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  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    n Judgement Day, what will be asked frst?


    2. How many times word Zakat is used in Makki urahs?

    22 times

    !. "hat is the rate o# usher #or $anal irrigated Zameen?% &er $ent or '(%

    ). "ho are not entitled to get Zakat?

    *arents, Husband, wi#e and $hildren

    %. "hat is the )th +ukn &illar- o# slam?

    +oza #asting-

    /. How many 0rkan +oza has?

     1hree, to restri$t eating, drinking and seual inter$ourse

    3. "hat are the ob4e$ti5es o# +oza?

     1a6wa, Zabti7Na#as, hukar

    8. "hat we say to 'st 0shra o# +amzan?


    9. "hat we say to 2nd 0shrah o# +amzan?


    ':. "hat we say to !rd 0shrah o# +amzan?

     1o get rid o# Hell;s fre


  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    '9. "hat is meant by >aum7e70ra#at and what is done on that day?

    9 Zil Ha44, tay at 0ra#at be#ore Maghrib

    2:. "hat is meant by 1awa#7e7adoom?

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    !/. "ho is the oldest mos6ue builder?

    Hazrat 0dam 0.-

    !3. "hi$h mos6ue was built frst o# all in slam?


    !8. "ho laid the #oundations o# uba?Hazrat Muhammad *CH-

    !9. "here *ro&het *CH- did hold his $ourt?


    ):. "here was established the frst Muslim ni5ersity?


    )'. 1he *ro&het *CH- himsel# laboured #or a mos6ue. what;s its name?


    )2. How many mos6ues are dis$ussed in the holy uran?


    )!. 1he *ro&het *CH- used to go to a &arti$ular mos6ue on e5ery '3th o# +amzan. "hat;s the name

    o# that mos6ue?


    )). "hen was the $onstru$tion o# Mas4id7e7Nab5i started?

    ' 0.H

    )%. How many doors are o# Mas4id7e7Haram?


    )/. 1he *ro&het *CH- &rayed se5eral times #or 5i$tory in the war o# dit$h. Name the Mos6ue?


  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman



    9). "hi$h is the frst belie# o# slam?

     1he unity o# 0llah

    9%. "hi$h is the se$ond belie# o# slam?


    9/. 1he *ro&hethood is belie# in.the *ro&hets o# 0llah.


    93. *ro&hethood has been fnished on the *ro&het.

    Hazrat Muhammad *CH-

    98. "hat is the meaning o# +isalat?

     1o send message

    99. How *ro&hethood is attained?

    Cestowed by 0llah

    '::. "hat is the meaning o# +asool?


    ':'. n whi$h urah o# the Holy uran the word F=hatimum7NabiyyeenG is mentioned?


    ':2. "ho is known as +ehmat7ul70alameen?

    Hazrat Muhammad *CH-

    ':!. "hat is the meaning o# +ehmat7ul7Ail70alameen?

    Mer$y #or all worlds

    ':). "hi$h is the third belie# o# slam?

    Celie# in the 0ngels

    ':%. "hat is the meaning o# Malaika?


    ':/. How many the most ealted angels are there?

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    8. 3o %hat Prophet the $n9eel %as re5ealed by Allah6 A. Prophet $braheem (A.&)B. Prophet "a%ood (A.&). Prophet Moosa (A.&)". Prophet 7ssa (A.&)

    :. ;hat ,ompanion of Prophet (PBUH) %as a%arded %ith the title of +3he sold of Allah+6 A. Abu Ba!r &iddiaroo

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    1. ame the Angel %ho %as appointed to deli5er messages to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)from Allah6

     A. /ibrael (A.&)B. Mi!ael (A.&). $srafeel (A.&)". $'raeel (A.&)

    1*. a5e Hira is in the _________ mountain. A. As?&afaB. &il. Uhud". An?oor  

    12. 3he first Ms9id (Mos

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    #1. Ha'rat Ali (=.A) %as martyred in __________ Hi9rah. A. 2B. :. ". #

    ##. 3he heads of 4a!at are __________ . A. 2B. 8. :

