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  • 1. Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst @lieblink | altimetergroup.comNovember 16, 2013| #nativeadvertising

2. ONE Defining Native Advertising 3. EVERYONES TALKING ABOUTNATIVE ADVERTISING. SO, WHAT IS IT?3 4. TWO Why Native Advertising? 5. Native advertising is a form of converged media that combines paid and owned media into a form of commercial messaging that is fully integrated into, and often unique to, a specific delivery platform. Altimeter Group, 2013 6. Why Native Advertising? Banner blindness Skipped pre-roll ads Eroding email engagement rates Fragmented consumer attention Increasing level of automation in programmatic digital advertising Downward price pressure on classic display advertising 7. 49x More clicks generated by Facebook Page Post ads than traditional onsite ads, at 45% less cost.7Source: Koetsier, Josh, Facebook news feed ads generate 49 times more clicks at 45% less cost (study). VentureBeat. June 27, 2013. 8. Native Advertising: Pros 9. Native Advertising: Cons 10. THREE Recommendations 11. Native Advertising: Critical Elements for Success 12. Transparency, Disclosure, and Trust 1. Disclose that the placement is commercial in nature. 2. Link to policies that govern such placement. 3. Provide a channel for inquiry.12 13. Content Strategy 1. Put in place a foundational content strategy prior to native executions. 2. Document governance around voice, tone, brand, edit, and copy guidelines. 3. Subject native ad creative to the approval of the content strategy governing body. 13 14. Collaboration 1. Encourage internal collaboration. 2. Incentivize external collaboration this is the brands responsibility. 3. Ensure teams are agile, able to learn quickly, and apply what theyve learned to other campaigns and channels. 14 15. Earned Component Native advertising is an example of converged media. Its a combination of paid and owned media. Factoring in ways to share or otherwise amplify the message can greatly contribute to extending the campaigns reach.15 16. Content Portability 1. Create native advertising executions that can be socially sharable. 2. Track the content that most resonates in social channels. 3. Maintain libraries of content that break down into discrete units of text that can be deployed quickly in a variety of formats. 16 17. Training 1. Provide content strategy training at the brand level. 2. Train sales teams in native advertising offerings and advantages. 3. Train creative, account teams, media buyers, and others in the ecosystem on native tactics and strategies. 17 18. Ability to Scale advertising campaigns are usually exclusive and cannot be reduplicated elsewhere. Publisher-created content for native executions is often contractually limited to that publishers platform. Many vendor solutions do scale and travel, but at the expense of being native in the strictest sense. 19. Measurement 1. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each native advertising campaign. 2. Use caution with overly publisher-centric metrics that gauge campaign effectiveness. 3. Measure native advertising effectiveness against a converged media model. 19 20. We asked brands, agencies and vendors to rate the maturity of the Converged Media space.Open Research Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape6,000+ views since Sept. 10, 201320 21. THANK YOU Rebecca Lieb Twitter: lieblink Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.