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  • 1. Xatzi Maria14 years old

  • BALLETFrom the age of six I did ballet lessons. I like both the music of ballet and the nice and difficult movements of this type of dancing. I like the impressive costumes and the frequent performances.Finally, one of my dreams that comes true, is the fact that I succeed in wearing the familiar ballet shoes, pointe.

  • TRADITIONAL DANCEIn my free time I do traditional dances. Dancing these dances I calm and I feel that my psychology is uploaded. I can not forget to say that I am impressed with these traditional costumes. Finally it is said that through these dances it is maintained the cultural heritage of the country.

  • VIOLINThe last three years I has dealt with violin lessons. Really it is a very nice instrument. However it is very difficult and so I decided to stop it.

  • Painting

    I also like painting and I create my own paintings. I like sitting to my desk and try to mix my colours. I think that painting helps you to relax.

  • JewelleryLast but not least, in my free time I make different kinds of jewellery. I try to create things like these with my imagination.

  • 2. Parasxi Ioanna13 years old

  • THE TRACK AND FIELD SPORT I love the track and field sports Since 2 years they have become a part of my life and I really enjoy going to the stadium with my team...

    One of the things I like in the track sports, is the feeling of the wind blowing against my face, while I am running a race.

    Without this sport I would not know that giving up is not an option!

  • LISTENING AND PLAYING MUSIC I also enjoy listening to all kinds of music yes and even classical music!!

    One thing I do is playing music. I play the guitar and the piano ok, I must admit that I am not a talent in the playing of the piano but I do my best !!!

  • COOKING I thing that the most of you like eating delicious dishes that are prepared with love and in a healthy way. So am I

    But I dont only like to eat them I enjoy cooking them!!! Although the kitchen looks horrible after the cking the result counts!!!

  • JUST RELAXING Relaxing is my favorite activity!!! Just keeping calm and letting down all your worries and fears for a moment, is the best hobby someone could choose!

  • 3. Adamou Athanasia

  • Dancing

  • Listening to music

  • Cycling

  • 4. Kokkonis Chris

  • I used to play the violin for 6 years.

  • I like travelling so as to meet new people and to know new cultures

  • Last but no least I like hanging out with my friends.

  • 5. Mavropoulou Vera

  • The guitar is a very creative hobby . You can play when you are sad or when you are hanging out with your friends.

  • Dance

  • Volleyball

  • Cooking

  • 6. Konstantakou Iro

  • Listening to Music

  • Watching Movies

  • Reading Books

  • 7. Kouti Aikaterini-Maria

  • Dancing is one of my hobbies as well

  • 8. Kougiouta Nafsika

  • Listening to music

  • Reading books

  • Cycling

  • 9. Chatzigaki Katerina








  • 10. Manos Celia

  • Reading books

  • Watching Movies

  • Listening to music

  • 11. Gkamplioni Maria-Stella

  • I usually try to spend my free time in an enjoyable and creative way as well. My favorite hobby is painting and I am very proud of my paintings!Painting

  • Painting nailsI also enjoy painting nails very much. Very often my friends come to my house and we enjoy our shelves Painting our nails. I often try new drawings and become better by practicing.

  • 12. Koufogazou Catherine

  • Dressing dresses

    Painting my nails

  • Listening to musicRiding my bike

  • Do different things with make-up

    Watching videos how to decorate cakes and cupcakes

  • 13. Voutsela Helen

  • In my free time I like drawing sketches of clothes and faces!

  • I also like

    listening to music, playing the guitar and dancing.

  • 14. Batavanis Fotis

  • My favourite hobby is tennis but I also play basketball and football.

  • In my free time I listen to music or I meet my friends