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  • All About MeBy Carolyn Kammeyer

  • Me, Carolyn KammeyerI was born March 19, 1998 in Newport Beach, California, later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and l now I live here!

  • I would describe myself asEnergetic FunFriendlyCompassionateSportyGirlyFashionableDramatic

  • My favorite thing in the world is my hamster! I have had two already, (Cloud left, Snowball right) and I love them both dearly. Cloud was my first and died December 3 last year. It was probably the saddest thing that ever happened to me. But soon after I got Snowball, and he has been the sweetest thing yet (I still have to get a better picture of him)!

  • My favorite hobbies areSwimmingEatingTravelingReadingSpending time with my familyAnd hanging with my friends

  • My favorite foods areFruit RollupsBurritosCupcakesOrange chickenAnd all types of meat!

    I eat meat like you have never seen anyone eat meat before

  • Swimming!I am nationally ranked swimmer so swimming is a big part of my life. I love to compete all over the nation with my friends.

  • TravelingMy family and I travel a ton! My parents just bought a house up in Big Sky, Montana, home to the biggest ski resort in North America. We will go there in the summer and during breaks through out the school year.

  • FamilyMy family is very big. I am the youngest granddaughter on my dads side, and the oldest on my moms. I have a lot of distant relatives. My great, great, great grandfather had 13 wives and my part of the family came from the 13th! I am also related to Ralph Waldo Emerson, a very famous poet. My grandmas maiden name was Emerson.

  • friends I love my friends and I spend any waking moment with them! Most of them I have known for years but I am always open to new friendships

  • And thats pretty much all you need to know about me!