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  • Product information KOSMET IK


    12 No1

    20 For all skin types

    32 For oily and combination skin

    40 For sensitive skin

    46 For dry and extremely dry skin

    54 Effective Care

    64 Professional section

    74 Glossary of cosmetic ingredients

    80 Decorative cosmetics

    SkiN CarE ProGram

    05 Foreword

    07 introduction

    08 richness

    10 Product finder

    Get to know our innovative cosmetics series.For the beauty of your customers and your business success.



  • ForewordTodays customers are particularly demanding. alcina has adjusted to this high standard. With high-quality products, modern design and innovative sales concepts.

    meet your customers wishes. We would be happy to serve as your competent partner and advise you on our products and concepts.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • introductionThe beauty program for your skin.

    in developing our cosmetic products, one thing was particularly important to us: Your customers and the requirements of their skin. We have developed care products that address the skins special requirements regardless of whether it is normal skin, oily or combination skin, sensitive skin or dry skin.

    From a as in allantoin to Z as in zinc: apart from all of these high-quality ingredients, all alcina products also include our entire know-how. all ingredients used in our products are based on scientific findings that prove their effect. in short: our products keep what they promise, creating healthy, radiantly beautiful skin. and, of course, they are dermatologically tested.

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  • richnessClassification of the product according to richness (oil content, surface feel + subjective skin sensation) as support for you, for greater certainty in product consultations.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    oily skin

    Combination skin to demanding combination skin

    Slightly dry skin

    Extremely dry skin

    Skin Clarifying Fluid

    Day & Night Fluid

    Sensitive Facial Cream light

    Sensitive Facial Cream

    Collagen Cream

    Facial Cream Cenia

    Facial Cream azalea

    Facial Cream myrrh

    Facial Cream Viola

    Facial Cream Fennel

    aHa Facial Fluid, 10%

    active Cell Serum

    moisture Serum

    Vitamin a Cream

    Lift Cream

    Self-tanning Cream

    Nourishing Capsules

    active Cell Cream

    Q10 Cream

    Eye Care

    Eye Gel Eye BalmEye and Lip Cream


    Stress Control Cream

    Facial Cream No1

    Eye Cream No1

    8 9


  • Your product finderTogether with the richness scale, the product finder is the quick and perfect medium for your consultations.

    Cleansing Foam Cleansing Gel Cleansing milkFacial Tonic without alcohol

    Facial Tonic with alcohol

    active Peeling Soft Peeling

    For a gentle sensation. For a fresh sensation. For a relaxed sensation. mild follow-up cleansing. revitalizing follow-up cleansing.activating, with fine abra-sive granules.

    Gentle, without abrasive granules.

    Problem oiLY SHiNE BLEmiSHES (always) BLEmiSHES (sometimes) LarGE PorES Dark PiGmENT SPoTS

    Product recommendation Day & Night Fluid Skin Clarifying Fluid SoS Stick + individual facial creamaHa Fluid, 10%+ individual facial cream

    aHa Fluid, 10%+ individual facial cream

    Additional product(s) Herbal mask SoS StickHerbal mask Herbal mask Herbal mask

    ProblemDrY SkiN(matte & taut)

    DrY SkiN(no longer feels soft)

    DrY SkiN(redness, irritation, itching)

    DrY SkiN(dry areas, flaky, feels unpleasantly rough)

    DrY SkiN(rough & chapped)

    DrY SkiN + WriNkLES

    Product recommendation Facial Cream Cenia Facial Cream azalea Facial Cream Viola Facial Cream myrrh Facial Cream Fennel Lift Cream

    Product recommendation moisture Serum5-minute mask 5-minute mask Nourishing Capsules Nourishing Capsules Nourishing Capsulesactive Cell Serum5-minute mask

    Problem rEDNESS rEDNESS + DrY SkiN

    Product recommendation Sensitive Facial Cream light Sensitive Facial Cream

    Product recommendation Nourishing Capsules Nourishing Capsules

    Problem TaUT SENSaTioN WriNkLESSaGGiNG SkiN/ CoNToUrS

    TaUT SENSaTioN +SaGGiNG SkiN/CoNToUrS + WriNkLES


    Product recommendation moisture Serum Vitamin a Cream active Cell Cream Collagen Cream Q10 Cream

    Product recommendation active Cell Serum5-minute maskactive Cell Serum5-minute mask

    active Cell Serum5-minute mask 5-minute mask

    Problem EYES (puffiness) EYES (wrinkles) EYES (extremely dry)

    Product recommendation Eye Gel Eye Balm Eye and Lip Cream

    its easy:1. Diagnose the customers main skin problem.2. if your customer has several problems, she can indicate a maximum of two

    additional problems.3. From the indicated problems, you can simply derive the product recommendation.

