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Transcript of ALL CLUBS MEETING MONDAY 12 th MARCH 2012 NSWRU Offices 7:00pm


  • AGENDAGeneral House KeepingRepresentative Update Development Update2012 Rules ReviewWhats coming up in 2012? SJRU Expectations

  • General House Keeping The following forms MUST be submitted by 1st April for Approval for Round 1:Import Dispensation Age Dispensation

    The following form MUST be submitted prior to Round 1:Team Lists and Non-Transferable Players

  • Registration

    Coaches Each Club is to submit a list of coaches names, qualification and contact for all their teams by the 31st May. Failure to submit by the 31st May will render the club liable to penalties including loss of competition points * Working With Children Checks all volunteers each year. Declaration form located on SJRU website under policies and procedures

    Assistant RefereesYour club must supply a qualified touch judge to ALL Under 10 and above matches in order to gain a bonus point from Round 5 onwards.Members who have undertaken a Referee Course will be eligible All assistant referees must state their MRA number on the sign on sheet to be eligible.


  • Kids Rugby Courses

    COACHING KIDS RUGBY U8s-U12sOnly for people wanting to coach U8-U12 age group teams.The course includes SmartRugby.Duration is approximately 3.5 hours.The course contains practical (outdoor) components.Many individual clubs will be running this courseClubs should have been contacted by ARU Development Staff to ask if they wanted a course run through their ClubIf your Club hasnt been contacted, we can put you in touch with either Adam Crane, Mark Bos or Mark Philp who are the ARU DMs for your hubsThere is one course which you can register online for: 1 April - Forshaw Park Sylvania

    REFEREEING KIDS RUGBY U8s-U12sOnly for people wanting to referee U8-U12 age group teams.The course includes SmartRugby.Duration is approximately 3.5 hours.The course contains both theory (indoor) and practical (outdoor) components.The following dates can be registered for online:16 April Mosman18 April Woollahra23 April Sydney West (venue TBC)7 May Sylvania7 May St Ives9 May Newport16 May Sydney West (venue TBC)

  • Gordon Tuesday 13 March 6pmRandwick Wednesday 14 March 6pmNewington College Sunday 18 March 9:30amManly Tuesday 20 March 6pmOxford Falls Saturday 24 March 9:30amKings School Sunday 25 March 9:30amEastwood Tuesday 27 March 6pmSydney University Wednesday 28 March 6pmSouthern Districts Sunday 1 April 9:30am

    Northern Suburbs Tuesday 3 April 6pmParramatta Wednesday 4 April 6pmPenrith Wednesday 11 April 6pmWarringah Wednesday 18 April 6pmTrinity Grammar Sunday 22 April 9:30amNorthern Beaches Christian School Sunday 6 May 9:30am Knox College Sunday 13 May 9:30amMosman Monday 14 May 6pmSFS, Moore Park Sunday 3 June 9:30amSmartRugby Courses are Free of Charge

    SMARTRUGBY COURSESOpen to all accredited coaches and referees.For people new to the game, you need to attend a Foundation Course or Coaching Kids U8-U12 or Refereeing Kids U8-U12 Course in the first instance. These courses incorporate SmartRugby.Duration is approximately 2.5 hours.The course contains practical (outdoor) components.

  • Homebush Wednesdays 14 &21 March 6:30pmNewington College Sunday 18 March 8amParramatta Wednesdays 21 & 28 March 6pmSt Pius Saturday 24 March 2012 8amForshaw Park Sunday 1 April 8am

    Northern Beaches Christian College Sunday 6 May 8amKnox College Sunday 13 May 8amMosman Mondays 14 & 21 6pmHurlstone Ag College Sunday 20 May 8amSFS Moore Park Sunday 3 June 8am

    FOUNDATION (Player Coach Level 1 and Referee Level 1)

    Only for people wanting to coach and/or referee U12 and above age group teams.This course includes SmartRugby.Duration is approximately 8.5 hours.The course contains both theory (indoor) and practical (outdoor) components.

