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53% of employers do not tracke employee performance

53% of employers do not track employee performanceTrack employee performance | Beta test Align App for free

Profile, one on one log (history), switch managers, comments, private notes, notifications, one on one survey, sept- agenda builder, coaching items, recognition items, action items1

What if managers had an easy-to-use tool to help them with one-on-ones?

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A performance management app built for managers

After conducting problem & solution interviews with managers across multiple industries, the Align mobile & desktop app was designed. The app resolves communication bottlenecks related to goals and performance.Align not only supports performance reviews, keeps a track record of past conversations, goals and metrics. That way, managers can measure success and identify issues readily.

Beta test Align app for free

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63% of employees focus on improving when their achievements are recognized More than half of employees are disengaged from their work.Disengaged employees have lower productivity in the workplace.Engagement rates improve when goals are set and consistent feedback is given. Constructive feedback lowers turnover rates by 14.9%.More than 70% of employee recognition is given during a one-on-one.

Help your employees work their best Beta test Align App for free


An app for work & people management

Help your employees continually improve and solve performance issues with ongoing employee one-on-ones.Create a goal and then create an action plan for that goal.Share agendas & benchmarks for teams and individuals to help your employees see the big picture.Follow-up on objectives and goals.

End result: A high functioning team leads to great work and better work performance.

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Improve work productivityBeta test Align app for free


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A performance management app built for managers

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