    Pick out the main problem (specified in parentheses) and identify the suitable products in the table. This way, you can recommend to your customer a maximum of three products + additional products, if desired. Ultimately, your personal consultation is what counts.

    in terms of cleansing products, customers can select a product based on personal preferences. Depending on their liking, the possible choices include foam, gel or milk.

    10 11

  • No1With our No1 products, we are offering an innovative cosmetics series that is characterized not only by its high-quality for-mula but also by its modern appearance and its attractive price-benefit ratio. Your custom-ers are provided with everything they need for their daily skin care: Five products that have a become alcina's bestseller. Dermatologically tested.



  • No1



  • No1

    Stress Control CreamTriple protection against premature skin aging. Contains SPF 15. Talcina Stress Control Cream provides triple protection for your skin. Sun Protection Factor 15 prevents the formation of free radicals based on UV-a and UV-B radiation, thereby protecting the skin from wrinkles and pigment spots. Lycopene acts as additional protection from free radicals even those that are not produced by UV radiation. DEFENSiL helps your skin regenerate and strengthen the skin barrier. all of this guards against skin aging.

    application:1. Cleanse the skin.2. apply alcina Stress Control Cream to face, throat and neckline.

    3. massage in gently.Note: Do not apply to the eye area.

    Facial Cream No1Relaxation and care for dry skin. Yalcina Facial Cream No1 with the moisture experts urea and amino acids intensively moi-sturizes the skin. The carefully matched ingre-dients provide intensive and long-lasting nou-rishment. Counteracts tautness for a relaxed skin sensation.

    application: 1. Cleanse the skin.2. apply alcina Facial Cream No1 to face, throat and neckline

    3. massage in gently.

    Hand Cream No1Triple action for beautiful hands.alcina Hand Cream No1 with its innovative system of Sun Protection Factor 15, lycopene and DEFENSiL dependably protects your hands from sun damage, age spots and dryness after just one application.

    KOSMET IK16 17

  • No1

    Cleansing Mousse No1For all skin types.alcina Cleansing mousse No1 is sheer pleasure. The high-quality lather with its mild surfactant system and a moisturizing complex provides gentle yet thorough cleansing. a skin cleansing treat you will enjoy every single day.

    application: 1. moisten your hands.2. Dispense one to two pump portions into moist hands and apply lather to the face.

    3. remove with water.

    Eye Cream No1With the skin protection formula. Yalcina Eye Cream No 1 with the innovative formula from DEFENSiL and Q10 increases the skins moisture content. it mitigates fine lines and prevents the for-mation of photo-induced wrinkles. For radiant, beautiful eyes.

    application: Gently apply to the eye area in the morning and at night.



  • For all skin types

    For every skin. For every day. The series for every skin covers the entire beauty program for daily cleansing and body care. regardless of what skin type your customers are this series offers the basics for ideal skin care.



  • For all skin types

    22 23

  • Cleansing FoamCleanses gently and thoroughly. For a daily foamy treat.This Cleansing Foam with panthenol gently cleanses the skin and removes even long-lasting make-up. For thorough cleansing with a pleasant lather.

    application: apply lather with moist hands. remove with water. Fill level may vary due to technical reasons.

    Cleansing GelWith intensive cleansing formula. Refreshes and revitalizes the skin.This Cleansing Gel with zinc and aloe vera is refreshing and revitalizing and immediately creates a clarified skin sensation based on its intensive cleansing formula.

    application: apply to hands, lather up with water and apply to face, then remove.

    Cleansing MilkWith nourishing cleansing formula. Prevents taut sensations.This Cleansing milk with grape seed oil nourishes the skin during cleansing and prevents taut sensations. Cleanses reliably, even without water.

    application: apply with dry hands, use water or a tissue to remove.

    For all skin types

    24 25


  • Facial Tonic with alcohol Refreshes the skin. For facial cleansing any time.This Facial Tonic with prickly pear and lactate refreshes the skin, cleanses the face deep down to the pores and rids the skin of blemishes. also ideally suited for cleansing an