    ". @

    #. ;hi,h ,ountry is ,alled the +0and of Prophets+6 A. &audi ArabiaB. $ra<. &yria". Palestine

    #. 3here are _________ far' in %u'oo. A. B. . *". 2

    #*. +&aha &atta+ are __________ boo!s of Hadith. A. *B. 2. 8". :

    #2. 7id Prayer is __________ . A. ;a9ibB. >ar'. &unnat". Mustahib

    #8. 3he boo! of Hadith- Al?Mu%atta- %as ,ompiled by __________ . A. $mam Abu Haneefa (=.A)B. $mam &hafi (=.A). $mam Ahmad bin Hambal (=.A)". $mam Mali! (=.A)

    #:. 3he boo! of Hadith- itaab?ul?Aathaar- %as ,ompiled by __________ . A. $mam Abu Haneefa (=.A)

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    B. $mam &hafi (=.A). $mam Ahmad bin Hambal (=.A)". $mam Mali! (=.A)

    #@. $n Ha99- tou,hing the Bla,! &tone- is ,alled__________ . A. $stilam

    B. &ayee. =amee". 3a%af  

    . 3he first migration of the ompanions and relati5es of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) %asto __________ .

     A. Ma!!ahB. Madina. 7thopia". Baghdad

    ANSWERS: ISLAMIC STUDIES QUIZZES#1. ##. #. "#. B#*. B#2. A#8. "#:. A#@. A. 1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is ,alled %ith the name +Ahmed+ in &urah _________ .

     A. a?&eenB. Muhammad. &aff  

    ". Mu''ammil

    #. +Muhammad is the messenger of Allah+ is stated in &urah _________ . A. a?&eenB. Muhammad. Mu''ammil". >ath

    . Allah says- +;i5es of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are mothers of belie5ers+ in &urah _________ . A. Aal?e?$mraanB. aaseen. Muhammad

    ". Ah'aab

    . 3he name +Muhammad+ has been mentioned _________ times in the Holy Quran. A. 1B. #. ".

    *. ;hi,h &urah of Quran has Bismillah t%i,e6.

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. Aal?e?$mraanB. Al?amal. aaseen". Muhammad

    2. ;hi,h surah starts %ithout +Bismillah+ 6

     A. Al?Ba

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    B. /e%s. $ranis". hristians

    . Mas9id Qiblatain is in _________ . A. Ma!!ah

    B. Madina. 3aif  ". Palestine

    . $n Ha99- tou,hing the Bla,! &tone- is ,alled__________ . A. $stilamB. &ayee. =amee". 3a%af  

    *. $n Ha99- stoning the "e5il- is ,alled __________ . A. $stilamB. &ayee

    . =amee". 3a%af  

    2. $n Ha99- tra5eling se5en times bet%een Mount &afa and Mount Mar%ah- is ,alled __________ .

     A. $stilamB. &ayee. =amee". 3a%af  

    8. 3he first Ummayed aliph %as _________ . A. halid bin ;aleed (=.A)

    B. Ameer Mua%iyah (=.A). Abu Ubaidah (=.A)". Amr bin Al?Aas (=.A)

    :. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent his messengers to the !ings beyond Arabia ,alling them to$slam. $n order to authenti,ate the ,redentials of his messengers- a __________ seal %asmade.

     A. ColdenB. &il5er  . Metalli,". ;ooden

    @. $n the Battle of Uhud- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sele,ted __________ s!illful ar,hers to

    stay on a mountain (side). A. #B. . ". *

    *. ;hat %as the relation bet%een Prophet Moosa (A.&) and Prophet Haroon (A.&)6 A. Prophet Moosa (A.&) %as father of Prophet Haroon (A.&)B. Prophet Haroon (A.&) %as father of Prophet Moosa (A.&)

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    . Brothers". ousins


    . A*. 2. B8. B:. [email protected] "*.

    *1.  Baitul Mamoor is on___________ Hea5en. A. rdB. th. 2th". 8th

    *#. Mos

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. 21 A."B. 21 A.". 21* A."". 212 A."

