ALA 2007 Gaming Symposium "Gaming in Academic Libraries"

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Transcript of ALA 2007 Gaming Symposium "Gaming in Academic Libraries"

  • Gaming in Academic Libraries: The Why and How Lori O. Critz, Georgia Institute of TechnologyAsst. Dept. Head Information Services Department Instruction Coordinator Web Content Coordinator Georgia Tech Library & Information Center

    Lynn Sutton, Wake Forest UniversityDirector, Z. Smith Reynolds Library Wake Forest University

    Giz Womack, Wake Forest UniversityManager of Technology Training-Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryWake Forest

    July 23rd, 2007 ALA Gaming Symposium Chicago

  • What kind of library are you from?AcademicPublicSchoolNot from a LibraryNone of your businessBackground Demographics

  • Have you already conducted a gaming event?YesNoAre you crazy?Background Demographics

  • Are you thinking of conducting a gaming event (your first or another one)?

    YesNoIsnt that why we are here?Background Demographics

  • Purpose of gaming event?MarketingLibrary InstructionSheer Joy of itBeing able to present at conferencesBackground Demographics

  • If you could choose a super power, which would it be?Be invisibleFlyBackground Demographics

  • Wake Forest University

    Demon Deacons Winston-Salem, NC30th in USNWRMost selectiveBaptist heritage4,200 undergrads$32K tuition

  • Why Gaming?Marketing techniqueReach out to new audienceSupport innovation & creativityStay relevant to usersIts fun!

  • Beyond Marketing

    Pervasive in societySocial networkingComplex learning theoryLibrary instructionOPAC design???

  • Get Game@ZSR - FormatsOpen Game Nights Two held on a Friday in September from 7pm-11pm.One held on a Friday in February from 7pm-11pm.Tournament Held on a Friday in February from 3pm-6pm.We have hosted one tournamentStudents registered in advance for both formats.

  • Get Game@ZSR - ResourcesStaff/PartnersLibrary Information Technology Team Staff (6)Resident Technology Advisors (RTAs) (8)EquipmentLCD Projectors Screens SuppliesPizza, Sodas, Water and Candy keep everyone happy! Long extension cords and surge suppressors are a must!Provide painters tape and sharpie pens to tag ALL the equipment the players bring to the events.Stock various RCA connectors for the projectors and game systems.Tournaments need a trophy!

  • Get Game@ZSR- Marketing

  • Get Game@ZSR - CostsFirst Open Game Night in Fall 2005 $425First Tournament in Spring 2006 $172Second Open Game Night in Fall 2006 $167Third Open Game Night in Spring 2007$173

  • What Do Spend On Each Gaming Event?$0-$100$101-$250$251-%500$501-$750More than $750

  • What Works?We have surveyed students twice now in Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 using Zoomerang.Students like these events!Students like bringing their own game consoles.Students like both game nights and tournaments.Keep mixing it up. The Wii was a big hit at our February event.

  • Georgia Institute of TechnologyLocated in the heart of Atlanta16,000+ undergraduate and graduate studentsFocused, technologically based educationResearch I level institution6 Colleges: Architecture, Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Management, Liberal ArtsGeorgia Tech consistently ranks among U.S. News & World Report's top ten public universities in the United States. Tech ranks No. 2 at the bachelor's level, No. 1 at the master's level, and No. 3 at the doctoral level for African American engineering graduates (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)

  • So, why did we try Gaming?

    To orient incoming freshmen to the library (Welcome Week)

    To provide librarians/staff insight into college students culture

    To brand the library as a technically advanced, communal third place where people can come for informal social bonding (Meet the Gamers. Kurt Squire & Constance Steinkuehler. Library Journal. April 15, 2005)

    To introduce Library staff as real people and build a sense of community with students

    To strengthen partnership in LWC with campus IT staff

  • Initial StepsFormed a Planning Committee Campus IT (OIT) & LibraryDivided responsibilitiesOIT to handle setting up LAN, programming for online score board and online registration, machine/server set-up, technical supportLibrary to handle food, prizes, marketing, scheduling other activities, facilities, security, overall coordinationSelected Unreal Tournament for LAN Tournament --- company gave us free useFestivities would include food, music (DJ), Dance Dance Revolution, Multimedia demos, GT Improv theater group, GT A Cappella Club, Anime Movie Club, ORGT, etc.

