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OTAKU CULTURE: Wanna be an OTAKU? See what we do... Assassin Classroom G2C2 Convention DAYZ: Standalone Black Butler And more... April Issue 2014 REBOOTS & SEQUALS: Is the gaming market stagnating? SA's biggest Online Otaku Magazine WITCHCRAFT WORKS ZX IGN ITION COSPLAY IN SA: The community is growing! MAKE YOUR OWN RAMEN!

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    OTAKU CULTURE: Wanna be an OTAKU? See what we do...

    Assassin Classroom

    G2C2 Convention

    DAYZ: Standalone

    Black Butler

    And more...

    April Issue 2014

    REBOOTS & SEQUALS: Is the gaming market


    SA's biggest

    Online Otaku




    COSPLAY IN SA: The community is




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    Funniest Gaming mods of 2013 Page 27

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    FF XIII: Lightning Returns Page 31

    Bayonetta II

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    DAYZ: Standalone Page 36

    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn Page 37

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    Letter from the Editor: As many of you know by now, All Otaku has not been releasing for a couple of months now. I

    would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our avid readers and fans for the issues that we

    missed. Our Editor and founder, Joannah Stewart, has run into, well let's just say RL. As such, she

    cannot continue editing for All Otaku Magazine. Hopefully, this will change in the future and she can

    return to the wonderful community that is Otaku! In the meantime, I have assumed the temp role

    of Editor in order to get us back on track. By no means do I wish to take the magazine over from Ms

    Stewart, but in the same breath I also by no means wish to abandon the readers, fans, creativity and

    freedom of speech that is AOM.

    To this point, I have reassembled the team and put together a release for you, our readers. We aim

    to continue releasing editions on a bi-monthly basis as usual. We are however planning a few

    changes, not only to keep up with the times, but also to keep the culture in SA growing and happy.

    To that end we probably need to recruit some new blood into the mag, so expect to see us scouting

    at events! Until we can get the talent we need, I apologize if the quality of the magazine took a

    little dip. I am not a graphics designer, nor do I have the proper software for editing in this sense. I

    will however do my best with what I have and together with my team, hopefully put something out

    to you, our readers, which is both satisfying and informative.

    I would like to thank the loyal fans that stuck with us through this rough patch.

    Sincerely, Leena Swarts (Beleran)

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    When I read Ninas recent article on the state of remakes and sequels in the video game industry I

    had to admit that I was a little bit surprised at her optimism about the future of gaming - while I live

    and hope, I am as always a cynic on this issue, especially after E3.

    Please understand that the current generation of consoles have completely evaded me, while I

    occasionally look wistfully at the Wii in the same way a small boy attaches his nose to cold glass, I

    have not owned a console since the PS2 and only recently obtained a PC good enough for more than

    Solitaire. And yet, I feel Ive missed very little.

    In the last 10 years or so, we have seen a

    dramatic increase in remakes, reboots and

    sequels flood the gaming media and the

    reasons behind it are both insidious and

    simple, the reasons are fear and greed.

    Firstly lets look at fear. Its a recession

    market out there and makers of

    entertainment media must compete with

    peoples basic human needs for cash in a way they didnt 10 years ago when the industry was in its

    heyday. You want a product that sells, not a product that can potentially bomb horribly and result in

    your company self-destructing. In times of hardship, publishers are far keener to have established

    licenses than try something risky. Why do you think Nintendo keeps resurrecting Zelda every time

    they make a console?

    Of course the second part makes it worse, greed. If you are a

    publisher like Activision or EA you want to make the most

    money you can from your product, which means that you have

    to tap as many different markets as possible rather than

    appeal to the niche markets pioneered by earlier teams. In

    order to deal with the rapid advancement in technology

    throughout the sector, developers need a larger cash

    investment to deliver appropriate system quality this has lead

    to some companies ballooning in size. Back in the day to make

    a game you needed 5 guys 6 months and a back room. To

    make a game in todays AAA environment you need 200 million dollars and a dev team the size of

    Micronesia and even then, games like Tomb raider and Dead space 3 still cant sell enough copies at

    launch to hold back their cavernous development budgets.

    This means that Publishers dont want to take the risk on new IP when they can have guaranteed

    money from the sale of a franchise. If Too Human taught us anything, (Other than Silicon Knights

    havent done good work since they left Nintendo) its that some developers abuse this system to

    create a subpar experience and use the New IP doesnt sell excuse to cover their asses. My usual

    response is to point at FFXIII and say Neither did that!

    REBOOTS AND SEQUELS: Is the gaming market stagnating?

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    This is evident as even those scant new IPs such as Uncharted that dared to show their heads feel

    more like rip offs of established

    franchise materials (In the case of

    Uncharted its a rip-off of Tomb Raider,

    itself a rip-off of the Indiana Jones


    It's funny, after I wrote this article I

    found out another reason and had to

    add it, it's a reason I hadn't even

    thought of. As the AAA games industry

    started to recruit executives from other

    fields to fill in the administrative side, these executives, mostly with a history in packaged goods,

    have become reliant on their marketing departments. The problem is... the marketers also come

    from packaged goods and can't understand the rapidly changing face of gaming. In fact these

    Dinosaurs only see 3 games existing at all "Call of Duty, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush," which is a

    slogan actually used to describe the Publisher's requirements. They don't WANT that GTA 5 or Age of

    Empires or hell even SKYRIM money, all they want is the market share of those mega hits.

    There is a solution to this problem and its one that at least some smaller publishers have embraced

    while EA, Ubisoft and Activision duke it out for the coveted Best Call Of Duty clone award and that

    is the AA game. A AA game is a game that uses existing technology to build a new experience in a

    niche genre without breaking the bank. For examples of AA take Xcom Enemy unknown a game

    that, despite being less than a year old at time of writing and honestly looks pretty bad by todays

    standards, is a critical and financial success because it sold in its market. Or Dark Souls, the insane

    semi multiplayer RPG that is so hard it breaks diamonds, yet still sold over 2 million copies. Many PC

    indie games do the same thing every day on Steam and GoG. These games succeeded by reading the

    market and using that unutilized space.

    In the economic climate of today, as consoles head towards the next major turning point in design

    and features. It will be interesting to note if we will see another move towards integrative gaming, as

    we did on the PS2 or if its another More of the same generation as the one that killed the Atari

    2600. I personally cant wait, but Im still on the lookout for the proverbial mountain of ET cartridges.

    Gareth Uraharasensei is an English teacher by profession and a cynic by genetics. Hed be glad to

    help you out once he finishes his tinfoil helmet.

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    Date: End of August (TBA)


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    Want to be an Otaku?

    Here is what we do:

    To start off, for those of you who are a little newer to the anime scene, Otaku is a term used by the Japanese

    to signify a person who has obsessive interests, normally leaning to anime, games, manga etc. There are

    several things that Otakus do, some of it fun, others just downright weird. But then again, who wants to be

    normal? (throws hands in the air) If youre reading this, then Im sorry to inform you that you are either on

    your way to being an Otaku, or you are already a hardcore member and there is no turning back. Not that

    most of us care to turn back in any case. So, down to the things that identifies us as Otaku to the rest of the


    1. Anime:

    This is without a doubt the most important and common thing that defines an Otaku. If you do not watch

    anime, then you will probably not know what most of us are ranting on about whenever we bump into each

    other. We love discussing and often arguing about the most inconsequential things regarding out favorite

    anime shows. Everyone is welcome to jump in and give their two cents, as long as it does not crush our

    perception of an anime, in which case I hope you can run pretty fast to get out of reach. Yes folks, Otaku can

    sometimes be so obsessive over their shows that they can turn violent. Our blood boils when people insult our

    hobbies, so dont do it. Well maybe it wont go that far, but still, you get the idea. There are tons of good

    anime out there and it doesnt take long to find out what they are when talking to any anime fan. If you are

    looking to get into the Otaku culture, this is an excellent place to get started. Ask someone to recommend

    some good shows, get them from a buddy, dont look back and start on your slippery slope down the Otaku


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    2. Gaming:

    Probably the fastest growing industry world-wide, gaming is not to

    be underestimated in any culture or society. With Universities nowadays giving courses on game

    design/programming etc, it has evolved from a simple way of entertainment to a thriving and cutting edge

    competitive environment. As such, players are always on the lookout for the next game and sheesh, our

    expectations are high. We love our games just as much as we do our anime, and more than once Ive been

    with friends chatting over this game or that, pleasantly passing hours without notice. Games, hardware, next

    gen ideas, they all form part of the gaming industry, and we can never get enough. If you want in on being

    Otaku, get a console/pc and get playing!

