Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great. Athens loses its empire. 406 BC: Trial of the generals after the Battle of Arginusae - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Athens loses its empire406 BC: Trial of the generals after the Battle of Arginusae404 BC: After the defeat at Aegospotami, the Aegean cities passed under the control of Sparta... Thirty pro-Spartan oligarchs were set up in Athens, with a Spartan garrison. (Bradley 2001: 281)403 BC: Democracy was fully restored in Athens in 403. (Bradley 2001: 281)399 BC: Trial and execution of Socrates404 371 BC: Spartan leadership of Greece

371 361 BC: Theban leadership of Greece

359 336 BC: Philip of Macedon

Macedonia today

357 BC: Philip marries Olympias

356 BC: Olympias gives birth to Alexander

AristotleStudent of Plato

343 BC: brought to Macedonia by Philip and hired to tutor Philips son, Alexander, and Alexanders friends.

The Philipics of Demosthenes351 BC: The first Philipic

346 BC: The second Philipic

341 BC: The third Philipic338 BC: The Battle of Chaeronea

The Macedonian Phalanx

Sarissas in rear row hid manoeuvres going on behindSarissas 6 metre long spears that really hurt if you found yourself on the wrong end of themProfessional soldiers (who could therefore afford to fight all year round)

Philip dies in 336 BC

Assassinated in 336 B.C.E. shortly before a planned invasion of Persia.

Killed by a man named Pausinius. A member of his body guard and, possibly, a scorned lover.

334 BC: The Battle of the Granicus

333 BC: The Battle of Issus

332-331 BC: The entry into Egypt

326 BC: Invasion of India

323 BC: Death of Alexander


The sourcesOnly fragments remaining from contemporary sources

Five sources who wrote within 3 and 5 centuries after his death

Arrian draws on Ptolemy and Aristobulus

Plutarch draws on CallisthenesTerm 4 AssessmentDocument test is being moderated, will be returned this week.

Essay draft due this Thursday

- Oral presentation on Alexander: self-devised focus question. What are you curious about?