Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Transcript of Alexander the Great

  • 1.And His Empire

2. A New League

  • 338BC Philipof Macedon defeats the Greeks
    • Promises Greek city-states autonomy (self rule)
    • League of Corinth
    • Assassinated by captain of his bodyguard
    • Alexander (20 yrs. old) left to finish the job

3. A Promising Future King

    • 10 years old: Legend of Bucephalus
    • 13 years old: Tutored by Aristotle
      • Fell in love with Greek culture
    • 16 years old: Regent of kingdom when Philip was away
      • Crushed revolts, saved fathers life

Even though he was young, Alexander was destined to be an incredible leader. 4. The Invasion of Persia

  • Probably not an attempt to conquer the whole Empire
  • Reliving fathers dreams
  • Found out that he wasvery goodat warfare

Small, mobile cavalry units (250) formed main striking force Military features : 5. The Invasion of Persia Deeper Phalanx 6. The Invasion of Persia War Machines Siege towers, catapults used effectively for first time Could hurl huge arrows, boulders 180 meters 7. Four Battles Alexander conquered the world in four decisive battles, in less than 10 years

  • Granicus
  • Issus
  • Gaugamela
  • Hydaspes

8. Four Battles

  • Granicus(334 BC)
  • Army of 35 000 invades Asia minor
  • at River Granicus
  • Persians make their first stand
  • Demolished by cavalry
  • Near-death experience for
  • Alexander

9. Four Battles

  • 2. Issus(333 BC)
  • Massive battle Alexander faces King Darius for 1 sttime
  • Equal forces but cavalry defeats Persians again
  • Darius flees Alexander realizes he can conquer whole empire

10. Four Battles

  • 3. Gaugamela(331 BC)
  • Instead of chasing Darius, Alexander crushes Persian fleet
  • Conquers:
    • Phoenicia ,Damascusand
    • Egypt
  • Darius tries to bribe Alexander
  • to stop, no deal
  • Final showdown at Gaugamela:
  • Alexander commands 45 000
  • against larger Persian army
  • Cavalry wins again, Darius flees, is
  • murdered

11. Four Battles

  • 4. Hydspes(327BC)
  • Wanted to conquer India!
  • Greek army travels across Asia and fights
  • King Porus at Hydspes
  • Alexanders superior strategy still
  • victorious
  • Wants to continue East, but men refuse have already travelled over 17 000 km!

12. The End of Alexander Alexanders conquests took a toll on him Died of Malaria at age 32

  • Legacy
  • Incredible military genius
    • Never lost a battle
  • Huge cultural impact
    • Ensured Greek dominance by
    • spreading Greek culture all over world
    • Contributed to the Greek science, made Athens center of world

13. Aftermath After his death, the Empire quickly fell apart and was divided among three powerful generals: Egypt and fringe lands went toPtolemy Asia Minor and old Persian Empire went toSeleucus Macedon and Greece went toAntigonus