engaging with local media • Conducting an effective media interview

    • Social media – extending the reach

    • Representing the profession – Q & A

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    Understanding the power of local media

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    Why engage with local media?

    • Local media is a very powerful channel of communication

    • Impactful and cost effective

    • Allows you to engage directly with clients

    • Helps build trust

    • Ensures you are recognised as a ‘thought leader’

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    National Radio vs. Local Radio

    • 3.4 million people in Ireland listen to radio every week (82% of all adults)

    • 56% tune into their local station, while 44% listen to a national station

    • More people listen to local radio everyday than a national radio station

    • 31 local or regional radio stations in Ireland

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    Local Radio Stations in Ireland

    LEINSTER – 15 Stations

    ULSTER – 2 Stations

    CONNACHT – 5 Stations

    MUNSTER – 9 Stations

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    96 Local Newspapers in Ireland

    Most Papers: Cork 11 Dublin 10 Donegal 8 Kerry 6

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    Local Media for Local People

    • 82% spend half their money within an 8km radius of their home

    • 66% rely on advertisements in local paper to help with grocery shopping decisions

    • 78% said they trust what they read in their local newspaper

    Source: Survey by Local Ireland conducted with 6,016 participants in September 2015

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    Engaging with local media

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    How local newsrooms operate?

    Editor and Deputy Editor

    Reporter and Regional Correspondents


    Sports Editor and Sports Journalists

    Production Online staff

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    What makes a story newsworthy?

    • Timeliness

    • Impact

    • Proximity

    • Human interest

    • Prominence

    • Conflict

    • The Bizarre and Extremes

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    1. Newsjacking – peg your pitch to a timely news story or event

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    2. Source Filing

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    3. Expert Analysis

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    4. Bylined Article

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    5. Press Releases

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    Six techniques to get you in the news

    6. Pitch a Legal Slot Series

    Solicitor Susan Webster conducts a monthly legal advice slot on KFM

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    10 Tips for Pitching

    1. Pitch a story – not your company

    2. Target the right media

    3. Do Email First

    4. Call – but not repeatedly

    5. Pitch in private – not in public

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    10 Tips for Pitching

    6. Get straight to the point - don’t waffle

    7. Do personalise your pitch

    8. Be exclusive

    9. Do give plenty of lead time

    10. Be available

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    When to call?

    • Worst time to contact a local newspaper is the day before publication

    • Worst time to call local radio newsrooms - between quarter to the hour and ten past the hour

    • Best time to contact show producer is just after the show ends

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    Press Release Layout



    - Bullet point summary

    - Bullet point summary

    Paragraph 1


    Paragraph 2


    End Contact information, background notes to editor

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    Press Release Sample Headline

    Subhead • Bullet Point Summary

    Paragraph 1

    Paragraph 2


    Contact / Boilerplate Information / Notes to




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    Writing an effective press release – dos and don’ts

    • DO - Grab attention with a good headline

    • DO - Get to the point in the first paragraph

    • DO - Keep it short

    • DO - Use active verbs and first degree words

    • DO - Include quotes whenever possible

    • DO - Include your contact information

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    Writing an effective press release – dos and don’ts

    • Don’t let your press release sound like a sales pitch • Don’t type your press release in capital letters or italics

    • Don’t fail to proof read your press release

    • Don’t use clichés or padding (‘with regard to’ ‘in the context of’)

    • Don’t send it to wrong person or to right person with name wrongly spelt

    • Don’t use bold type to emphasis points in your press release

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    Law Society Press Office Contact Details

    Craig Easdown, Manager, Representation and Member Services c.easdown@lawsociety.ie (01) 672 4960 Kathy McKenna, PR Coordinator k.mckenna@lawsociety.ie 672 4915 Sarah Carroll, PR Administrator s.carroll@lawsociety.ie 672 4831

    mailto:c.easdown@lawsociety.ie mailto:k.mckenna@lawsociety.ie mailto:s.carroll@lawsociety.ie

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    Conducting an effective interview

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    How to prepare for media interviews

    • Research

    • Clarify your message

    • Assertion must be followed by evidence

    • Think of questions – obvious and nasty

    • Practise, practise, practise

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    10 things NOT to do during a media interview

    1. Don’t wait for the right question

    2. Don’t continuously mention your company name

    3. Don’t use jargon, acronyms or technical language

    4. Don’t bring mobile phone, clicky pen or loud watch into studio

    5. Don’t write out full sentences on a card or piece of paper

    6. Don’t overestimate a reporter’s knowledge of your subject

    7. If on a panel, do not attack the man or woman, attack the issue

    8. Don’t interrupt the presenter or other guests – especially on radio

    9. Don’t thank the presenter for having you on the programme

    10. Don’t tell the interviewer what to ask you or argue with the interviewer

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    How to deal with difficult questions

    • Never repeat an accusation

    • Bridging – Answer briefly and connect to your key message

    • Keep your focus – avoid distraction

    • Embrace the silence

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    Coping with nerves