    3. Manga:

    Manga is the lifeblood of all anime. Some anime end

    prematurely, the entirety of their stories untold. Manga

    comes to the rescue with everything the anime left out.

    Consider some real life movies that were based on books. The

    books were always more comprehensive, told the stories

    better, conveyed the feelings of the writer better. The same

    concept applies here. Whilst most anime follows their manga

    counterpart to the letter, it sometimes happens that they

    deviate, and sometimes those deviations can be quite

    confusing. Of course, with the longer anime shows like

    Naruto, filler eps are needed to stop the anime from catching

    up to the manga series. For the newbies, filler eps are

    episodes that have no manga counterpart. A side story made

    up to compensate for the slower release of the manga.

    Sometimes they are good, most oft they are bad. Everybody

    hates filler. Meh, I went a little off topic. If your favourite

    anime ends too soon for your liking, check if it has manga. I

    guarantee you will not be disappointed. Oh, they are released

    in English, so do not worry that you will only find Japanese


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    4. Trading card games:

    Well, this is a little less common among Otaku. There is definitely a large portion of the

    otaku culture that enjoys a card game or two, from MTG, pokemon or Yu-gi-oh to

    Beyblade and Dragonball Z. These are highly strategic and good fun to play, and of

    course gives you a perfectly valid excuse to get out of the house and spend

    time with some like-minded people!

    The variety of games available out there is amazing, so get off your butt, find

    something that suits your fancy, and join in on the HUGE community in SA!

    5. Cosplay:

    The ultimate way for an Otaku to express their love for their favourite game/anime! The idea is to dress up as

    your favourite character from a game or anime show, and try to represent them as best you can at a

    convention. There are several of these events throughout South Africa every year, if you know where to look.

    I will list a couple to get the newer people going and maybe get a couple of people who want to break into this

    a place to have a look. There you will find people like you who wish to express their love for anime/gaming,

    designers who make the clothing/props needed and often a competition or two to see who did the best job.

    Its enjoyable to go, and fun to meet these people, so I highly recommend it!

    Here are a couple of places where you can find Cosplay events:

    These are in the Johannesburg/Pretoria region:

    G2C2 - Start of April (

    ICON - Mid July

    KINCON - TBA (

    RAGE - Start October (

    These are in the Cape Town region:

    Japan Day - Mid Feb (http://www.animated-

    Suki love-love Picnic


    Otaku are weird people at best, fun people at worst. Yes, that was not said incorrectly. Unlike the super weird

    things you sometimes hear the other countries' otaku do, here in SA it's good clean fun, and the society is very

    friendly and pleasant. Here is to hoping that the community keeps growing exponentially!


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    1. Monkey D. Luffy

    2. Uzumaki Naruto

    3. Roronoa Zoro

    4. Goku

    5. Nagami Light

    - By Douw D.K Kotz

    In this vast world full of awesome Anime, we are touched and inspired by

    the characters within every Anime series. There is a lot we can learn and

    appreciate, but in the endone question remains. (A dramatic pause, a

    drum roll and then the jazzy casino music comes out of nowhere while

    someone narrates the following words)

    Who is Animes most powerful Character?

    There are tons of candidates for this prestigious title of Animes most

    powerful Character and let me tell you, its not easy to decide a

    winner. We are talking about Anime, not animated series from Marvel

    or DC and such. Sorry Batman

    When youre thinking about who is the most powerful, youre probably

    thinking about some muscled-up character that can pound someones

    face into squashed potatoesbut sometimes the mind is powerful too.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 13

    After eliminating a series of names

    from the most powerful candidates

    list, Im left with only a few Anime

    series characters. As exhausting as

    the search was, its time to finish

    my opinionative quest. Throw me

    some senzu beans!

    Dracule Hawkeye Mihawk once

    defeated Roronoa Zoro in the

    Anime One Piece, but that

    doesnt necessarily mean that Zoro is out of the picture, but still Mihawk was able to split a whole

    ship in half with one strike from a distance. That is indeed, one badass sword technique hes got


    Swords are usually claimed to be made of steel or such nature and Roronoa Zoros 3-sword

    fighting style is very unique. His attacks such as the Tiger-style, being able to cut through steel like

    butter and Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura literally meaning Demon Spirit Nine Sword Style: Asura are

    beyond awesome and will leave most of us in awe (or squealing with inner and outer voices). Sadly,

    hes not the most powerful Anime character.

    Alright, lets get down to the finalists Light Yagami, Goku (Kakarot), Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto


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    Not only is this common knowledge, but this is how we are going to prove who exactly Animes

    most powerful character is.

    Between the four, Light Yagami is at a huge disadvantage. Goku, Naruto and Luffy have speed,

    strength and more or less the same attention

    span. They eat more, weigh more, punch

    harder and have awesome techniques.

    Sadly, Luffy has the one disadvantage

    which even Light Yagami can take

    advantage of water.

    Goku has been known to hit the water

    several times. With the ability to swim, he

    has been able to get out of the water while

    not losing a beat in battle.

    Having eaten the Gum-Gum devil fruit,

    Luffy has lost the ability to swim and that

    leaves him in a huge

    disadvantagedepending on the battle


    As for Naruto, not only can he swim, but

    he can use his chakra to help him walk or

    run on water. Okay, just to clear the air here

    about Light Yagami. He is pretty powerful as long

    as he has the Death Note. He could eliminate every Anime character if he felt like it, but he wont

    be of much use when it comes to a battleunless he can make time slowdown and take his time

    writing down each of their names.

    If it was to be between young Goku and young Naruto, things might go Narutos way, but then

    theres the question about the older Naruto and adult Goku. Yes, Goku might have the power to

    blow up a planet if he so wished to, but it takes even greater strength not to blow up a planet

    accidently while youre in a battle. With Gokus even more awesome strength and power found

    within him, I would say that Animes most powerful character is indeed Goku as the Super Saiyan


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    - By Douw D.K Kotz

    First of all, I know there are those who havent heard of it or played it before ~gasp~, but

    dont be discouraged. Just take a look further here and all will come clear as day. For those

    who arent familiar with Minecraft, its that indie building game that exploded onto the

    scene in 2011. Its a sandbox indie game which was originally created by Markus Notch

    Persson and was later developed and published by Mojang.

    So, I went around and asked some Minecraft players some questions. Some of the answers

    were similar to others, but most of them were positive

    towards the Minecraft world.

    Q: Why do people play and love Minecraft?

    A: It is a very fun and creative game. You can build

    almost anything out of everything on the game. I was

    very against playing Minecraft when I first learned about

    it, but after being forced (More of a push into the right

    direction I hope) to play it by my friends, I got addicted.

    The games graphics takes some getting used to, but

    once you are in there, trying to survive, learning how to

    make things from a pickaxe to a bed, you completely

    forget that the graphics arent that good and realize that

    it is perfect for the game, and when you create your first

    little bunker to hide in at night when the mobs come

    out, you must jump up in joy.

    A Digimon on Minecraft! Take

    me there now!

    This was posted on a Minecraft forum.

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    Q: Whats the best thing

    about it?

    A: Freedom is the best thing

    about Minecraft its the

    game that never ends. The

    best thing about Minecraft is

    the fact that you are literally

    only limited by your

    imagination, if you can think it

    up, you can make it.

    This was posted on by Sandra who runs under the name of sickyouth in minecraftia

    Q: How much time do you spend on it?

    A: Well, it depends. When I am creating pixel art, it takes up quite some time and other days the

    whole day, especially in survival mode. The time depends on what I want to build, the longest I ever

    spent building was 1 week. I built a 100X100 block stadium

    I wasnt surprised to hear that at all. Well, okayI was surprised by some of the answers I have

    received, but nonetheless its Minecraft. I have looked around for some examples of creations made

    by Minecrafters (As some call themselves). Some creations shown below are from the inter-webs

    and then there are those creations that were shared by the Minecrafters who were kind enough to

    answer some of my questions. The creations Ive seen from Minecraft were from pretty detailed and

    amazing to being really awesome.

    Check it out.

    A giant SpongeBob Squarepants

    that would make so much sense

    about where he really comes


    This was posted by Luubox on

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 17

    Here are some creations by local Minecrafters:

    - by Ivan Wiehahn

    - by JP Pretorius .The plot thickens

    - by Farron Pretorius

    Q: Why do people make the like of such creations?

    A: Because it is fun and I just love being creative and Minecraft gives me that freedom

    To express my creativity whether its making a house or creating pixel art

    I made them to challenge myself and see what I was capable of making

    So, its become clear as day. The reason why people play it and love it, is because of the open space,

    the freedom to do whatever you want with whatever you want. People love to display their artistic

    side on a game. A lot of them love being able to recreate events from movies to games on Minecraft.

    They create their own paths and obstacles to challenge themselves. Minecraft truly is amazing.

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    n all honesty, Captain America was never really one of my

    favourite heroes. Sure, he has a kickazz shield and above human

    strength, but other than that? No psychic powers? No flight, no laser

    beams... Yes, yes, ok. I have since revised my opinion of our stars and

    stripes covered hero. I mean, after seeing him in action in "Avengers",

    who wouldn't? Sure, he is still one of the less powerful heroes out there,

    but he has more than made up for it with proven combat ability and

    superior leadership skills. Plus, he gained a huge improvement in my

    opinion when he showed me just how much of a ninja he can be. *huge


    In the latest instalment: "Captain America: Winter Soldier", Rogers is back

    with a big piece of the Avengers crew to stop the resurgence of his age

    old nemesis: "Hydra". Thought he stopped those buggers? What was

    their credo? "Cut off one head", something-something... Very

    inspirational. Living proof that cockroaches are hard to get rid of. Ok, so I

    kind of stole that line from the movie "Epic", but it is such a good line.

    No my friends, Hydra is back. Not in a small sense either. They have been

    biding their time, ingratiating themselves into everything that has access

    to power. Military, government, SHIELD. You name it, there is probably a

    Hydra agent in there somewhere. They are planning all sorts of evilness,

    and the time has finally come to make themselves known to the world at

    large. Given that, trust is hard to come by. Your closest friends could be

    your oldest enemies.

    Nick Fury himself is suspicious of everyone. Oh, wait... that would be

    normal for him. Figuring out who to trust felt like trying to traverse a

    nebulous conflux based in an inter-dimensional pocket compressed in a

    black hole, wrapped up inside a Rubik's-cube, which would probably be

    easier. Confused? So was I. The movie has a wonderful flow to it, and if

    you were watching the series: "Marvel: Agents of SHIELD", the movie

    made a whole lot more sense. I love the fact that it tied in so nicely with

    the series, and that the series is currently continuing based on the events

    of not only the Avengers, but the second Captain America movie as well.

    I always feel good when people take the time to tell a story like it should be told.

    Rushing through it *cough* Twilight *cough* leaves you feeling empty and dissatisfied.

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    Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have done an absolutely fantastic job at composing a

    masterpiece. Of course, with acting talent like Samuel L. Jackson, Chris

    Evans and everyone's favourite, Scarlett Johansson, who wouldn't make

    a mind-blowingly good movie? Sure, there have been loads of previous

    attempts at making superhero movies in the past. Plus, some of them

    were downright bad. The movie industry has come a long way however,

    and scripts, special effects, CG etc has developed in leaps and bounds.

    My apologies, I got a little off track there. Anyhow, the movie revolves

    around both the take-over by Hydra, the trust and bonds built between

    the agents of SHIELD, and we are also introduced to a new hero,

    Hawkman, which does his butt-whipping with mechanical expertise, not

    superpowers. Mind you, the main antagonist, the winter soldier, is also

    using a whole bunch of technological goodies to do his evil deeds. I will

    not spoil just who the winter soldier is, for the few of you who have not

    seen the movie just yet. Let's just say, Ironman has proven quite nicely

    that technology can bridge the gap for us humans to compete on the

    demi-god arena. Action packed from start to finish, it had me gripping my seat in

    anticipation for most of the movie. I was thrilled by both the story-line

    development as well as the twists and turns in said story to keep things

    ever changing and intriguing. If you have not had the pleasure of

    sampling this fantastic movie, I highly recommend it, giving it at least a

    9/10 rating and thus far, my best movie of the year!

    - By Beleran

    A little funny I found online for your enjoyment :D

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 20

    - By Bill Salazar Masuku

    Black Butler

    In Victorian era London, there lies the manor house

    located in the outskirts of the town of the illustrious

    Phantomhive earldom and its young master, Ciel

    Phantomhive. On the night of Ciel Phantomhive's tenth

    birthday, a fire engulfed his manor, his parents

    murdered, and he was captured by a mysterious

    organization. After a month of enduring excruciating

    torture, Ciel returns to the Phantomhive household

    with an enigmatic black clad butler, Sebastian

    Michaelis. To others, it seems that the butler is simply

    the best at his craft, from anticipating his young

    master's needs to carrying them out to the best of his

    abilities. Little do they know, Sebastian is actually a

    demon that had entered into a contract with Ciel,

    promising the boy to help him achieve revenge on the

    arsonists in exchange for his soul. As the Queen's

    Watchdog and standing at the top of the British

    underworld, Ciel solves the crimes plaguing London

    while waiting for the day he will exact his revenge.

    It was announced in January 18, 2013 that the manga

    would be made into a live-action film starring Ayame

    Goriki as Genpou Shiori, Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian

    Michaelis. Filming began in April 2013 and the film was

    released on January 18, 2014.

    The live-action film differs a bit from the manga, as it

    has been set in an unspecified Asian city in the year

    2020 where western and eastern cultures have

    intermixed. In the "Black Butler" saga, the human

    protagonist is a boy named Ciel Phantomhive. This

    film introduces a new protagonist, a girl named

    Shiori Genpo/Kiyoharu Phantom.

    Despite these obvious changes to the story the

    film was well received.

    Production Companies

    C&I Entertainment


    Encore Films (2014) (Singapore) (theatrical)

    Warner Bros. (2013) (Japan) (theatrical)

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    - By Beleran

    Witchcraft Works

    Honoka Takamiya is an average student with average

    looks and average grades. Like any boy his age, he

    has a crush on a girl. The girl he has his eyes on

    however, is known as the school's "Princess". A

    position voted on by both grading and popularity.

    The Princess even has her very own fan club, which

    b.t.w. is highly possessive of her time and attention.

    Honoka finds himself in a tight spot with another girl

    who for no apparent reason wishes to kill him. He

    has no idea what he did or why she wants to dispose

    of him, but she is determined. Upon almost

    succeeding, he is rescued by Kagari Ayaka (a.k.a the

    Princess). But instead of her simply coming to his

    rescue, she is draped in flames and wearing a witch

    costume. The flames apparently have no harmful

    effect on her, and she wields them as if born to it.

    Honoka's life takes a change for the strange when

    Kagari tells him that she no longer wants to protect

    him from the shadows and decides to take an active

    role in his life. Apparently there is an ongoing war

    between two factions of witches that have been

    duking it out for millennia - the Tower witches and

    the Workshop Witches, with Kagari and her mother

    from the workshop side. From dangerous witches,

    very bad familiars and scary fan club members,

    Honoka is almost constantly either on the run or in


    The story is quite amusing to watch and the series has

    a pleasant flow to it that is rare in most anime today.

    There are quite a couple of highly comedic situations

    commonly found amongst teen romance, much to my

    delight. Apart from the fantasy aspect of the anime,

    it is highly reminiscent for me of another of my

    favourite anime, Kotoura. As one of the best releases

    of the Winter season it has already concluded with a

    fantastic twelve episodes for its first season.