    Please note the Foundation Course costs $75

  • Player InsuranceJunior team insurance premium is unchanged at $170/team.Premiums due 1 April. Clubs can opt for installment payment options (monthly)This insurance does not seek to replace the need for Private Medical Insurance and/or Life Insurance. The SJRU recommends that ALL players consider individual coverage as required for their circumstances.Claim Forms are available from the Union Office, Gow-Gates themselves or from the ARU website.Please ensure you check all your age groups. You would hate to not insure a team and have an incident occur!Certificate of Currency were included in your Insurance PacksGow-Gates Insurance contact Will MacArthur: 8267 9999


  • Mazda Balls Expected to arrive Prior to Round 1Clubs should receive approximately: 3 balls per team for U6-U11 and 4 balls for U12 Opens Clubs should receive these numbers based on their 2011 team numbers *

  • COKECoca-Cola is the preferred supplier of beverages to SJRUPurchases made directly through Coca-Cola will receive a rebate of up to $1/case and points towards free merchandiseTo place an order call 13 26 53 or Scott Rielly 0418 225 396Anyone who bought through the scheme last year should receive their cheque soon *

  • Waratahs Ticket OfferHow to redeem your ticket?Via Ticketek: www. When purchasing tickets put Juniors into the Promotional Code space provided

    In Person: At Ticketek outlets throughout Sydney and quote your Club

    Phone: Ticketek hotline on 1300 665 915 and quote your Club

    Junior March Past will be held on Saturday 7th July at ANZ Stadium v Brumbies. Nominations to participate will open in April


  • COMMUNICATION POLICYPlayer / Coach / Manager / Other

    Club President

    SJRU/Competition Manager

    ** SJRU will not communicate directly to anyone who is not a Club President

  • Representative Update

    Nominations for representative coaching and selector positions have closed for 2012

    NSWJRU State Champs 9-11 JuneRegionals 2-4 July - TBASydney v Country 5 August Sydney

    Player EligibilitySelection in Non-Home Union *

  • Development Update Mini Goal Posts


  • Team Lists & Non TransferableDUE PRIOR TO ROUND 1Clubs who are competing in a graded competition OR who haveteams competing in chronological order (U10, U11) must submit aTeam Lists & Non Transferable form

    Players must be nominated in their chronological age groupClubs must nominate 15 players in a 15-a side team and 10 players in a 12-a- side competition Representative players given dispensation to play in a B or lower grade is eligible to participate in the same grade until the June Long weekend.Clubs with 2 teams in the same grade will need to nominate a minimum of: 5 non transferables in a 12-a side competition and 8 non transferables in a 15-a-side competition

  • Player Imports Clubs CANNOT register MORE than TWO (2) players from ANYother club in ONE particular Age Group. For each age group aclub can register a maximum of two (2) Representative playersirrespective of a Presidents release.

    Rule is there to:Stop the formation of super teamsStop teams having insufficient players to form a viable team

    How do we monitor if the player is from another club?Clubs should be asking EACH child if they played rugby in 2011 and if they did which Club they played for. (Space dedicated on the ARU rego form) Will a club have to submit a form if a team from another club has disbanded?Yes, a form will need to be submitted if more than 2 players from another club is registered regardless of the reason

  • Player Imports contd

    What if our club has three (3) players in one age group from another club?Club must submit a Dispensation form Imported Players Form ( Form 15) for ALL 3 players coming across. This form asks such questions as:Has the player played repsHas the player previously played with your club Reason for playing with your club Clubs are then to submit the form to the SJRU Competition ManagerDo we register the child prior to submitting the dispensation form? Clubs should inform the parents about the rule and instruct the parentsthat the registration is pending SJRU decisionHow long will the Committee take to deliver a decision?Each submission will be assessed on an individual basis. A decision will endeavour tobe handed to the club within 10 business days.What if the SJRU deny a or all player/s?The player/s then have the opportunity to approach another club whom has nottaken in more than 2 imported players. Clubs may appeal the decision to theAppeals committee.

  • Request for Age Dispensation

    Male Registered players in the bottom 20th percentile for weight andFemale Registered Players in the bottom 50th percentile for weight for their Age Group shall be granted dispensation.MaleRegistered Players in the bottom 50th percentile for weight andFemale Registered Players in the bottom 70th percentile for weight for their Age Group shall be granted dispensation if their Club does not have a Team in the Registered Players chronological Age Group. Age Dispensation is limited to four (4) players per Team, however the Competition Manager reserves the right to increase the number of Age Dispensations granted.

  • Competition Structure10 Team Competitions

    14 rounds (straight) v 1 full round then split? ?

  • Competition PointsClubs will receive a bonus point in all U10 Opens matches if they have an Assistant Referee present who PRINTS their name and PRINTS their MRA number on the sign on sheet!

  • Competition PointsWhat if a team genuinely tried to get an Assistant Referee but forsome reason they couldnt make it?Clubs may apply to the Competition Manager for dispensation for a one offoccurrence. This must be