Alexander the great.

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Transcript of Alexander the great.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the GreatLori Lurton

Come see what is so Great about 4th Century GreeceWere you ever so fortunate to be born a male? If so, this is the perfect time period for you to thrive in! Unwind with the taste of delicious wines and breadsEnjoy beautiful Mediterranean weather year round!

Pictured is one of our periods most remarkable leaders, Alexander the Great

What was so great about Alexander?By the age of 30, Alexander the Great had created one of the largest empires in the ancient world. He is considered one of the most successful military leaders in history.

Alexander the Great is responsible for the spread of Greek culture--youre welcome!He also infulenced and increased trade and economic growth, which is what makes it such a great get away!Its not all about beauty, he also spread knowledge of science & geography to all parts of Greece!

What is included in an average day?Beautiful, simple homes: Feel absolutley cozy and relaxed in a modern, yet simple Mediterranean style home. Usually lacking windows, sleep is peaceful and undisturbed.

Wholesome meals:Enjoy fruitful wines for not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. What more could you ask for? Add in whole grain breads and youve got a delicious, yet light meal. For special occasions, endulge in rich meats such as fish.

Booming economy:Whether youre staying for a short time, or permanently, you can be promised your currency will always provide more than enough. And better yet, thanks to the amount of slaves working hard labor, you wont have to work very hard to have luxury status. Many enjoy working the fields to provide bountiful harvest to their families.

Transportation:Horseback is the mode of choice for many, but others prefer leisurely walking the winding country roads.

Education Come and be taught by some of the best philosophers Greece has to offer!Aristotle taught Alexander the Great as an adolescent, proving an old dog can be taught new tricks. Especially some that led to the many successes on the war front.

With the power of knowledge, anything is possible. Defeat of our enemies was a proud moment in our history, and it was all made possible by the education Alexander the Great received during his time in our little corner of paradise.

ValuesPeople of this era believed in hard work. Days begin early, and end at dusk. The way it was intended. Family was very proud, and those with reasonable incomes often owned slaves to help do their daily chores, and even help upbring the children.

What a typical day may consist of during a visit to the courtyards.

Beautiful landscapes and Vibrant SunsetsEnjoy your meal of wine and bread perhaps outside, overlooking some of the most breathtaking views!

Beautiful artwork inspired by some of our lavish landscapes

Decadent selections to choose from!

Women are often seen donning handmade chintons or pelpos.

Breathtaking views from the Rocky Terrain

Relax seaside

Rich history that is still standing

So? Are you in, or are you in?Hopefully, it didnt take too much convincing for you to come visit Greece as it was under the control of Alexander the Great. Whether it is a short visit or an extended stay, we are sure you will enjoy your time living as the Romans do!

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