    Written by : Ryu Mizunagi

    Directed by : Tsutomo Mizushima

    There is also an expected OVA release.

    Network : Tokyo MX, TVA, AT-X, BS11, ABC

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 22

    - By Beleran

    ZX Ignition

    Inter-dimensional bubbles... Oi, since when have

    inter-dimensional bubbles ever had any good news?

    Even if I was extremely pleased to have one appear in

    the anime IN Pretoria, (yes, we are officially on the

    anime map!) I still wish it would deliver lots of cookies

    and cake instead of bloodthirsty warriors, creatures,

    robots, angels or monsters that are pretty much all

    about killing and/or dominating everything in sight.

    Asuka Tennoji plays the main protagonist, a kind and

    helpful guy that, despite the harsh conditions that the

    world has deteriorated to, still wants to believe that

    everyone and everything is inherently good. One day

    on the way back from work, he stumbles across a

    battle between a huge black panther and an angel.

    The angel was hurt and he decided to trust his

    instincts and try to help her. This led to him using his

    ZX card, acquired from a shrine priestess - a device

    that allows you to essentially "tame" a being from

    one of the inter-dimensional portals. The angel

    "Fierte" allows herself to be bonded in order to use

    her host's energy to heal her wounds.

    The owner of the panther "Sieger" is a German

    woman named "Ayase Kamiyugi". Her parents were

    murdered by the white portals denizens, and

    consequently she has sworn to rid the word of every

    single angel. Sieger is quite happy to go along with

    this as long as he can continue to fight. He is brutally

    strong, if a bit of a pervert (for a cat) and his

    personality blends in perfectly with Ayase. The

    combination creates an unstable, but highly effective

    duo that other ZX owners need to be wary of.

    Azumi is a little girl that was diagnosed with an

    incurable disease. She bonds a ZX called Rigel, from

    the blue portal. The blue portal's denizens are an

    extremely evolved civilization that took technology to

    heights we could only dream of. As a result, an

    incurable disease for us, is a trifle for them. Rigel

    supplies Azumi with treatment from the Blue world,

    in exchange she uses Azumi to hide from her world,

    due to having betrayed her superiors. Azumi seems

    frail, but has a strong will to live and she is far from

    giving up the fight. Together with Rigel she sees all

    other opponents as fair odds.

    These three characters form the basis around which

    the story unfolds. It is a little confusing at the start,

    due to the initial scene being a couple of days ahead

    of the actual storyline, and subsequently the anime

    reverts back to the earlier timeline to show how

    everything got started, building up to the first scene

    in the first episode.

    I heard that this anime was based off a card game,

    but I have never heard of, or encountered it. As an

    anime though, it is packed with action, is often

    humorous and totally had me hooked from episode 1.

    Written by : Broccoli

    Published by : Shueisha

    Directed by : Yuji Yamaguchi

    Network : TV Tokyo

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 23

    Country of Cherry Blossoms

    Set in Hiroshima in 1955, ten years after the atomic bomb was dropped, "Town of Evening Calm" is the story of a young

    woman, Minami Hirano, who survived the bomb when she was in her early teens. She lives with her mother, Fujimi, in a

    shanty-town near downtown, having lost her father and two sisters to the bomb; her younger brother, Asahi, was

    evacuated to Mito, Ibaraki, where he was adopted by his aunt. Fujimi is a seamstress while Minami, who is "all thumbs"

    as her mother puts it, works as a clerk in an office, and together they are saving money for the trip to Mito to visit Asahi.

    One of her co-workers, Yutaka Uchikoshi, cares for Minami and visits her shanty when she misses work because her

    mother is sick. He later gives her a pair of sandals made by his mother and a handkerchief, but when he tries to kiss her,

    she has a flashback where she sees the victims of the bombing where they now stand and pushes him away. She runs

    off, still reliving the horrors of the attack, including finding her little sister's blackened body and watching her older sister

    die of radiation poisoning two months later. The next day at the office, she apologizes to Uchikoshi, saying she wants to

    somehow put the past behind her. She spends the day exhausted, however, and the next day becomes bedridden from

    the long-term effects of radiation poisoning. As Minami's condition worsens, she is visited by Uchikoshi and other co-

    workers, and dies just as her brother and aunt arrive.

    Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms has been adapted into a live-action film directed by Kiyoshi Sasabe,

    which is called Yunagi City, Sakura Country in English. The outdoor sets were filmed in Kawaguchi, Saitama, including a

    recreation of part of the Hiroshima's shantytown c. 1958. The story of "Country of Cherry Blossoms", filmed in every

    place in Hiroshima. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007, then released in theaters in Japan on 28

    July 2007. It was released on DVD in Japan on 28 March 2008.

    The film is accompanied by a beautiful musical score that emotes every scene brilliantly, having a original sound track

    released separately.

    The delivery of the story is nothing short of impressive and managed to win many awards, including the 17th Japanese

    Film Critics Award for Best Picture, placing sixth in the top ten films list of the 3rd Osaka Cinema Festival, and placing

    ninth in the top ten domestic films list of 2007 by Kinema Junpo. The Blue Ribbon Awards also named the film one of the

    top ten films of the year. Kumiko Aso won several "Best Actress" awards for her portrayal of Minami Hirano in the film,

    including that of the 32nd Hochi Film Awards, the 62nd Mainichi Film Awards, and the 50th Blue Ribbon Awards.

    - By Bill Salazar Masuku

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 24

    Assassination Classroom

    The story is about class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School where every morning they greet their sensei with a

    massive firing squad. The sensei is a weird combination of an alien and an octopus that moves at speeds of

    mach-20. It turns out this creature was responsible for the destruction of the moon, rendering it forever in a

    crescent shape. He has announced that he will destroy the world in one year. The creature will teach class 3-E

    how to assassinate him before the year is over.

    Although the Korosensei, aka the Unkillable Teacher, is currently the most powerful and most dangerous

    being on the planet, capable of mass destruction, he is a teacher first and foremost devoted to helping his

    class with their grades and even personal issues.

    Assassination Classroom was the seventh best-selling manga series in Japan of 2013 with 4.5 million copies

    sold. It was number one on the 2014 Kono Manga gaSugoi! Top 20 Manga for Male Readers survey by



    Written by Ysei Matsui

    Published by Shueisha

    Demographic Shnen

    Magazine Weekly Shnen Jump

    Original run July 2012 ongoing

    Volumes 7

    - By Bill Salazar Masuku

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 25


    In a kingdom lost of its true king, ruled by a tyrannical leader who slaughters anyone and anything be it for

    humour or out of anger. The blood thirsty tyrant lusts for some entertainment to quench his boredom. He

    slashes down tricksters and illusionists in search of a magical act to impress himself and the princess by his

    side. It is only when he summons an audience with the prisoners in his castle to either entertain him or die

    that one hooded prisoner reveals what true magic is and what shocking face is under the hood.

    This new series, of only 9 chapters and slow releases, has already conjured up massive appeal amongst the

    avid manga readers collective hearts, with a public online rating of 4.72 out of 5 gold stars. It is easily one of

    the most anticipated manga titles outside of the waterfall of mainstream titles.

    Written and Illustrated Aiya Kyu

    Year 2011 - onging

    Original Publisher Media Factory

    Serialized In (magazine)Comic Gene (Media Factory)

    Currently available chapters 9

    - By Bill Salazar Masuku

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  • All Otaku Magazine Page 27

    Top 10 funny Mods for

    2013 For most of us it has been a transition. For us, as a culture & community to make different

    choices as well establish ourselves in the new year? Lets not think about that. What made us

    believe? What made us enjoy & experience the year that has passed? Let us look at what Mods

    made us laugh.

    10. SKYRIM: My Little Pony Horse by

    For all the geek girl gamers out there. If you

    feel your horse is too masculine or just not

    the right colour how about you make your

    horse a My Little Pony Horse. I like to call my

    horse Miss Sparkle-Butt. Shes so cute and I

    actually feel bad I have to take her into

    dangerous situations. Shes faithful, loyal and actually lightens up the mood before I transverse into

    a vampire-ridden cave. You cant not love My Little Pony, she's too hard-core.