  • Set-upControl Center Server to direct start/stop times, scoring, maps usedProgram written to display scores/live actionMaintained LAN

  • Set-upProjection Screen12 feet across$500 to rent

  • Set-upComputer StationsGame was loaded on each machineBefore play, each machine was opened & air dusted to limit overheatingHeadphones added to each station

  • Tournament4 30 minute Elimination Rounds & Finals (at 12 am!) each round had 3 -10 minute segments with different mapMaximum of 64 players each roundFinalists =Top four scorers from each roundGamers could use keyboard/mouse or own USB controller Players pre-registered for time slots

  • In play ..Library West Commons (LWC) Game Central!

  • Winners CircleSemifinalists won headphones, Barnes & Nobles Gift Certificates, Jump DrivesGrand Prize Apple 20 GB iPod

  • Clean-upTook 2 hours to take down Control Center, ScreensLibrary wide cleaning required floors, table tops, food areas

  • What did we Gain?Working the Coolness Factor!Face recognition --- I remember you Lasting Goodwill with my young colleagues in OIT Subtle indoctrination of freshmen to services/resources strategically placed signageClubs now see GA Tech Library as an able and willing partner/venue for campus activitiesGreat image boost for the staff, proving that they were not above having some fun with students

  • Committee plus student OIT workers .

  • What did we Learn?Unreal Tournament had limited appeal to females and non-gamers in general -- other activities drew them inVideo cards on 2005 machines were not adequateOIT (campus IT) estimated over 200 staff hours were used for this event; Library estimated over 150 hours ---- not sustainableFood is a HUGE attraction!More sustained campus-wide marketing neededExpensive - $700 for student OIT workers, $500 for screen, $1000 for food/prizesNot possible without volunteer help (40 additional staff helped for the evening)

  • Current Iteration of Game NightCeLIBration more of a festival atmosphereRetro gaming in Multi Media Studio (Mario Brothers, Donkey Gong, Pac Man, )Board games (Battleship, Risk, Candy Land, Clue, Checkers, )Poker TournamentSpeed DatingNinja TagDance Dance RevolutionMarketing included flyers, Facebook, posters

  • Questions?Contact Information:Lori O. Critz, Georgia Institute of TechnologyAsst. Dept. Head Information Services Department Instruction Coordinator Web Content Coordinator Georgia Tech Library & Information

    Lynn Sutton, Wake Forest UniversityDirector, Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryWake Forest

    Giz Womack, Wake Forest UniversityManager of Technology Training, Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryWake Forest

    Using the ClickersPolling opens when green light appears in top right of PowerPoint slideGreen Light on controller indicates vote has successfully been castOrange Light on controller indicates vote not yet registeredOnly one vote is registered per question per controllerThis slide gives some context about my Library. Wake Forest University is a med sized univ in W-S, NC. Ranked in top 30 USN with emphasis on strong liberal arts, fairly conservative, with Baptist heritage (hence the Deacon). When I announced at Exec Council mtg that Lib would be hosting a video game night, the President of the Univ said youre going to do what???This was my rationale:

    WF: gaming events mostly marketing technique. First heard about gaming in libraries, said, lets do that. Turned to Giz, make it happen, rest is history. First event Sept 05, published in C&RL News in March 2006, improvised from there. (Giz will talk about details)Saw as a way to reach out to students who dont normally come into library for orientation, tours, classes, maybe until Wake the Library (24x7 for finals). Sept event for new students who havent found social scene yet or dont fit in (1st yr men are loneliest on campus)Support for innovation & creativity on part of staff and students. Giz will tell of partnership with IS & Res Tech Advisors. 1st time we had food throughout library, then WtL, now all time.Botton line: we want to stay relevant with our users, that ZSR is open, welcoming, filled with fun, knowledgeable, helpful staff.Finally: its darn funSympos filled with presentations on aspects of gaming other than marketing.Pervasive in society: >$12 billion in sales; ave age 33; 8.5 mill play W o WrcrftGaming was social networking before there were other kinds of social networking. On game nights, form relationships with ppl in other room, across campus, in future, challenge other ACC schools in NC.Fascinated by gaming as complex learning theory. Keynoter this am, expert. Facilitates media literacy, sophisticated language & interpretation skills; build problem solving skills, demon value of trial/error, remove fear of failure, use as means of learning, build on success, multiple paths to victory.Library instruction: next frontier (we havent gone there yet), would like to see some at this sympos that actually work, early models had a ways to go.Best line heard at ACRL; wou