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a warm welcome from Aman NevisAn azure sea. A cloudless blue sky. A tropical Caribbean island. When you picture paradise, certain things instinctively come to mind. Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water and gently swaying palms. A place where life is easy, and everything is in perfect balance. We invite you to relax in the luxury and inspiring beauty of the exclusive Aman Nevis resort the ultimate haven of tranquility and sophistication. The new landmark development is the vision of a handpicked team comprising some of the leading lights in the worlds of hotels, architecture and property investment. Aman Nevis offers a rare opportunity for you to be there at its inception, to be a founding member of a development that guarantees to set the standard internationally for luxury living.

I look forward to welcoming guests and a small number of new homeowners to enjoy the lifestyle, peace and beauty of what will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the finest Resorts in the World.

This is life as it should be lived.

Simon Lowe Developer and founder

the opportunityThe Aman Nevis provides a rare opportunity for discerning investors to enjoy an unparalleled level of luxury on one of the Caribbean's great unspoilt islands, all designed and built to the most exacting standards. Amanresort founder Adrian Zecha spent time discovering the islands unique ambience before carefully choosing the final development location. The project which enjoys full government support will comprise a world-class, 40 pavilion suite Aman Resort Hotel and Spa and only 40 spectacular branded Aman residences, sensitively crafted. All villa owners will benefit from Amans legendary service. Each owner will have an opportunity to choose the location of their villa each of which will be set in two acres of lush grounds. The villas all have wonderful ocean views. The vision of award-winning, world-renowned architect Jean-Michel Gathy, each villa offers a tranquil and exclusive home-away-from-home atmosphere, set in a carefully sited location that places an array of facilities and services within immediate reach. Resort facilities an Aman hotel and a sumptuous, fully-equipped spa with expansive relaxation lawns and beach-side pavilions. The whole setting is beautifully landscaped to reflect, and blend in with, the unspoilt natural environment beyond. Nature is all around, with cerulean seas, azure skies, white sand and lush green flora dotted with white flowers. Enjoy a true piece of paradise.

a place to dream and to reflect

a place of natural purity and timeless tranquility

the islandSituated near the top of the Lesser Antilles archipelago about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico, just west of Antigua and a few miles from St. Barts measuring only seven miles long and five miles wide, Nevis is one of the great unspoilt places, richly deserving its nickname Queen of the Caribees. This calm, lush island paradise with its year-round warm sun tempered by gentle, cooling breezes provides ample opportunities for hiking, exploring the lush rainforest, snorkeling or simply relaxing on its white sandy beaches. And relaxing is easy on one of the most welcoming of all Caribbean islands. As the Nevisians say Youre only a stranger here once.

Nisbet Plantation

the perfect retreatArchaeology shows that Nevis has been inhabited for over 2,000 years, being visited by successive waves of Indian peoples most of whom were originally native to Central America. In the centuries that followed, the island experienced turbulent times. Yet it has always been the tranquility, beauty and friendliness of the place that shone through. Today, it is one of the most peaceful of all Caribbean islands, with a democratic government, independent judiciary, a free press and one of the highest literacy rates in the Western hemisphere. It is that rarest of things: a place where happiness and relaxation come naturally.