    9. SKYRIM: Zoidberg Mudcrab by Snoopey

    If youre a fan of Futurama (by the same individual that made Simpsons). Like you didnt know? You

    will have heaps of fun killing Zoidberg Mudcrabs. They sound exactly like the character, which is the

    most fun youll ever have! But, in respect they

    make a fun time to transverse the rivers of

    Skyrim & you tend to ask yourself Why not,


    8. SKYRIM: My Little Pony Dragon by

    If you are the masculine type or you have had

    a bad day with your wife and 2 daughters

    maybe you need to blow off steam? What better way than to take down a DRAGON thats in a shape

    of My Little Pony? I did & I felt masculine. But then again I felt bad because it was so pretty. So for all

    you gamers who dislike My Little Pony this is the mod for you. (Call your mother, she loves you.)

    7. SKYRIM: Pew by

    If you can stomach it. This mod uses all magical and archers in Skyrim. When you draw your arrow

    back or start to perform a magical attack. The sound byte will let off a sighing pew. Which if only

    insane, would keep the mod on. Although, when you get scared chasing after the dragon and decide

    to fire a sighing pew happens.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 28

    4. GTA V: Carmageddon by ap ii

    intense & atk Pirate

    Some companies have really tried to make

    Carmageddon HD, although some

    investors dont believe the idea of cars

    crashing into each other or even trying to

    dodge them. I mean, who doesnt what to

    see a car blow up? This mod can be seen

    as a friendly endeavour. Just ask some

    friends to come around and see who lasts

    longest without being impaled from a car.

    Hours of fun will ensue.

    6. SKYRIM: Frost Troll with Trolllolol Song by

    As more and more trolls seems to come out from

    under the bridge and use the World Wide Web. It

    would be inevitable that the Troll would actually exist

    in Skyrim. The trolls face in made into the 9gag or

    Rage comics face. Which aided by the song of their

    people the Trololol song. Its been part of our culture

    for a while so it's appropriate it should be on this list.

    5. Civilizations V: Mods by Various Modders

    Sid Meier's Civilizations have always been a favourite game of mine. With Civ 5, the player who has

    this mod may change characters in the game to appease your pop culture side. Different mods

    include. Beavis & Butthead, Seinfeld & Adventure Time. There is a whole myriad of civilizations you

    can make friends or enemies with e.g. If you take the Seinfeld mod, all your paintings will be George

    Costanzia naked in a provocative way. Which makes me chuckle every time.

    3. SKYRIM: Randy Savage Macho Man Dragon by

    Wrestling is quite popular in South Africa. Not entirely

    sure why. But, one of the great wrestlers of Yesteryear.

    Randy Savage is transformed into a Dragon. Its

    entertaining to shoot or hit a dragon. The Dragon yelps

    Oh Yeah, gimme more of that brother If you a fan of

    wrestling go for it.

    2. GTA V: Tsunami by

    GTA V has been a popular game throughout the year so I

    felt it is fitting to be at least in the top 3. In this mod

    some parts of the city is engulfed in water due to you

    guessed it a Tsunami. What makes it funny is that sharks

    attacks you and AIs/NPCs carry on with their lives and

    often drown or drive into the sea.

    1. SKYRIM: Fart Shouts by Arheaya19

    What mod can actually be better? You have run out of

    arrows, your sword is blunt enough make a small child

    chuckle while he pokes you with a stick. No, wait. You

    have a shout. What better way of getting out of danger is

    actually farting towards your opponents? Understandably this is similar to a Monty Python film.

    Although, farting against a rabid bear or a dangerous dragon seems very rewarding. (Which it is!) In

    conclusion, This is by far the best & funniest mod of 2013. - By Grant Wilson

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    When Diablo 2 released its expansion pack, I did not

    even have a shred of doubt that buying it was

    mandatory. It was going into my collection purely

    because Diablo 2 was such a great and highly

    addictive title. However, when Diablo IIIs expansion

    was released, I had to take a hard look at whether or

    not I wanted to rush to the shops to actually get it.

    Diablo III itself had a number of glaring issues that

    made late game content either too hard to be

    enjoyable, or felt too much like a pure grind fest to

    get the highest ilvl items for your character.

    I am happy to say though that the expansion (not in a

    small way due to the massive outcry by fans) has

    made a conscious effort to correct most of these

    issues to make the game both fun and playable again.

    First off, and this is probably the most important

    issue in my opinion, they got rid of the Real Money

    AH. While the concept was both intriguing and

    revolutionary, the players were just not ready for

    something of that magnitude. Of course, Blizzards

    idea around implementation could have used a bit of

    spit and polish. A fine example of good idea, bad


    So lets have a look at some of the interesting

    changes and additions they brought to the game in

    the expansion. As expected (judging by Diablo 2), the

    expansion has the last act (Act V) that we have all

    been waiting for. Diablo himself has been slain, his

    brothers entrapped with him in the black soul stone.

    Job done, good work? Well, as always, not quite.

    Those Evils are quite the tenacious bunch. Saying that

    Diablo or his brothers are safely taken care of is

    always a bit of a stretch, so in this latest sequel, we

    now have to contend with the Angel of Death


    Malthael is the arch angel of wisdom that

    disappeared after the destruction of the Worldstone

    about twenty years prior at the end of events that

    took place in Diablo 2. He ambushes Tyrael and the

    Horadrim and takes the black soul stone for himself.

    With it, he is bent on destroying mankind which he

    now considers to be demons due to the fact that

    Nephalem are hybrid creations from both the angelic

    and demonic realm. As for the rest of the story, I will

    leave it to you to play through by yourself and savour

    the details.

    The expansion brings with it a whole bunch of

    features that make for both interesting additions and

    necessary changes. There is now bounties, nephalem

    rifts, a new Mystic NPC and a brand new adventure

    mode after you have completed the content of the


    Taking a closer look at some of these features,

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 30

    the adventure mode is pretty much a sort of questing

    system that covers all the acts. The quests highly

    vary from defending areas from attack, to

    slaughtering hellish minions. It adds another

    element to the game to keep it from feeling like

    another grind fest, one of which I highly approve.

    Aimlessly running outside town killing thousands of

    creep hoping for one of them to drop you a little

    titbit can get old fast.

    Bounties are gained in Adventure mode which, as the

    name suggests, involve players hunting down specific

    enemy/ies or even completing certain events for

    rewards that include gold/loot/blood shards etc. In

    addition, the players will receive Rift keystone

    fragments if you complete at least two bounties in a

    single act. You need these for activation of

    Nephalem rifts, so they are pretty important. If you

    complete all five of the bounties contained in an act,

    you will be rewarded with a Horadric cache, which is

    like a little happy box with all sorts of random loot

    contain within.

    The Nephalem rifts are basically the Diablo

    equivalent of dungeons. The areas and the

    encounters contained in the rifts are randomized so

    each rift will contain a unique experience. The tile

    sets for these areas are taken from all five acts, so it

    keeps things interesting. To open up a rift, you will

    need five of those rift fragments I mentioned earlier.

    Oh, and as a last little bonus, inside the rifts are

    pylons (hey who invited the Protoss to this party?)

    which will, like shrines, bestow upon players some

    really powerful abilities to help with exploration.

    The Mystic basically serves two purposes.

    Enchanting items, and transmogrification. Yeah, my

    fingers got crossed trying to spell that It basically

    means changing the appearance of one item to looks

    like another. Both these features have obviously

    been taken from World of Warcraft.

    Admittedly, it does add another level of complexity

    to item design, so I am not really complaining too

    hard. Plus the fact that some of that armor and

    weaponry looks so bloody good and I just dont want

    to lose the design when I switch for something

    better. The enchanting bit does not quite work like

    WoW though. Instead of players placing a pre-set

    attribute on the item, they basically re-roll for the

    attributes already on the item. As a result, its a bit

    of a gamble. You could potentially take a crappy item

    and give it pretty neat stats, or you could take a

    pretty decent item and change it to garbage. The

    joys of gambling

    Since the advent of Diablo III, they have had another

    look at the difficulty system as well. Instead of

    players having to work their way through Normal to

    Inferno, you now have a choice of working yourself

    up from Normal to Torment. These can be chosen

    however at the start (depending on your character

    level) with Torment having a couple of levels in itself

    for the more elite players.

