AJ5806 PCA INFUSION PUMP Quick Operating Instructions

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Transcript of AJ5806 PCA INFUSION PUMP Quick Operating Instructions


    Quick Operating Instructions

  • Prepare necessary items for the infusion, as shown in the picture. Check the reservoir package before operation. If the sterile package is open, broken or damaged, dispose of the product immediately. *

  • Use syringe to inject fluids into the reservoir container. To fill the reservoir with multiple syringes, please close the tube clamp before replacing the syringe.Tube clamp*

  • Follow the Expel-air Arrow on the back of the reservoir; and use an empty syringe to withdraw air from the fluid bag. Gently shake the reservoir during the process, until air has been completely expelled.*

  • Close the tube clamp.*

  • Remove syringe and connecting tube from the reservoir.*

  • Connect extension tubing to the reservoir.*

  • Load 2 AA batteries to the battery compartment on the back of the pump controller, according to the polarity. (New batteries need to be equipped when replacing the reservoir).


  • Press ON/OFF key to switch on the PCA infusion Pump.*

  • Press ENTER/SET key to enter flow rate & infusion volume setting. Use UP/DOWN Arrow key to set the flow rate and click ENTER/SET key to confirm. Set the infusion volume according to the reservoir size, and click ENTER/SET key to complete setting. *

  • Insert the pump controller to the reservoir COMPLETELY with a click sound.


  • Open the tube clamp.*

  • Connect I.V catheter to the extension tubing.Hold Purge/Bolus key to prime and expel air bubble from the extension tubing.The infusion preparation is complete and the pump is ready for infusion.


  • When using the extension reservoir, first remove the shield from the air-bubble detector.Air-bubble Detector*

  • Insert the linker to the bubble detector to enable air detection during infusion process.*

  • Connect I.V catheter to patient and start infusion.*

  • In mobile environment, patient can carry the pump around for continuous infusion therapy, with the custom-designed carrying pack. The carrying pack comes with programmable lock and exit for extension tubing.Extension tubing exit


  • After infusion is complete, use the provided key to break the seal of reservoir box, and remove it from the pump.*

  • Or use two keys to take off the reservoir from the sides without breaking the seal. *