Algerian War

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Transcript of Algerian War

  • 1. FLN x MNA Civil War Less Radical Muslin Socialist More Radical

2. Pr-Hardlines x Pr-De Gaulle Against the independence of Algeria Pr Algerian Independence Pied-Noirs Algerians of European origin 3. Franois Mitterrands Pacification Population suport of theIndependence Arab Countries World wide anticolonist opinion French Victory No suport of the frenchpopulation 4. French Forth Republic wasdissolved May 1958 crisis The Fifth Republic Charles de Gaulle De Gaulle organized a votefor the Algerian people The Algerian people wantsindependence 5. Evian Accords Independence of Algeria. Bombings and peacefull strikes Ahmed Ben Bella The First Algerian president