    There have been a couple of smaller changes as well,

    things like gems being account bound now, so no

    trading with other players, or drops being made far

    better by the game taking a look at both which

    character you are playing and at what level it

    currently is. This change alone makes the gameplay

    more rewarding and appealing to me.

    Well, at the very least, you can always count on

    Blizzard to listen to what their fans are saying and

    make the necessary changes to their games. We

    dont always get what we want, but at least we get it

    most of the time.

    In conclusion, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is worth

    getting if you are a Diablo fan like me.

    - By Beleran

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 31

    How will you spend your final days?

    Studio: Square Enix, tri-Ace

    Director: Motomu Toriyama

    Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

    Release date: February 14, 2014

    Genre: Action, RPG

    Publisher: Square Enix

    Experienced hands-on on PlayStation 3

    Finally, Lightning has awoken from her slumber and shes itching to kick some butt!

    Its been 500 years since the world started sinking in the sea of Chaos. After centuries of slumber in crystal

    stasis, the chosen rose-haired hero has awoken. The god Bhunivelze has given this chosen-warrior a new

    purpose, a new role to play in this world which desperately needs saving. She is now on a mission to save the

    souls of mankind.

    Who is this hero?

    She was an officer, lcie, a Warrior goddess who was called upon to protect the goddess

    Etro and now she is called The Saviorher name is Lightning!

    Lightning has been blessed with incredible strength and abilities along with an arsenal of

    new weapons. Shes not just a pretty face and shell prove it to you. Outfits that

    compliment her beauty, shields that protect her from greater damage and weapons

    which can cut down any foe (that can be damaged by weapons).

    Its been a long time since everyone was thrown into all of this and only centuries since Lightning took the seat

    at goddess Etros thrown in Valhalla. Lightning was awoken from her slumber and felt the warmth of God as

    his words came through to her. Bhunivelze made a promise, that he would bring Serah back if Lightning would

    become his servant and act as his Savior. She was to become The Savior and save the souls of mankind. She

    wasnt gonna be able to do this alone though. Hope Estheim was brought back by God to assist Lightning in her

    holy task from the Ark. Have the others have been brought back as well? Thats probably something you

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 32

    would ask, right? By the awakening of The Savior, there are 13 days left before the world ends. It would seem

    that God has given everyone one last chance to put their hearts in the right place and letting Lightning save

    their souls so that they can live in the new world after this one ends. Those who cant be saved will forever

    dwell in the river of Chaos.

    Lightning clashes with a number of

    problems because of Chaos and one of

    them is Snow Villiers. Snow Villiers

    used to be an optimist and laughably

    so. People used to look up to him

    because of how he was. He was

    engaged to Lightnings sister, Serah

    Farron. Lightning happily gave her

    blessing before she disappeared and

    because of Etro and Chaos, the tables

    turned on Serah while she tried to

    save the world and attempted to bring

    her sister back. Dont give me that lookgeez

    Snow must have been hurting inside after such a long time and it would seem that Chaos had started to get to

    him as well. The girl, Lumina who looks like Lightnings sister is pulling a lot of the strings with Chaos and she is

    the lack of a better word, a demon. The devious Lumina would interfere between Snow and Lightning, and that

    includes toying with them in their own minds. Snow already blames himself for not being able to protect

    Serah and looks forward to facing The Savior and ending it all.

    There is more to the story than Lightning having to face just Snow though. There are 4 other Chaotic threats

    that need attention from Lightning in 3 other lands. Yes, there are 4 lands worth exploring and so many people

    you can talk to, but time is money and there might be so much to do and yet there is so little timewith you

    starting on 6 days till doomsday. Though, after each passing day, you have to give Yggdrasil your Eradia back

    in the Ark in order to extend the worlds life expectancy to the full 13 days.

    Alright, now its time to stop teasing you about the good-looking story and have my say in this review. So, this

    all started from Final Fantasy XIII. The sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 built the story a bit even further for those

    who thought the first ones story was confusing. Lightning Returns is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2

    and this game concludes the whole story for this number in Final Fantasy. So, yeahThis story ought to make

    sense out of everything that has happened. Lightning is not the despised lcie anymore and shes not

    protecting Etro as the Warrior goddess anymore either. She is now The Savior. As a lot of us might have heard

    by now, Final Fantasy XIII was originally supposed to feature Lightning as a one-woman-army, if I may put it

    like that? Finally or better late than never, they have put that idea to the test.

    Oh my garbs and weapons, my kingdom for the perfect 3 schemas.

    What exactly is a schema? Well, do you remember Final Fantasy X-2s dresspheres?

    Just in case you dont know what it is, let me tell you. Its way better than the dresspheres system. The garb is

    of course the outfit, the clothes youre choosing Lightning to wear. In a battle, youll be able to use up to 3

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 33

    schemas. A schema is the garb, weapon, shield, accessories and assigned abilities.

    Why is it better than the previously seen dresspheres from Final Fantasy X-2?

    Well, its all about timing. Back in Final Fantasy X-2, you can get hit and defeated all while youre busy trying to

    decide which dresspheres you want to choose for your character.

    In Lightning Returns, your schema switching is pretty fast. Its even faster than using a Paradigm shift from

    the previous XIII titles.

    Oh my garb, give me those schema sets now! ~arms flail while running in circles~ The tutorials are always a

    good thing in the game. Without it, I wouldnt have gotten used to the new battle system as easily as I did.

    Youll be able to help Lightning traverse the battlefield with the use of the left-analog stick and control the

    game camera with the right-analog stick.

    When youre fighting an enemy, youll be

    able to switch targets easily with the D-

    pad. This is one of the improvements I like.

    It helps switch to a different target

    without wasting time. In other Final

    Fantasy instalments, you get hit while

    youre looking at the list of who you want

    to attack. With just the use of the D-pad,

    you can change your target quickly. This

    often helps when you need to guard with

    perfect timing and strike when they least

    expect it. What exactly is the result of this

    one-woman-army idea in battle? I would say that its not bad at all. Of course, you will always get those who

    wouldnt like itbut every game has such opinions and then some years later they might say otherwise.

    The staggering system is about the same, except that you wont be seeing a stagger-gauge. So, how exactly

    do you know when youre enemy is close to being staggered? Youll see a scope/wave thing at the health-

    gauge. No, not in the health-gauge, youll see it at the health-gauge. Wanna buy some Libra sheets? Itll help

    you expose the weaknesses of some monsters. I know a merchant thatll sell you some.

    Also, the battling system seems to be better in terms with timing. Press a button to guard at the precise

    moment you need to be on the defence. Press a different button when you wanna go all-out with an attack.

    Press another different button to perform the traditional magic attacks, like hitting them with thunder from

    yours truly, Lightning.

    Attacks and spells may come in a set of five-blow combos. Its important that you time your ATB and schema

    switches to take advantage of the ATB-charge (of the 2 schemas not currently in use) and for the sake of the

    combo hits. Some advice before you enter a battle: Striking first gives you an advantage for when you

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 34

    (whoosh) enter the battle.

    The game might have a sense of rushing, but dont try to rush the game to a finish. Yes, youre playing against

    time from the very point where you start moving around as Lightning, but there is a lot you can do with the

    time youre given. Talk to whoever you can in whatever area you are in and help anyone you are able to help.

    Just remember that you might not be able to save everyone, as the time you waste to save the one soul could

    have been used to save many other souls. Who doesnt like a reference to a previous Final Fantasy game or a

    reference to another game?

    Im always looking out for references whether they are hidden or so

    obvious that its actually being used as a name for something

    somewhere. I like what Ive found thus far, but the question is What

    will you find?

    Do take notice of the handy networking features. You will of course

    need the internet when using the online-features. Once youre online

    with this game, youll be able to experience the Outerworld services.

    You will be able to share your scores, post your experiences in the

    game, view screenshots and messages from other players by talking to

    certain residents of Nova Chrysalia. Your Outerworld services can be

    linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. Unlike regular

    characters, the Outerworld characters will have other players

    nickname above their heads in blue along with a certain icon. You can

    pretty much link your game to your Facebook account using the

    Facebook app and choose other players from your timeline to appear in

    the Outerworld.

