ALL ABOUT MOVIES! What is a movie genre? A genre is a type of movie, song or book. You will be given...

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download ALL ABOUT MOVIES! What is a movie genre? A genre is a type of movie, song or book. You will be given a card with a movie genre. When that genre is mentioned,

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Transcript of ALL ABOUT MOVIES! What is a movie genre? A genre is a type of movie, song or book. You will be given...

  • ALL ABOUT MOVIES!What is a movie genre?A genre is a type of movie, song or book.You will be given a card with a movie genre.When that genre is mentioned, you will read out the question to someone who is far away from you.

  • Classic MoviesWhat makes a movie a classic?A classic movie isnt just an old black and white movie, but a memorable movie.Read the card.

  • Action MoviesWhat do you need to make an action movie?To make an action movie, you need thrills, spills and chills.Read the card.

  • Macho MoviesWhat does macho mean?This means masculine - a strong man.Who does this movie appeal to, men or women?Read the card.

  • The Big Heist MovieWhat does heist mean?This means to steal lots of money, from a bank or casino.Read the card.

  • Based on a true storyWhat is the difference between a period movie and a movie based on a true story?A period movie is set in a time period, but the story may not be true.Read the card.

  • Chick FlickWhat does chick mean, and what is flick?Chick is another name for girl, and flick is a movie. These movies are often love stories.Read the card.

  • Horror Suspense Thriller What is the difference between these genres?Horror is usually about ghosts.Suspense is a movie that makes your heart pace.Thriller is similar to horror, but with a crazy guy trying to kill someone.Read the card.

  • Sci - FiWhat is the definition of Sci and Fi?Sci = science Fi = fictionAny movie about space, time travel and technology.Read the card.

  • Disaster MovieWhat defines a movie to be a Disaster movie?Something bad happens, and the characters must find a way to solve the problem.Read the card.

  • MusicalAll movies have music in them, but what makes a movie a musical?When the characters sing and dance.Read the card.

  • Murder MysteryWhat is the difference between this genre and a horror movie?This type of movie is about solving the crime, to make you think, but not to scare you.Read the card.

  • ComedyWhich comedy do you like best?Read the card.

  • Feel Good MovieWhat is the difference between this genre and a comedy?This type of movie is not always humorous. Read the card.

  • Adventure MovieWhat is the difference between this genre and an action movie?This type of movie is about going on a quest.Read the card.

  • Tear JerkerWhat is the meaning of this genre?Any movie that has a sad ending, and makes you cry.Read the card.

  • WesternDoes this genre mean a movie set in the country side?No, this genre is set in the 1800s of western USA.Read the card.

  • FantasyWhats the difference between this genre and Sci-fi?This genre is about magic and mystical creatures.Read the card.

  • Movie vocabulary Movie culture and historyMovie discussion Choose a categoryClick on one of these

  • Topic 1Topic 3Topic 5Topic 7Topic 9Topic 2Topic 4Topic 6Topic 8Topic 10Choose a discussion topic

  • Lets discuss1: Do you prefer watching movies in the cinema or downloading them?Back to menu

  • Lets discuss2: Remaking classic movies, do you think that Hollywood should not remake these movies, or do you not mind?Back to menu

  • 3: If a new movie came out and everybody said it was bad, would you still go and watch it, why?Lets discussBack to menu

  • 4: If you are with a group of friends what type of movie should you choose to suit everybodys taste?Lets discussBack to menu

  • Lets discussBack to menu5: What type of movie would you watch if you were on a date, why?Which is better to go and watch on a date, horror, comedy or a chick flick?

  • Lets discussBack to menu6: When watching English movies do you listen in English or Chinese, if you listen in English do you prefer to read English or Chinese subtitles?

  • Lets discussBack to menu7: What type of movie would you watch if were feeling sad?

  • Lets discussBack to menu8: Could you spend an entire day from morning to night just watching movies?

  • Lets discussBack to menu9: Do you choose the movie because of the famous actor or the famous director?

