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  • 1. Software for agriculture in developingcountires

2. What is it? Interactive version of the Farmers Almanac Means to end hunger 3. How? Band-aid solutions dont work Long term self sufficiency is the only way to solvethe crisis 4. How does it work?Almanac 2.0 is an interactive software compatible withcomputers and tablets. The software can be translated tonumerous languages, but doesnt rely heavily on languageto teach. The software does not require internet connectionconstantly, only once a month or so for updates. Thesoftware: Tracks weather patterns Teaches farming skills Explains techniques like irrigation Can be customized for climate types Offers help in food preparation 5. InteractionHome screen consists of 4 links to new pages Getting StartedMaintenance WeatherHealth 6. This software mainly acts as aguide and shares information forreal world application. Thesoftware is a means to break thelanguage barrier and shareknowledge. Instead of usingwords to explain, videos andanimation will be prevalent toexpress the idea. 7. Goals Minimum: To increase self sufficiency in developingcountriesMaximum: To improve economy 8. Where to start? Start up costs: Provide technology Materials to start (i.e. tools, seeds) 9. VideosOrganic Agriculture - Benefits for a VillageWorld Hunger