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  • 1. P3-GroupSuccess factors for European Companies in the USAfor the xEV industryPrepared for:HMI 2011, GACCoM - eMobility in the USAPresented by:Rainer Aits,CEO P3 Automotive & P3 North America6th April 2011, Hannover

2. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Agenda P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS P3 Company Overview ENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARYCONTACT xEV market & trends Enablers for Success Summary2 3. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits P3 Group - Your partner P3 GROUPThe P3 Group offers professional management services with core OVERVIEW competencies in process optimization for both Product DevelopmentxEV MARKET & and Manufacturing.TRENDSENABLERS FOR Beyond processes, the P3 Group offers engineering services ranging SUCCESS from test strategy development, virtual prototyping, test planningSUMMARYand execution to CAD and simulation projects for E/E, Infotainment, Aviation and Telecommunications.CONTACT P3 was founded in 1996 as a spin-off company out of the Fraunhofer-Institut fr Produktionstechnologie (IPT) of the Technical University in Aachen, Germany and mainly serves the automotive, aviation and telecommunications industries. P3 is a privately held company with 1200 experts and engineers world wide with an approximate revenue of 170 million USD in 2008. We dont solely define strategies, methods and concepts but also implement them with a pragmatic approach. Our guiding principles are Flexibility, Quality Results and Customer Interests. 3 4. P3 Growth History international success since 1996japanenergy & storageEngineering &InfotainmentEngineeringConsulting Battery ExpertsTestingTesting 199620002001 2002 200520062007 200820092010south africaOffshore &Consulting &ConsultingConsultingEngineering EngineeringServicesOffshoremarketingMontral,Detroit,& Engineering CanadaToulouse, USAFrance Aachen,Vancouver, Hamburg, GermanyGermany Wolfsburg, Canada Reading,GermanyUK Windsor Locks, USASeville, SpainShanghai,San Francisco, Raleigh, China, Tokyo, USA Morristown, USA Japan USAIngolstadt, Stuttgart,Germany GermanyUlm, Germany Bangalore,Cape Town, RSAMumbai,India India1) P3 is Partner of the Eurogroup Alliance in Germany for the Branches Manufacturing and Utilities 4 5. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Our services encompass 3 core competencies allowing us to serve clients from concept to implementation along the whole value chain P3 GROUP OVERVIEW Strategy Professional Engineering Consulting Management ServicesSolutionsxEV MARKET &TRENDS At the corporate level, P3 helps For business, P3 helps clientsTechnically, P3 helps clients clients meet their goals in thebalance cost, quality, anddevelop and validate newENABLERS FOR most efficient method possible processes for new productsproducts for the market SUCCESSCOMPANY GOALSUMMARYVISION COST SYSTEMCONTACTSUB-SYSTEMBalancingSTRATEGYQUALITY TIMINGCOMPONENT List of services (select): List of services (select):List of services (select): Business plan Organization and process Proof of concept Market entry strategy definition Specification development Acquisition strategy Cooperation management Test strategies Sales strategy Program management including Software feature validation Product portfolio alignment prototypes System integrationwith the market Supply chain management Cost and quality management 5 6. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Core Area`s within the P3 automotive Sector R&D passenger car`s/ Trucks Alternative Actuations /EVs Strategy/M&A Process analysis/reorganization Validation / Testing Business development P3 GROUP Testing & Validation Know-How Multi-Project management Cooperation management Strategy development OVERVIEW Experimental efficiency (e.g.CO2) Business-/product planning & Wireless expertise Software Portfolio management Risk management System integration & specification Requirements -Management Turnaround managementxEV MARKET &TRENDS Prototype management Telecommunication expertise Technology assessment Growth strategies Module-/Functional strategy Diagnostics Market entry strategies Safety- und Quality conceptsENABLERS FOR Function development process Pricing / Branding SUCCESS Grid infrastructure Etc.SUMMARYElectric/ Electronic Supply ManagementOperations / LogisticsCONTACT Strategy development E/E Redesign global Supplier Production strategy Validation concepts footprint Lean management Architecture and concept Make or Buy Strategies Best practice/Benchmarking development Reorganization Prototype supply Assembly optimization Project management Optimization SCM Production planning Infotainment Optimization In- / Outbound Ramp-UP management Electrified drive chain Logistics Requirement documents E/ECost ManagementQuality managementAfter Sales/Warranty Investment/Cost planning Six-Sigma Reengineering and corrective Bottom-up Budget planning Supplier management action process Target Costing Hybrid-Vehicle Quality organization Diagnostic analysis team Target Costing product costs QM-Systems Defect analysis & optimization Cost Cutting QM Process optimization Defect rapid alert system Product cost analysis Quality orientated project Rent a Belt (Six Sigma) Value analysiscontrol Warranty cost optimization6 7. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Our Customers Automotive, Aviation, Telecom & Energy P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDSENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARYCONTACT 7 8. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Agenda P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS P3 Company Overview ENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARY CONTACT xEV market & trends Enablers for Success Summary8 9. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits There are 3 challenging areas in the electric mobility industry P3 GROUP OVERVIEW What technologies arerequired in the vehicle?xEV MARKET &TRENDSENABLERS FOR Inside the vehicle SUCCESSSUMMARYWhat kind of storageCONTACTinfrastructure is required, andwhat is the business case? Outside the vehicle What are the requirements of the billing-process? Source: P3, 9 10. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits The array of xEVs is continuously increasing among every category of vehicle P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDSENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARYCONTACT Source: P3, CSM 201110 11. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits The global EV/HEV market is driven by several major trends P3 GROUPMajor Market Trends OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS Li-Ion battery technology advances are allowing Vehicle electrification technologyTechnology and manufacturing capabilitieslonger range electric vehiclesENABLERS FOR Automotive companies and governments are heavily are growing SUCCESSinvesting in EV/HEV technologySUMMARY Major governments are raising fuel economy standards& gasoline taxes in order to curb oil usage and reduceCONTACTFuel economy standards areFuel Economydependence on foreign sources increasing fast OEMs are preparing for large increases in CAF and EU MajorstandardsEV/HEVmarket Emission regulations and eventual GHG requirements Emissions and greenhouse gasare expected industry Environmentalrequirements are increasing Consumers are demanding greener vehiclestrendsGrid Smart metering infrastructure is Regulators and utility companies are encouraging smart being deployed metering in order to allow for vehicle rechargingInfrastructure Charging infrastructure readiness is improving Fuel prices are rising and Oil prices are rising and growing in volatilityFuel Pricesbecoming more volatile Consumers are demanding more and more fueleconomy in order to reduce their fuel expenses 11 12. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 AitsIn both NA & EU, the EV/HEV market is dominated by theTop 10 OEMs P3 GROUPNA EV/HEV market landscape 2015 EU EV/HEV market landscape 2015 OVERVIEWxEV MARKET & Market size in N.A. in 2015 1.64 Mill units Market size in E.U. in 2015 0.92 Mill unitsTRENDS These Top 10 OEMs hold 92% of the market in These Top10 OEMs hold 92% of the marketENABLERS FOR N. Americain Europe SUCCESSSUMMARYCONTACT2% Others Others2% 3% 8%8%3% 20% 32% 4% 4%7%5%7% 8% 15% 8% 9%15% 8%12%12% 10% Source: Frost & Sullivan 2009, RB 2010, P3 12 13. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Globally, the xEV market is expected to have steady and strong growth in both hybrid and electric vehicles P3 GROUP OVERVIEW 2010 2016 xEV global production (000 units)2015 xEV production by type (%)xEV MARKET &TRENDS 24% CAGR Total EV/HEV vehicles produced = 3.4 mENABLERS FOR 3,475 SUCCESS 3,392Electric ElectricSUMMARY3,111 20% Hybrid -CONTACT 2,676Mild2,135Hybrid - Mild8% 1,660 Hybrid -72%1,153Full Hybrid - Full2010 2011 20122013 201420152016 NOTE: EV includes REX; Excludes micro-hybrids Source: P3, Oct 2010 CSM13 14. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 AitsMany xEVs will be manufactured in Japan/Korea, but productionin N. America and Europe are ramping up fast P3 GROUP OVERVIEW 2010 2016 xEV global production (000 units)2015 xEV production by region (%)xEV MARKET &TRENDS Total EV/HEV vehicles produced = 3.4 mENABLERS FOR3,475 S. Asia3,392 China SUCCESS China3,111N.SUMMARYN.America5% America2,67615%CONTACT2,135Europe1,660 56% 24%Japan/1,153 Korea Europe Japan/ Korea2010201120122013201420152016 NOTE: S. