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MLA 2014: altmetrics ? , -, Lillian Hoffecker, PhD, MLSDana Abbey, MLSWhats the difference between altmetrics and other measures of research influence? Exploring alternative metrics, impact factors, and moreLillian Hoffecker, PhD, MLSDana Abbey, MLSMLA 2014: Building Our Information Future2 , ObjectiveTo demonstrate ways librarians can assist clinicians and researchers discover their scholarly value by understanding different research metrics

4 ? -

a - Whats Being Measured?Citation metricsHow often an individual article was cited

AltmetricsCrowdsourcing Social Web for analyzing reach and visibility of research

6 M - - - - H- - PlumX - Altmetric.comChanging Landscape of Research MetricsCitation MetricsImpact factorEigenfactorH-indexOther

8 - PlumX - 3 - 2 / - 1 Our StudyProduct selection PlumXParticipant selection3 nursing faculty2 practicing physician/researchers1 biomedical researcher


PlumX11Altmetric Explorer

12CAltmetrics.comPlumX, Mendeley, Twitter, Facebook, , : WorldCat , , "" / "Sunburst" 2010 . . . .13ComparisonAltmetrics.comPlumXData GatheredMendeley, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news mediaIn addition: WorldCat book holdings, usage, citation dataMeasurementSpecific Work

Individual Author

Visual RepresentationDonutChart/SunburstTime CoverageLate 2010 to presentNon social media can go back many yearsData ManipulationAuthor has control of data. The bookmarklet allows author to pull information.Author does not have control of data. Problems with author disambiguation.14 : - ( ) ( , ).

1: ?Q1: Which metric do you value the most?Citations and usage - for academic purposes the most important thing would really be citations (for academia) and usage (for real-world how important is this in potentially changing practice).

Questions asked of study participants:16 2: ? , , , , ( , ).Q2: What would you use these metrics for?Funding opportunities, showing that our work is making a difference in changing practice patterns, promotion and tenure, and potentially for collaborators (who cited my work, who might be interested in working with me).

18 3: - ? () , - Linkedin.Q3: Would you contact someone discussing your research?I would (have) contacted someone who discusses my work via social media - and I asked them to join me in Linkedin.20 4: ? , - ... , - , .Q4: Do you have concerns about this information? Anything relating to our work that is already out in public can get distributed however anyone wantsIf it is important that something be kept secret, we just keep it a secret prior to publication. 22 . . ( ) , ORCID ( ID)Role of the LibrarianPromote open access and in particular an OA fund at your institutionCommunicate with researchers on ways to raise profileContribute to social media (department liaisons)Develop a knowledge base for tools to get people startedEncourage use of unique author identifiers like ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)

24 , , Raising Researcher ProfilesTranslate presentationsMake available in open access venuesSelf-promote through social media and professional networkingUtilize curating, bookmarking, and sharing tools to promote contentGet in touch with those who download your work


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28 Plum AnalyticsAltmetric LLPAcknowledgmentsFaculty ParticipantsTranslatorsPlum AnalyticsAltmetric LLP

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