    Now my verdict

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a really good game, but this is

    coming from a Final Fantasy fan, open-minded to new and good


    - Easter eggs anyone? The game has a good story-line. The battle-system feels good. There is a

    lot of emotion and suspense to support this game.

    PersonallyIm giving this game 8 out of 10.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 35

    Studio: Platinum Games Director: Yusuke Hashimoto

    Platform: Wii U Release date: TBA 2014

    Genre: Action Publisher: Nintendo

    Bayonetta II is the upcoming action-packed

    game that is developed by Platinum Games. In

    this climatic sequel for the critically acclaimed

    Bayonetta, players should be on the edge of

    their seats from start to finish. It will be a

    clashing, slashing, button bashing, seriously

    hectic, demanding, non-stop gameplay with

    some touchy-feely moments on the side.

    Bursting with jaw-dropping battles, amazing

    moments and gorgeous cut-scenes, this game

    is not gonna let up on the action. Youll fight on

    top of a jet as it soars through a downtown city. Battle it out against a gigantic Cyclops, who bears

    a whip for an arm (ouch), and on top of a speeding train. Also take to the skies Yes, take to the

    skies in a fight against one huge terrifying demonic dragon while you ascend atop of a skyscraper.

    Its the sequel to the game Bayonetta that was released in 2009. Bayonetta, the main

    protagonist of the game is one of the only two

    surviving Umbran Witches, along with being the

    child of a Witch and a Lumen Sage. In this game

    she should be featuring a new attire and hairstyle.

    The game will also feature a two-player mode for

    those who wanna join-in on the fun. When its

    time to fight angels, a giant Cyclops and ugly-

    backside demon dragons that want to use you as a

    toothpick, you better be ready to fight in style and

    punish them all.

    - Douw D.K Kotz.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 36

    So welcome one and welcome all. This is a

    multiplayer open world survival horror game

    that was developed by Bohemia Interactive.

    Wait, its just you Alright, but still, welcome

    to Chernarus an open world, post-Soviet

    state and one of the areas hit by a new and

    presently unknown infection which of course

    has wiped out most of the worlds

    population. Its no big deal. Its not like youre

    in danger of being killed by a mass group of

    zombies, right? Have you realised your

    current situation yet?

    You are one of the few who have survived

    and now you must explore this new

    wasteland and fight for your life against what

    is left of the indigenous population, which

    seems to be now infected with the disease.

    This game was designed on an updated

    version of the powerful Arma II engine. This

    stand-alone version of Day-Z takes everything

    that once stunned players in the

    original MOD to a new level. You should

    expect a more complex, more authentic

    scenario, more infected character types and

    more fully-modelled building interiors that

    will throw you into the depths of this survival

    horror like never before.

    - Douw D.K Kotz

    Studio: Bohemia Interactive

    - Director/Writer: U/A

    - Platform: Microsoft Windows

    - Release date: December 16, 2013 (Alpha), TBA

    2014 (Beta)

    - Genre: Survival horror

    - Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

    - Designers: Dean Rocket Hall

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 37

    Out of the ashes, Final Fantasy XIV has risen. Square Enix has breathed new life into the world of

    Eorzea. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn invites you to explore the world of Eorzea once again. You

    can forge friendships with those across the world, ride a Chocobo, board an

    airship with friends and create your own unique stories within the Final

    Fantasy Universe. Take on epic quests and battle those ever familiar Final

    Fantasy monsters alone or form as a party, enlisting the help of friends. Each

    player will be able to build and strengthen their own character, learn their

    own unique abilities and obtain equipment that will help them throughout

    their adventures.

    As an adventurer, you can seek fame and fortune. Devote yourself to seeking

    danger and glory wherever it may lie. Its the endless quest where many souls

    have fallen and only the strong can survive together. The people of Eorzea

    come with their myriad pleas and requests to their local adventurers Guild, and indeed it is here

    where adventurers heed the call, if it be the task of slaying Wyrms or titans plaguing your fellow

    citizens, or crafting wares that are in need of a masters touch. It is time that you heed the call and

    work together to forge the fate of Eorzea. What tale of adventure lies in wait for you?

    - Douw D.K Kotz

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 38

    The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest chapter in the award-winning franchise. ZeniMax Online Studios

    brings the legendary experience online for the very first time. If its playing with your friends or even

    alone, the games combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics.

    In The Elder Scrolls Online, the time and setting will be in the continent of Tamriel, roughly a

    millennium before the events from The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim, 800 years before The Elder Scrolls III:

    Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. With three alliances emerging across the continent,

    they struggle for reigning authority over the land. These great powers engage in battle against one

    another for control over the Imperial City and Tamriel all along with it. There are darker forces on

    their way to destroy the world as usual. After all, no story is complete without dark forces wanting to

    destroy the world as we know it.

    Explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, and beyond. Be aware that

    there are always things you need to do when you want to join a Guild. Also bear in mind of the three

    factions that exist within the race you choose to play as (The Ebonheart Pact, The Aldmeri Dominion,

    and The Daggerfall Covenant). Remember that the choices you make from alliances you join and the

    battles you fight, will guide and shape your destinyand the world of Tamriel.

    - Douw D.K Kotz

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 39

    It is the third year now that G2C2 has taken over the

    UPCON convention normally held in the University of

    Pretoria. This year however, was the first year that

    they had a hall of their own to do with as they

    pleased. Apart from the significant increase in space,

    there was a significant increase in expectation from

    the people who attend this convention. Being

    limited by space constraints can cripple creativity and

    often leads to several people not getting spaces, and

    sometime people getting cut altogether. Well not

    this year! This year there were all sorts of new stalls

    and people showing off their wares for us. Of

    course, we had the usual suspects lining the walls,

    MTG, Warhammer, Pokmon, Outer Limits etc. But

    then we also had (not their first) appearances by SIN-

    BIN, Plushie Heaven, To-a-T T-shirt printing, Hero-

    Clicks and as I was wandering around I even saw a

    place where people were busy enjoying a game of

    Dungeons and Dragons. Of course,

    let's not forget that this is a prime place for cosplay

    as I am sure most people will be quick to remind me,

    and we were not disappointed. There were quite a

    couple of cosplayers and LARPers walking around

    showing off their hard work. I must add

    appreciatively, that the community is not only

    growing larger, it is getting better. Hold onto your

    hats Japan and the US, we are on our way! We might

    be a bit late to the party, but boy are we South

    Africans a hard-headed bunch. When we set our

    minds to something... Anyhow, the event was well

    organized as always, and drinks and food was easy

    enough to come by. I sincerely wish however, that

    they would make an effort to get hold of card

    machines. Not many people I know nowadays carry

    around cash anymore, and card is a much more

    convenient alternative. Apart from that, the con was

    a good environment for sharing ideas, creativity and

    all around geekiness.

    AllOtaku takes a

    look at the G2C2


  • All Otaku Magazine Page 40

    Of course, between now and July, there are a couple

    of interesting events that we would like to attend,

    both here in JHB and down in Cape Town. I only wish

    that all of them could be as well organized and

    brimming with life as G2C2 was. I was so energized

    when I left the hall!! However, now with G2C2

    behind us, we look forward to the other big

    conventions later this year: ICON in July, KinCon in

    August and of course the big momma, rAGE in

    October. Get your costumes ready, start saving

    those moolas, and make all necessary preparations

    for the most epic Otaku event of the year! A big

    thank you goes out to Jacques de Jager and Dina

    Steyn for the awesome event!

    - By Beleran

    On the Saturday there was a Cosplay competition,

    and the picture above depicts the finalists on the

    day. I wish I could've gotten a better shot of the Jedi

    Lady, who eventually won first place, so

    unfortunately (or fortunately) you will have to be

    appeased by my photo of the second place winner,

    on the right. After the competition, there was also a

    workshop for cosplayers with general advice for

    costume design, posing for pictures, appealing to the

    judges etc. which was quite informative, if you

    missed it, go cry in your pillow. You should have

    been present to enjoy all the fun of G2C2. I know

    that there was an unlimited tournament held for

    Pokmon players, which I sadly could not attend.

