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Alexander the Great. The Goat vs. the Ram Greece vs. Persia. The Four Kings Following Alexander. Cassander - Macedonia Lysimachus - Asian Minor Ptolemy – Egypt and the South Seleucus – Syria and the East. Daniel 8 – Take away #1. All of this occurred “because of transgression”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alexander the GreatThe Goat vs. the RamGreece vs. Persia

The Four Kings Following AlexanderCassander - MacedoniaLysimachus - Asian MinorPtolemy Egypt and the SouthSeleucus Syria and the East

Daniel 8 Take away #1All of this occurred because of transgression. Israel had still not learned her lesson. She is Gods chosen people, especially blessed, who had agreed to keep the Mosaic Covenant. For the Israels sake. For the worlds sake.For Christs sake, that matters.

Daniel 8 Take away #2The certainty of Israels past leads to the certainty of her future. The Beast will come.Jesus Christ will also come.The Kingdom will come with Him.Israel will be redeemed. The Son of David will reign.The insanity of sin will be ended.

Daniel 8 Take away #2Joy to the world!

Daniel 8 Take away #3Just as sure as this first man of sin appeared, so will the second.We need not be surprised. We need not be afraid.We do need to prepare.

Daniel 8 Take away #4God seeks our freedom.Just as His heart broke Friday over the events in Connecticut, so it breaks daily over the reality and severity of sins that occur worldwide without the same attention.Yet, we still dont understand the depths of sin.

Daniel 8 Take away #4What happened Friday was horrible.We want our children safe.Yet we cling to our sins as though they are harmless.Sin is never safe!The severity of portions like Daniel 8 is meant to drive that point home.

Daniel 8 Take away #5There is no book on earth like the Scriptures.___________________________Their ability to foretell the future is stunning.___________________________It is Gods word.___________________________And that should matter to our lives.

Daniel 8 Take away #5The Judeo-Christian faith is true.

There is no other God.

The certainty of the prophecies of the past demand we pay attention to the prophecies of the future.

Daniel 8 Take away #5How should we then live?

Daniel 8 Take away #5oh

Daniel 8 Take away #5and about December 25th