A typical Nevisian home

Children playing at The Botanical Gardens

the Government of Nevis welcomes you

it is a rare moment when you discover that special place

An aerial view of the Aman Nevis location

Looking back at Mount Nevis

Palm plantation seafront

Local fishing boats on Aman beach

A church on the road to Aman Nevis

Looking back at Mount Nevis

a brief history of the Queen of the CaribbeesNevis was first thought to have been inhabited over 2,000 years ago by indians native to Central America, followed by Arawak indians from the basin of the Orinoco River (now Venezuela). Some centuries after the Arawak around AD1200 Carib indians became the next civilization to put down roots here. Today, archaeological sites across the island have unearthed pottery, shells and flint tools all dating to these early islanders. It is thought that at around AD800 Nevis may have had a population of 5,000. Nevis entered European history in 1493 when on his second voyage Columbus thought the clouds gathering on the peak were reminiscent of the catholic miracle of Nuestra Seora de las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows). He did not, however, step ashore. The earliest European visitor is thought to have been Captain Bartholomew Gilbert in 1603, but Nevis was not officially settled by the British until 1628. Initially, its success was based in tobacco, but like St. Kitts, this focus shifted onto sugar cane production, and its wealth continued to grow. By 1660, it had become the most profitable per head of all British colonies. This, and its great natural beauty, made Nevis a target for other European nations, and thus began two hundred years in which the Spanish, French and Dutch all sought to rest control from Britain. The first half of the 20th century saw the decline of the sugar industry; the great estates were abandoned, and while some mills continued to be operated into the latter half, the last mill ceased operations in 1958. Critically, the Moyne commission of the 1930s found that Britain had a duty to support the island; improved sanitation and education were two key results. In the 1960s, Britain established the Federation of St Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla; which had limited self-governance, St Kitts and Nevis were granted full independence in 1983. Since then, a stable democratic government and independent judiciary has flourished making Nevis one of the most attractive islands in the Caribbean to visit and own a home in.

Site looking inland

Aman Nevis Oualie Villa- aerial perspective towards Nevis Peak

Carriers EuropeBritish Airways


arrive in styleBy air You can fly direct to Nevis from San Juan on American Eagle, or alternatively via Antigua, St Maartens or St Kitts. Regular fights are operated from the US mainland to St Kitts, flying from New York, Miami, Charlotte and Atlanta. Flights are also available from Canada and British Airways provide weekly scheduled flights to St.Kitts/Nevis via Antigua from London Gatwick. The airports runway can accommodate medium jets and is also serviced by private charters. On arrival at St.Kitts, Nevis is only a 5 minute onward journey by helicopter. By boat From St Kitts, Nevis is only a 25 minute boat journey by private motor launch offering beautiful views of the islands. There are also regular services provided by several ferry operators which take around 45 minutes. Additionally, the Nevis Tourism Authority recently completed a project in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries and the Nevis Air and Seaport Authority (NASPA) to install sailing vessel moorings along the coastline of the leeward side of the island, enhancing the development of sailing tourism. The facility provides 100 moorings, of which 95 can facilitate yachts up to 60 feet. The remaining five can facilitate yachts up to 90 feet. There are presently no moorings for yachts over 90 feet, but there is a designated area where such yachts can drop anchor. There are five quarantine moorings, which are used upon arrival and then shown to the appropriate mooring.

London to St Kitts (Bradshaw International Airport)- 2 flights per week (45 minute ferry / Water Taxis to Nevis) To Antigua (connection via LIAT to Nevis)

British Airways Virgin Atlantic British Airways Virgin Atlantic KLM Air France

To Barbados / St. Lucia (connections via LIAT to Nevis)

To St. Maarten (connections via LIAT or Winair to Nevis) To St. Maarten (connections via LIAT or Winair to Nevis)

North AmericaAir Canada Skyservice special charters American Airlines Antigua to Nevis - LIAT St. Kitts to Nevis - 3 local ferries service Nevis (times may vary per day of the week) New York to St. Kitts - 2 times weekly (Sunday and Wednesday) Miami to St. Kitts - Daily US Airways Charlotte to St. Kitts - Once weekly (Saturday)


Charlotte to St. Kitts - Once weekly (Saturday) Atlanta to St. Kitts - Once weekly (Saturday) Continental, Delta, United Airlines, USAir from different US States San Juan to Nevis - (daily) American Eagle San Juan to St. Kitts - (daily) American Eagle, LIAT St. Maarten to Nevis - Winair Antigua to Nevis - LIAT

Flight information correct at date of publishing

about the islandRoughly circular and measuring only 9 x 12 km in diameter, Nevis covers an area of approximately 93 square km. With a population of only 12,000, it lies in the heart of the Caribbean, its famous neighbours include Antigua and St. Barts. It is dominated by Mount Nevis, and with its natural rain forest enjoys a lush topography. With year round temperatures rarely exceeding 85/30 degrees, it has a perfect island climate. The Nevisian people are very friendly, well-educated, church-going and highly skilled. Nevis remains one of the safest Islands in the Caribbean. The discerning visitor is extremely well catered-for. World renowned places to s