    Sometimes real life can be a pain in the behind. I did

    get to chat with my friends who were playing, as well

    as the organizer, which I hope to get an interview

    with for the next edition due in July.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 41

    Cosplay in SA

    You've seen them at cons, you've seen them

    on the internet. Cosplay in South Africa is

    growing ever bigger by the day and pretty

    soon, we'll be taking over the world. (Or at

    least the nearest Fabric shop.)

    I am a cosplayer. I understand the urge to dress up as various anime and manga character better

    than anyone, so I can see that to people outside the community it seems a little exclusive and small.

    Let me be clear that this could not be farther from the truth; provided you follow basic human

    etiquette. Most of us are more than happy to spend time with people who share their interests. We

    are not aggressive; just remember that we put a lot of passion into our props. Please do not touch

    the custom weapons without our permission, they are usually fragile and time intensive and we'd

    rather break them ourselves.

    The Community: The cosplay community has grown immensely in the last few years and the core of

    the community is stronger than ever, mostly because the efforts of groups organising cosplay events

    on their own. These events come in two flavours

    and are essentially either Competitive or casual

    and both are amazing opportunities to see


    Casual Cosplay: This is where most people join

    the community; there are a lot of small events,

    mostly picnics and group meals that happen

    roughly on a monthly basis. These events are

    organised by cosplayers and is more of a social

    event where cosplayers connect and swap tips on

    props and costumes. Usually these meets are

    organised by members of the community and are

    advertised well in advance. In Gauteng these are

    usually either in the Pretoria or Johannesburg

    Botanical gardens as picnics or are meets that are

    set in sushi restaurants. The picnics are

    essentially bring and share meals and people

    are encouraged to interact and float between

    different groups. Since the community is friendly,

    these events are a great way to meet people and collect the occasional streetpass in both Cape

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 42

    Town and Gauteng. These events garner

    between 20 and 40 people on average. In

    Cape Town these picnic events are becoming

    a nearly monthly occurrence now, while the

    Gauteng events tend to wander between

    Pretoria and Joburg on a bi-monthly

    schedule. Also it should be noted that while

    costumes are encouraged they are not

    mandatory, so if you're not quite brave

    enough to dress as the Green Ranger yet,

    you can just come in civilian clothes.

    The best way to find out when these are

    happening is to check social media, groups

    like "Rockin Cosplay SA" and most of the more

    well-known cosplay "celebrities" tend to share when these things are happening and are more than

    willing to keep others appraised.

    Competitive Cosplay: This is the realm of the cosplay competition and is usually found at

    Conventions groups and individuals who have honed they're acting and costuming skills to show off

    at events like rAGE and G2C2. These formal contests are the cream of the crop and often have

    wonderful prizes provided by the convention organisers. These events are usually organised by the

    more professional geek community groups (Aifest and Legion Ink in Gauteng, not sure who runs

    them in Cape town) and while we're not quite on the World Cosplay summit circuit yet, the desire to

    show off their acting and costuming skills is getting better and better. This is where the size of the

    cosplay scene has exploded over the last 3 years. The number of cosplayers entered at rAGE, the

    largest single cosplay competition nationally, has tripled. Entrants into these competitions are

    usually very competitive, but with the exception of a few individuals the sense of community is still

    there and after a competition there are often sketches and photo opportunities.

    All in all this growth is continuing as more people learn that the cosplay community exists and as the

    community gets older people start to pass it on to their children. We can only hope that in the future

    the community will be inspired to even greater cosplay diversity.

    Gareth Uraharasensei is

    an English teacher by

    profession and a cynic

    by genetics. He'll be sure

    to remind you that he is

    the law as soon as his

    prop finishes drying.

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 43

    - By Douw D.K Kotz

    Anime, games, movies as well as T.V series have been

    guilty of quite a few things that relate here. They

    have characters that have a signature eating style. In

    Save Me Lollipop, the main character is often seen at

    a cake shop. In One Piece, Luffy has a huge thing for

    meat on a bone. In Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden,

    Naruto (Main protagonist) is often seen eating

    Ramen. In short, the entertainment media along with

    Anime have been responsible in revealing food of

    Japanese culture. Every culture has a wide variety of

    delicious food. You wont just be able to learn

    something about Japanese food here. You will also learn how to make some real Ramen. Sounds

    cool? Alright, so you might ask How do you make real ramen?

    There isnt just one type of ramen, so youll have to decide which one you want to go with. Different

    recipes of ramen have also appeared on the Anime series of Naruto. If you cant decide on which

    one you want to try out first, let me be of some help. Right here Ill be giving you a recipe to make

    some real ramen yourself.

    Ramen is actually very popular in Japan. There are two main components in Ramen and they are

    noodles and soup. Interesting to know is that the noodles are called Chinese style noodles

    (Chuka-men), but these arent really like Chinese noodles anymore. They are wheat noodles

    with a firm and chewy texture. The texture is of course very important. The reason for that is

    because the noodles are in hot soup while eating and it might absorb too much soup and become

    too soft. Its been said that its hard to find good noodles outside Japan, but I guess we can be the

    judges of that. South Africa does have some restaurants that can serve-up some pretty good


    If you can find some dried Chuka-men or fresh Chuka-men, use that. Angel hair pasta, which you can

    find in grocery stores, is acceptable even though

    its said that the texture is still on the softer side.

    Dried thin spaghetti is also a pretty good

    substitute for Chuka-men. To boil the noodles in

    water with baking soda is the key, because that

    gives noodles a distinct Ramen noodle flavour.

    The other half would be the soup and generally

    speaking, there are three basic types of Ramen


    *Shoyu (soy sauce)

    Japanese Food: How to make real Ramen

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 44


    *Shio (salt)

    Pork, chicken or seafood broth is usually used for the base of the soup, and is then seasoned with

    soy sauce, miso or salt. Angel hair pasta and soy sauce was used for this specific recipe. Though,

    there are so many combinations of flavours for soups. If you want to play around and experiment, go

    ahead and give it try.

    Its said that its hard to beat Ramen at great restaurants, but it never hurts to try and make some

    pretty good home-made Ramen yourself.

    Ramen Recipe

    Prep Time: 15 hours

    Cook Time: 15 minutes

    Yield: 3-4 servings


    Salted pork

    1 lb. pork

    1 tsp. salt


    6 cups water (1.5 L)

    50g ginger root

    3 cloves garlic

    1 bunch green onions

    4 Tbsp. soy sauce

    2 Tbsp. sake (Japanese rice wine)

    1 tsp. salt

    1 tsp. sesame oil


    9 oz. fresh angel hair pasta (225g)

    8 cups water (2L)

    2 Tbsp. baking soda


  • All Otaku Magazine Page 45

    Boiled egg halves

    Bean sprouts, blanched briefly

    Green onions cut finely


    1. Rub the salt on the pork and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

    2. Put water, ginger root, garlic green onions and salted pork in a pot and boil at high heat.

    Skim the fat and other floating scums. Then cover, reduce to low heat and let it simmer for

    about 1 to 2 hours. Let the broth and pork cool completely in the pot. Strain and then save

    the pork. Slice the pork and set it aside for a topping.

    3. Prepare the rest of the toppings now as well (boiled eggs, blanched bean sprouts, cut green

    onions), before making the soup and noodles. Once the noodles are cooked, you will need to

    add the soup and toppings right away or the noodles will get soft, so you wont have time to

    prepare the toppings at the end.

    4. Boil the broth and add soy sauce, sake, salt, and sesame oil. Lit it simmer at a very low heat

    until the noodles are ready.

    5. When boiling water in a pot, add baking soda (be very careful though, it might boil over),

    then add fresh angel hair pasta. Cook the pasta for 30 seconds and then strain. Immediately

    divide the noodles into bowls and add soup onto the noodles. Top it with boiled eggs, bean

    sprouts, green onions and sliced pork.

    Tanoshimu! (Enjoy)

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 46

  • All Otaku Magazine Page 47

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