    *8. >riend of hadi9a ____________ ,arried message of i!ah.

     A. >atimaB. ulsoom. afeesa". &obia

    *:. Abdul Mutalib died in ___________ A.". A. *8:B. *[email protected] *:". *:1

    *@. >or _______________ years Haleema too! ,are of Prophet (PBUH). A. &iE

    B. &e5en. 7ight". ine

    2. >or __________ years Abdul Mutalib too! ,are of Prophet. A. oneB. 3%o. 3hree". >our  


    *. A*. **. A*2. "*8. *:. B*@. A2. B21. &o,ial boy,ott of Banu Hashim too! pla,e in ____________ ab5i.

     A. thB. *th. 2th". 8th

    2#. &o,ial boy,ott ,ontinued for ____________ years. A. 3%oB. 3hree. >our  ". >i5e

    2. ___________ bin Hisham %as the original name of Abu /ehl. A. Abha

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    B. &aleh. Dmar  ". Ali

    2. Abu?al?Hi!m is the title of 6 A. Abu 9ehl

    B. Abu ba!ar  . Abu 0ahab". Abu Hurairah

    2*. Ma!!ah ,on

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    2:. [email protected] "8. A81.  ear of "eputation is ________________ Hi9rah.

     A. :thB. @th

    . 1th". 11th

    8#. Moa%a!hat (the brotherhood) too! pla,e in __________ Hi9rah. A. 1stB. #nd. rd". th

    8. /ehad %as allo%ed in ______________ Hi9rah. A. 1stB. #nd. rd

    ". th

    8. Hurrirah means a 6 A. CoatB. Ant. amel". at

    8*. ompanions of Prophet at Hudabiya %ere 6 A. 1B. 1. 1*

    ". 12

    82. Prophet stayed at Ma!!ah for __________ days after its ,on

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    B. 7ssa. Musa". Haroon

    :. Cha'%a?e?Badr o,,urred in ____________. 1 Muslims fought in battle. A. 1 Hi9rah

    B. # Hi9rah. Hi9rah". Hi9rah

    ANSWERS: QURAN QUIZ81. B8#. B8. B8. "8*. B82. 88. B8:. "[email protected] A:. B:1. hange of Qibla %as ordered in 6

     A. 1 Hi9rahB. # Hi9rah. Hi9rah". Hi9rah

    :#. _____________ ings a,,epted $slam %hen holy prophet sent them letters. A. #B. . ". *

    :. $dols in aba before $slam numbered 6 A. B. *. 2". 8

    :. 3he largest idol named in !aaba is 6 A. HabalB. 9abal. 3abal". Haleeb

    :*. Bilal ,alled first aa'an of ______________ prayer. A. >a9ar B. 4uhar  . Asar  ". Maghrib

    :2. 3he gra5e of the Prophet %as prepared by 6 A. Ha'rat Abu Ba!ar B. Ha'rat Umar  

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    . Ha'rat Usman". Ha'rat Abu 3alha

    :8. At Mas9id?e?___________ first Muslim Uni5ersity %as established. A. 4arar B. Quba

    . Hanafia". ab5i

    ::. 3he flag ,olour of the Holy Prophet %as %hite and __________ at the time of ,on

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. AliB. Abu Ba!ar  . Umar  ". Asad

    @. Ha'rat Usman Bin _________ %as the ey holder of aaba.

     A. QasimB. &aad. 3alha". Asad

    @*. Ha'rat Abu Ba!ar %as the mer,hant of 6 A. &teelB. loth. oal". ;heat

    @2. Ha'rat Umar >aroo< %as martyred on ___________ # A.H. A. 1st Muharram

    B. #nd Muharram. rd Muharram". th Muharram

    @8. Ha'rat ____________ added As &alato hairum Min oum in A'an. A. Abu Ba!ar B. Usman. Ali". Umar  

    @:. Dnly sahabi %ithout seeing Prophet is 6 A. Abdurreham

    B. Qasim. A%ais arni". Usman

    @@. Ha'rat _____________ le5ied 'a!at on horses. A. Umar B. Abu Ba!ar  . Usman". Ali

    1. ____________ lifted 'a!at on horses. A. Abu Ba!ar B. Umar  

    . Usman". Ali

    ANSWERS: ISLAMIC HISTORY [email protected] "@#. [email protected] "@. @*. [email protected] A

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    @8. "@:. @@. A1. "11. Ha'rat __________ had !no%ledge of dreams.

     A. Umar 

    B. Abu Ba!ar  . Usman". Ali

    1#. Ha'rat ___________ added #nd A'an for >riday prayers. A. Abu Ba!ar B. Umar  . Usman". Ali

    1. Ati

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. Abu Ba!arFsB. UmarFs. UsmanFs". AliFs

    11. &hai!h Abdul Qadir /ilani is buried at 6

     A. Baitulmulo%er B. Pea,e. =o,!s". =efuge

    11#. ___________ Gerses %ere re5eled in the first %ahy. A. >our B. >i5e. &iE

    ". &e5en

    11. ama' ,ommanded in

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    B. Baghdad. =ome". 3ehran

    118. &urah ___________ is !no%n as Heart of Quran. A. =ahman

    B. An!aboot. >ala<". aseen

    11:. &urah __________ is !no%n as beauty of Quran. A. aseenB. =ahman. ausar  ". Hu9rat

    [email protected] &ub9e,t of Holy Quran is 6 A. Uni5erseB. 7arth

    . Animal". Human

    1#. Ha'rat ___________ a,,epted $slam first in ;omen. A. AminaB. hadi9a. Hafsa". =u

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. : earsB. @ ears. ears". 1 ears

    1#. Ha'rat ___________ %as the foster mother of Holy Prophet.

     A. HaleemaB. =u

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    1#8. B1#:. 1#@. 1. B11. 3here are ____________ stages in Holy Quran.

     A. *

    B. 8. @". 11

    1#. ames of Quran mentioned in Quran are _________ times. A. *B. **. 2". 2*

    1. 0a%s about 4ina re5ealed in __________ A.H. A. #B.

    . D. 5

    1. 0a%s about orphanage re5ealed in __________ A.H. A. #B. 3. ". *

    1*. 0a%s about inheritan,e re5ealed in __________ A.H A. 1B. #

    C. 3".

    12. 3he order of Hi9ab for %omen re5ealed in __________ A.H. A. rdB. 4th. *th". 2th

    18. Ablution made obligatory in _____________ A.H. A. thB. *th. 2th

    ". 8th

    1:. $nterest %as prohibited in ______________ A.H. A. *thB. 2th. 8thD. 8th

    [email protected] Paradise is mentioned in Quran for_______ times.

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


     A. 1B. 1C. 150". 12

    1. ation of oah A.& %orshipped _____________ idols.

     A. B. C. 5". 2

    ANSWERS: ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQs11. B1#. B1. "1. B1*. 12. B18. B1:. "[email protected] 1.


    11. $brahim A.& remained in fire __________ days. A. *B. 40. *". *

    1#. $brahim A.& %as __________ years old %hen $smael A.& %as born. A. :

    B. :*C. 8". :8

    1. Ha'rat ____________ %as the first %ho learnt to %rite. A. $brahim A.&B. I!"##s A.S. Musa A.&". Haroon A.&

    1. Ha'rat Musa A.& %as granted __________ mira,les. A. 2B. 8

    . :D. $

    1*. Ha'rat _____________ %as famous for his patien,e. A. Haroon A.&B. A%&' A.S. Musa A.&". $brahim A.&

  • 8/16/2019 Ali Rahman


    12. Baitul 0aham is the birth Pla,e of Ha'rat ___________ is situated in /erusalem. A. $brahim A.&B. &hoib A.&. Haroon A.&D. Ess( A.S

    18. Prophet Ha'rat _____________ has the title a9eeb Ullah A. $brahim A.&B. oah A.&. Musa A.&D. D()**! A.S

    1:. After _________ dayFs ,ontinuous rain and storm the nation of Hood destroyed. A. >i5eB. &iEC. S#+#,". 7ight

    [email protected] ousuf A.& and a