Alexander the great

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Transcript of Alexander the great

  1. 1. Alexander The GreatbyCharles E. Mercer
    Kyle Bauman
    History 4
  2. 2. Alexander the Great
    The son of the great Phillip II of Macedon
    Was tutored by Aristotle throughout his youth.
    Most said he was half genius half mad man
    Was one of the youngest most successful conquer in history
  3. 3. Battlestrategy
    Most famously know for his innovative battle tactics.
    The strategy was later referred to the flying wedge
    Was only made possible with Parmenio at his side
    Commanding the left flank while Alexander slipped through the lines on the right to attach from the rear
  4. 4. Battlestrategy
    With this famous Flying wedge strategy and with Parmenio at his side Alexander was able to conquer a large part of Europe, Asia and the middle east by the age of 30
  5. 5. Personality
    Alexanders brutality and compassion at times were difficult reconcile.
    Killed his only loyal friend out of rage
    Possible alcoholic/manic depressant
    majority of the time begin a genuine conqueror and other times he orders his troops to take on the up most cruelty against the captured people
    His mental instability eventually lead to his demise