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This is a portfolio that shows my work through all semesters.

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  • Alia Ibrahim Lootah Portfolio

  • Creating a map and knowing you self more can help in giving a meaning to your work. If a person know more about himself, he can create an art work that has a touch of his personality. So its very important to understand your self before creating your work.

    Mood Board

  • Animating my characters, giving life to objects is my way to enter peoples heart.

    Its a matter of making people fall in love with my ideas and work. I believe that if I animated my way to peoples hearts, I would help them to see what I see, feel what I feel, and think just like the way I think. My dream is to change the world and I believe the most effective way to change the world is through animated cartoons. My main audience are children all around the world.

    I was inspired by superhero cartoon characters since childhood. i tried to explore through sketching my charaters by using new teqniques. I like to use lines often. I will achive my goals through making my own company and my own tv animation show.

    I think that children respond to ideas which television presents to them. If we want to change the world, we must change the way we think and what the next generation thinks. I created a logo represents myself as a character that has many aspirations but acts with innocence and pure intentions in the same way that the child does. I hope that in this way I can enter peoples hearts and make my ideas have an impact.


    Alia Ibrahim

  • Alia Ibrahim Lootah studied in Dubai Modern Education School. She graduated with a score of 90%. Currently, she is a student in Zayed Uni-versity in her 4th year. She has made her dream come true and she is studying animation. In addi-tion, she has made many short animated movies, created many stories, and brought many characters to life. She looks forward to create and animated movie that can change the world. She also believes that animation has a big effect on childern, which might change the way the look at things. Her goal is to successfully complete her studies and make her own animation company.


    Alia Ibrahim

  • DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONThis is a self portrait created by me to present my own photo. Its a mixture between Photoshop painting. Each line is designed carefully to go with the paint flow. Side images shows some kind of fruits created in the same way. 2011

  • DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONBatman project was one of my bests. Collecting objects and combining them creates good results. Here, You can see me as my favorite character in different pauses. 2011

  • 2D PhotoSHop

  • Those 2D Photoshop sketches presents my friends. I drew my best friends and used those sketches for a 2D animation class. 2010


    2D Sketch

    Using illustrator helped in creating those 3 Lego men. Since childhood, i loved playing with Lego men and creating cars using Lego. This made me use it as my subject for my project. 2010

  • 2D SketchBefore creating any project, I prefer to sketch them on paper first. Then I used Photoshop, Illustrator, or even InDesign to create my work that I desire. Having many sketches can improve my final results.

  • Colored SketchThis project is created by me to present what people don't usually see or show some places that we rarely go to. For this project, I went to the cemetery and sketched what I saw in front of me .2012

  • Charcoal

    This is a charcoal painting that presents my car keys. Its a Bentley key and Land Cruiser key. It is created on a grey board.

  • SCENE CREATINGCreating scenes helps in understanding the way of laying out your project. I created 2 characters bonding together on top of a mountain and a left over car on a beach .2011

  • Bookcover DesignDesigning a book cover was very interesting. I took my cousins on a vacation day and asked them to wear a school uniform just to use them as modules for my book cover. 2010

  • 3D

  • PHOTOGRAPHYThose photos were taken by me

    for the Venice veinnale. It is a series of sandy water molecules that fall through water and combines with

    our sandy culture. 2012

  • Mohama

    d Harib

    Alia Ibrahim Lootah



    BatmanNaif AlMutawa

  • Personal information + content: Alia Ibrahim Nasser Lootah. 23.9.1990 UAE. Female 0505959753/Dubai-Muhaisnah POBOX:10335

    Education: Graduate 2008 Dubai Modern Education School American High Diploma 4th year Student in Zayed University Zayed University Major: Animation

    Professional Experience: Zayed Carnival 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Sourced products from outside the UAE. To stock booth at carnival. Provided costumer service Sold goods at a profit.

    Computer Skills: Photoshop Illustrator Fast in typing 50/minute 3Ds Max Maya PowerPoint, Microsoft word, excel

    Awards + Exhibitions Participated in Zayeds Exhibition in 2011 Participated in Zayeds Chinese painting exhibition in 2010.


    Language Skills: Fluent in writtrn and spoken Arabic and English

    Animation Skills: Professional in 2D and 3D Animation cartoon Highly trained to use 3Ds Max Program

    Alia Ibrahim Lootah Animator