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1. Modular, Efficient, Scalable...Equipment Data Centers that Work! Service Batteries IT Infrastructure DataCenterAssessmentServices- Outsource Service Provider RacksandAccessoriesAssessment & NegotiationAltruent knows the elements for optimum performing data centers. Cabling- Site Assessment The wheel for success: design and plan appropriately for power,- Efficiency Assessment PowerDistributionUnitscooling, racks, operations and maintenance. Then use the right- Operations and Maintenancemanagement components to monitor infrastructure near or far StaticSwitches OwnersRepresentationwith peace of mind and security.- Planning, Design, Implementation, ElectricalDistribution & Management &SwitchgearMonitoring Design Hardwareacquisition UPSSystems CommissioningTesting&Planning Generators Rack ITPlanning DataCenterConsolidation PrecisionCoolingSystems Performance Installation FacilityManagement CoolingOperationsand Software Maintenance WarrantyServices Power w w w. a l t r u e n t . c o m 2. MISSIONAltruent's mission is to leverage lessons learned from designing, operating, andmaintaining data centers to best assist our clients and business partners in meetingtheir data center needs. We utilize our knowledge and experience to communicateand understand the needs of each stakeholder relative to building, maintaining, andoperating data center infrastructure. Our primary focus is energy efficient, modular, Data Center Solutions Consult Design Assesscost-efficient and scalable solutions.EXPERIENCEAltruent has the resources to Altruent Systems is experienced in delivering data center infrastructure and ITsolutions. Our resume includes data center planning and assessments, data centerbring you best pricing, best valuedesign, infrastructure hardware procurement (cooling, emergency power - UPSs, Data Center Solutions Consult Design Assesswith a solution that meets andgenerators, electricial systems - automatic transfer switches, power distributionexceeds the needs of your facility. systems, switchgear, switchboards, raised floor systems, and physical securityAltruent Systems brings critical powersystems), construction management, owner's representation, and data centercommissioning. design, equipment, and service needsAltruent Systems of your company. design, equipment,to the core brings critical power We offer OVERVIEW EXECUTIVETEAM turnkey solutions along with owner'sservice needs Who is Altruent Systems?representation to assure best value,to the core of your company. We offer turnkey solutions aDonald M. ClowPresidentandChiefTechnologyOfficer quality, performance, and energy efficiency.with owner's Altruent Systems is a boutique company withAs former COO & CTO for Hosted Solutions, a Managed Hosting Services provider representation to assure best pricing, quality, performance, years of practical experience operating andbased in North Carolina, Don brings a high level of experience to the Altruent team. energy efficiency.Don led all technology efforts associated with the growth of Hosted Solutions from building data centers. We are Data Centera single site to five data centers in the Southeast, totaling 75,000 square feet of in- Our primary focus is efficient, modular, cost-effective a Consultants delivering service and technologyproduction data center space. With over 25 years of professional IT experience, Donscalable solutions.has a broad expanse of practical knowledge in implementing, operating and securing, solutions to meet the ever changing needscomplex, enterprise-class computing facilities. of todays data center. Altruent is in translating IT and facilities' needs into requirements, guiding and directing the designBradford A. Thompson and build process. By remaining vendor FounderandCriticalInfrastructureConsultant agnostic, we are able to deliver the right With a background in network engineering, IT consulting, and commercial real estate, solutions to our customers.Brad has combined his varied experience into the role of Infrastructure Consultantand Data Center Designer. His business approach led to the creation of AltruentSystems, which was inspired by the philosophy of altruism, or putting others first.With a focus on state-of-the-art green technologies, Brad and the Altruent teamconstantly strive to put the needs of the customer and the environment 919.828.4419