  • Lets discussBack to menu10: Would you watch the same movie many times?If so, which movie you have seen the most?

  • Choose a vocabulary topicTopic 1Topic 3Topic 5Topic 7Topic 9Topic 2Topic 4Topic 6Topic 8Topic 10

  • VocabularyBack to menu1: what do you call the bad guy in a movie?The villain.

  • VocabularyBack to menu2: in a movie, the hero is in trouble, we dont know whether he will find a way out of his problem or not.Then the movie cuts to another scene, what do we call this?A cliff hanger.

  • VocabularyBack to menu3: when there is a surprise in the ending of a movie, something that you didnt think was going to happen.What do we call this?A twist.

  • VocabularyBack to menu4: what do we call a movie that makes a lot of money?A block buster.What do we call a movie that fails to make a profit?A flop.

  • VocabularyBack to menu5: when a second version of a movie is made, is called what?When movie is made about what happened before the original, is called what?When there are three movies made, this is called what?A sequel.A prequel.A trilogy.

  • VocabularyBack to menu6: what do we call a horror movie that has a lot of blood, and dead bodies?Gory.

  • VocabularyBack to menu7: to make a Sci-Fi movie, they need to make space ships, aliens and explosions.What is this called to make something look real in a movie?Special effects.Using CGI computer generated images, models and miniatures, make up design, stop motion animation.

  • VocabularyBack to menu8: what is another name for a handsome actor?A heart throb.

  • VocabularyBack to menu9: what type of comedy did Charlie Chaplin used?Slapstick.When a comedy is based on real life events is called what?Satire.

  • VocabularyBack to menu10: what do we say when a girl is in trouble, and the hero must rescue her?A damsel in distress.

  • Choose a culture and history topicTopic 1Topic 3Topic 5Topic 7Topic 9Topic 2Topic 4Topic 6Topic 8Topic 10

  • Culture and historyBack to menu1: fans like to dress up as their favourite hero, this is called what?A: Cos-PlayB: Fan ActivityC: Movie Club D: Strange Party

  • Back to menu2: it was very popular, you drive your car, park in a space and put a smaller speaker inside your car.What is this called?A: car cinemaB: auto cinemaC: drive-in cinema D: outdoor cinemaCulture and history

  • Back to menu3: apart from mobile phones being used in the cinema, which other bad habit is the most annoying for other people.A: clappingB: talking out loudC: eating food D: laughing out loudCulture and history

  • Back to menu4: old silent movies of the early 20th century were only comedy movies, such as Charlie Chaplin?TrueFalse Culture and history

  • Back to menuCulture and history5: we call some movies a movie.We call some other movies a film.What is the reason?A: film just means it is very old.B: film means a movie that is classified as an art form.C: Americans say movie, film is British English.D: just personal choice to say movie or film.

  • Back to menuCulture and history6: 3D movies three dimensional movieWhich year did the first ever 3D movie was released?A: 1952B: 1942C: 1932D: 1922This movie was called the Power of Love

  • Back to menuCulture and history7: Indian movies are referred to as what?A: Indian HollywoodB: Hindu moviesC: BollywoodD: just moviesBombay (now called Mumbai)+Hollywood= Bollywood

  • Back to menuCulture and history8: what kind of cinema is this?A: a cinema where you can drink beerB: its not a cinema but only a DVD storeC: it was a cinema in the past but not anymoreD: this has nothing to do with movies.The Bagdad Theater is a movie theater in the Hawthorne District of Portland, Oregon, United States.

  • Back to menuCulture and history9: movie fans will act out along with the actual movie muted, this is called what?A: fan filmsB: Movieoke C: movie clubD: home movieMovie+Karaoke =Movieoke

  • Back to menuCulture and history10: animation is the method of using images in film to create movement.Which was the first feature length animated movie, with sound and colour?A: Pinocchio B: Bambi C: Beauty and the BeastD: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves