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Algeria L’Algérie. Belgium La Belgique. Benin Le Bénin. Burundi Le Burundi. Burkina Faso Le Burkina F aso. Cameroon Le Cameroun. Canada Le Canada (Le Québec). Central African Republic La République Centrafricaine. Congo Le Congo. Djibouti Djibouti. France La France. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BelgiumLa Belgique

BeninLe Bnin

BurundiLe Burundi

Burkina FasoLe Burkina Faso

CameroonLe Cameroun

CanadaLe Canada (Le Qubec)

Central African RepublicLa Rpublique CentrafricaineCongoLe Congo


FranceLa France

French PolynesiaLa Polynsie Franaise

GabonLe Gabon

GuadeloupeLa Guadeloupe

GuineaLa Guine

GuyanaLa Guyane


Ivory CoastLa Cte dIvoire

CambodiaLe Cambodge

LaosLe Laos

LebanonLe Liban

LuxembourgLe Luxembourg


MaliLe Mali

MartiniqueLa Martinique

MauritaniaLa Mauritanie

MauritiusLle Maurice


MoroccoLe Maroc

New CaledoniaLa Nouvelle Caldonie

ReunionLa Runion

RwandaLe Ruanda

SenegalLe Sngal

SeychellesLes Seychelles

SwitzerlandLa Suisse

TogoLe Togo

TunisiaLa Tunisie

VietnamLe Vit-nam

Democratic Republic of the CongoLa Rpublique dmocratique du Congo

NigeriaLe Niger

TchadLe Tchad


Facts About the French-Speaking WorldFrench is the official language of 29 countries around the worldOver one one hundred twenty four million people speak French is their native languageFrench is spoken on five continents in about 50 countries and territories in the worldIn Europe French is spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco and AndorraOn the American continent, French is the official language of three islands in the Caribbean: Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.Quebec, Canadas largest province, is almost entirely French-speaking.In the United States, French is a second language for more than a million people in Louisiana and certain areas of Vermont, New Hampshire and MaineIn South America, French is the official language of French GuianaIn Africa, French is the official or second language in 21 African countriesThis countries retain not only the French language but also the influenceof French culture, institutions, and traditions. In Asia, in countries of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam French is spoken today by some of its peopleWhy do so many people in Africa and Asia speak French?During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, France became a colonial power in the world. This means that the French occupied and ruled counties of the world far from France itself. These countries sent many of their products (such as copper and cocoa) back to France for manufacturing into finished products. As the French governed these nations, they also established schools and businesses which used the French language. By 1960, these nations had become independent, but they maintained French as their official and business language because so many people spoke French.