Alexander the Great: Photos of My Journey

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This is an album of all my glorious conquests and magnificent triumphs.

Transcript of Alexander the Great: Photos of My Journey

My Great Campaign to Conquer the World

By Alexander the Great

My Glorious Journey to Conquer the World!

This is my palace in Pella. I do not really like this place. The rooms are too small, and the cooks made terrible food. I vowed to improve my living style by conquering the Persian Empire and live like the Persian King.

Where I Grew Up

He, the hero who led the ten-thousand out of the heart of Persia in a great trek, is also my hero. He said, in his famous Anabasis, Persia belongs to the man who is brave enough to attack it. Was he possibly making a prophesy about my great exploits?

My Hero Xenophon

From tiny Macedonia on the top left corner, I conquered everything on this map. This is a feat befitting of the gods No, more befitting than even the gods.

My Great Campaign to Conquer the World

This is the first time that we met the Persian forces. As expected, I demolished their forces with my divine power. Their army simply disintegrated while hardly any of my men were killed or wounded.

Battle of Granicus

Here I met a large Persian host under Darius himself! I utterly crushed his army, and captured, among other things, Darius wife, mother, and daughter!

Battle of Issus

Look at the position of this city! It is almost impervious from siege from land and sea, but of course, not impervious from the army of Alexander. It took me some effort to reduce this city, but in the end I plundered it and sold its inhabitants into slavery.

Siege of Tyre


I am made into a God here, at the famous Temple of the Oracles at Siwa Oasis. The Priests here told me that I am the son of Zeus-Ammon! Ive always knew that I am a god.

My Claim to Divinity in Egypt

This place is 400 league southwest of AlexandriaI ate a lot of dates in this place. They were good, and the best part is, they were free because I owned everything!

Siwa Oasis

I am made a god here! It is important!

More Pictures of the Temple

This is my awesome plan for the battle of Gaugamela. We are the cool blue force, while the Persians are the sissy red colored ones. You can just tell that my plan is flawless. Even Ares cannot do better than me!

Battle of Gaugamela

Look at my awesome flank move against Darius army! They all ran away! He ran away again from his army! What a coward!

My Awesome Win

I am the brave and dashing guy on horseback on the left, and the cowardly guy on the chariot on the right is Darius! He flees from my presence because I am too awesome for him.

How Awesome I Am

Go, stranger, and tell your countrymen that we stood here before, in full glory, and from whence we conquered the world.

A Closeup of Me in the Battle of Gaugamela

Even though my prowess is unmatched in battle, with every exploit of true greatness, brave men must make their sacrifices. This page is a tribute to the braves of Macedonia who laid down their lives in their effort to bring glory and honor to their country.

Tribute to My Soldiers

I loved this city. Its architecture, culture, and its landmarks. I paid a visit to the tombs of Darius the Great. However, I became drunk and I accidentally burned the city down. I regret this decision, and I vow to reconstruct this city.


I paid a pilgrimage to Behistun, the inscriptions of Darius that listed his rule and accomplishments, along with his reverence to Ahura Mazda. I also like this God. He is far more moral and philosophical than the gossipy, juvenile Greek gods.


I am really fascinated by their dress! Their dress are far more lavish than the simple Greek garbsin other words, their dress is much more befitting for a true king like me!

Persian Dress

Sacrophagus of the Immortal Guards on the walls of Darius tomb. They look almost as cool as me!

Another Example of Persian Dress

Arent we a cute couple? I met her in Bactriaanother one of my conquests, needless to say. My Greek officers did not want me to marry a barbarian, but I ignored them. They simply cannot look ahead the way I used to.

My Marriage to Roxane

On the shores of India, I met a mighty foe, King Porus and his army of war elephants. We were close to defeat at several points, but through my personal inspiration, we were victorious in the end.

Battle of Hydaspes

When I asked this Indian ruler how he wished to be treated amongst his enemies, he replied: Like a King, Alexander. I am touched by the courage and nobility of this man. Truly, every good Barbarian is a Greek, and every bad Greek is a Barbarian.

My Meeting with Porus

We made a long march through the arduous deserts of Gedrosia and Carmania after we conquered India. Many of our men died in the trip, but we managed to return to Persepolis in the end.

March Through the Desert

Isnt this place awesome? This place is Babylon, the result of a combination of all Asian cultures. I will give the Greeks a place in this city, and I will blend the best parts of Persian and Babylonian cultures with Greek culture to create the ultimate civilization that is befitting of the legacy of Alexander, Alexander the Great.