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  • ALICE JAMES BOOKS has been

    May 2016ISBN: 978-1-938584-18-3

    paper $15.95

    Driving Without a License


    Janine Joseph


    Janine Joseph writes with an open and easy intimacy. The language here is at once disruptive and familiar, political and sensual, and tinged by the melancholy of loss and the discomforting radiance of redemption. A strong debut.

    Chris Abani

    Weve never read a book like Janine Josephs Driving Without a License. By We I mean all of us. With its ferocious formal range and deep compassion Joseph shows us the world we all live in but often choose to ignore. Here are the lives of mothers and fathers, teenagers and grandparents, all living under the threat of deportation. Here are people making a new home while holding onto the dignity and beauty of the place that they were once from. Joseph is that rare poet who makes a poem that devastates a reader while being entirely free from judgment. These are political poems because simply being alive in the United States is a political act. These are narrative poems because everyone has a story. At the heart of each poem is the lyric, that moment in which there is no separation between ourselves and the world Joseph lets bloom. This makes us citizens of these poems, which is a testament to Josephs staggering grace.

    Gabrielle Calvocoressi

    These poems create a disquieting narrative of American immigration. . . . Josephs sensibility is as psychological as it is political, reminding us that concealment is more than a physical act; it is also a profoundly disruptive emotional and psychological position, one that informs not just the speakers sense of the world, but her sense of her self. Brilliantly crafted and intimate, Driving Without a License complicates the narrative of American immigration, creating from it a poetry of beauty and empathy.

    Kevin Prufer

    publishing poetry since 1973. The press was founded in Boston, Massachusetts as a cooperative wherein authors performed the day-to-day undertakings of the press. This collaborative element remains viable even today, as authors who publish with the press are also invited to become members of the editorial board and participate in editorial decisions at the press. The editorial board selects manuscripts for publication via the presss annual, national competition, the Alice James Award. Alice James Books seeks to support women writers and was named for Alice James, sister to William and Henry, whose extraordinary gift for writing went unrecognized during her lifetime.


    The Big Book of Exit Strategies

    Alice James Books Farmington, Mainewww.alicejamesbooks.org



    J a m a a l m a y s poetry explores the tension between opposites to render a sonically rich argument for the interconnectivity of people, worlds, and ideas. He is the author of Hum (Alice James Books, 2013), and the recipient of several honors including a Lannan Foundation grant, American Library Associations Notable Book Award, the Spirit of Detroit Award, the Wood Prize from Poetry, and a fellowships from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, The Kenyon Review, and others. Jamaal co-directs OW! Arts with Tarfia Faizullah.

    The Big Book of E

    xit StrategiesT

    he Big Book of Exit Strategies

    T h e B

    ig B

    ook o

    f Exit Strategies Th e



    k of Exit Strategies

    J A m A A l m Ay

    BigBOOK_CVR-1.indd 1 1/11/16 9:47 AM

    Previous Praise for Hum:

    Linguistically acrobatic [and] beautifully crafted. . . [Jamaal Mays] poems, exquisitely balanced by a sharp intelligence mixed with earnestness, makes his debut a marvel.Publishers Weekly

    Jamaal May is one of the finest poets in his generation.C. Dale Young

    Jamaal Mays debut collection, Hum, is concerned with whats beneath the surfaces of thingsthe unseen that eats away at us or does the work of sustaining us. Reading these poems, I was reminded of Ellisons lower frequencies, a voice speaking for us all. May has a fine ear, acutely attuned to the sonic textures of everyday experience.Natasha Trethewey

    April 2016978-1-938584-24-4 6 x 8 | 144 pages



    FRANCINE J. HARRISplay dead

    poems by

    francine j. harris



    This book talks smack. This book chews with its open mouth full of the juiciest words, the most indigestible images. This book undoes me. In play dead, francine j. harris brilliantly ransacks the poets toolkit, assembling art from buckets of disaster and shreds of hope. Nothing she lays her minds eye on escapes. You, too, will be captured by her work.Evie Shockley

    What francine j. harris does with languagediction, syntax, the line, the imageis unlike almost anything I know. Im saying, they re-imagine and re-deploy language in an almost unspeakable way. I read these poems with my eyes and brain, Im saying, but I read them with my heart and my gut, too. With my neck and the stuff between my vertebrae. My fingernails. I think you have to. I read these poems not knowing they were possible, Im saying. Thinking stuff like my god. Do you know what Im saying?Ross Gay

    April 2016978-1-938584-25-17 x 9 | 96 pages


    PHILLIP B. WILLIAMSThief in the Interior

    January 2016978-1-938584-25-17 x 9 | 112 pages$16.95

    November 2015978-1-938584-16-9

    6 x 9 | 96 pages$15.95

    Second EmpireRICHIE HOFMANN

    DONALD REVELLDrought-Adapted Vine

    Septemer 2015978-1-938584-13-85.5 x 8.5 | 96 pages


    To experience [Phillip B. Williams] poetry is to encounter a lucid, unmitigated humanity, a voice for whom language is inadequate, yet necessarily grasped, shaped, and consumed. His devout and excruciating attention to the line and its indispensable music fuses his implacable understanding of words with their own shadows.

    Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Boston Review

    Hofmann is relighting the torch that Crane extinguished when he committed suicide by leaping into the sea; he is taking the sexual longing that permeated Crane and laying it bare.

    Publishers Weekly

    [Richie Hofmann] possesses an Old World eye, like a character out of Henry James, raised in our era.

    Tupelo Quarterly

    Revell demonstrates his spontaneity and his unmediated, often delighted, relationship to nature each [poem] is a momentary conjunction of faith with language, addressed with a pellucid power that invites even unprepared readers to join in.

    Publishers Weekly, starred review


    Here, Bullet

    978-1-882295-55-5 $15.95 (paper)

    978-1-882295-39-5$13.95 (paper)

    The Wind, Master Cherry, The Wind

    Brian Turner

    Larissa Szporluk

    The Art of the Lathe

    978-1-882295-16-1$15.95 (paper)

    B.H. Fairchild

    Slamming Open the Door

    978-1-882295-74-6$15.95 (paper)

    Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

    Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes are Pierced

    978-1-882295-45-6$15.95 (paper)

    Catherine Barnett


    978-1-938584-02-2 $15.95 (paper)

    Jamaal May

    Money Money Money Water Water Water

    978-1-938584-04-6$16.95 (paper)

    Jane Mead

    Mad Honey Symposium

    978-1-938584-06-0$15.95 (paper)

    Sally Wen Mao


    978-1-938584-05-3$15.95 (paper)

    Cathy Linh Che

    Sand Opera

    978-1-938584-09-1$16.95 (paper)

    Eros Is More

    978-1-938584-07-7$15.95 (paper)

    Devil, Dear

    978-1-938584-08-4$15.95 (paper)

    Mary Ann McFadden Philip MetresJuan Antonio Gonzalz Iglesias translated by Curtis Bauer

  • TOM ABSHERThe Calling (1987)0-914186-73-1 paper $13.95

    AMAL AL-JUBOURITranslated by Rebecca Gayle Howellwith Husam QasaiHagar Before the Occupation |Hagar After the Occupation (2011) 978-1-882295-89-0 paper $17.50

    KAZIM ALIThe Far Mosque (2005)978-1-882295-53-1 paper $14.95

    CATHERINE ANDERSONIn The Mother Tongue (1983)0-914086-46-4 paper $13.95

    DOUG ANDERSONThe Moon Reflected Fire (1994)978-1-882295-03-6 paper $13.95

    CATHERINE BARNETT Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes ArePierced (2004)978-1-882295-45-6 paper $15.95

    DAN BEACHY-QUICKNorth True South Bright (2003)978-1-882295-38-2 paper $13.95

    ROBIN BECKERBacktalk (1982)0-914086-36-7 paper $8.95

    SUZANNE BERGERLegacies (1984)0-914086-49-9 paper $13.95

    REGINALD DWAYNE BETTS Shahid Reads His Own Palm (2010)978-1-882295-81-4 paper $15.95 TAMIKO BEYERWe Come Elemental (2013)978-1-882295-95-1 paper $15.95


    CAROLE BORGESDisciplining the Devils Country (1987)0-914086-77-4 paper $7.95

    JULIE CARREquivocal (2007)978-1-882295-63-0 paper $14.95

    NICOLE COOLEYMilk Dress (2010)978-1-882295-83-8 paper $15.95

    ROBERT CORDINGHeavy Grace (1996)978-1-882295-09-9 paper $9.95

    CYNTHIA CRUZRuin (2006)978-1-882295-58-7 paper $14.95

    PATRICIA CUMMINGLetter from an Outlying Province (1976)0-914086-14-6 paper $3.50

    CHRISTINA DAVISForth A Raven (2006)978-1-882295-57-9 paper $14.95

    CORT DAYThe Chime (2001)978-1-882295-29-3 paper $11.95

    DEBORAH DeNICOLAWhere Divinity Begins (1994)978-1-882295-02-1 paper $9.95

    THEODORE DEPPEThe Wanderer King (1996)978-1-882295-08-0 paper $11.95Children of the Air (1990)0-914086-91-X paper $8.95

    XUE DIAn Ordinary Day (2002)978-1-882295-34-X paper $12.95

    JEANNINE DOBBS, KINERETH GENSLER,& ELIZABETH KNIESThree Some Poems (1976) 0-914086-11-1 paper $3.50

    NANCY DONEGAN The Forked Rivers (1989)0-914086-89-8 paper $8.95

    AMY DRYANSKYHow I Got Lost So Close to Home (1999)978-1-882295-22-6 paper $11.95

    JOCELYN EMERSONSea Gate (2002)978-1-882295-35-8 paper $12.95

    B. H. FAIRCHILDThe Arr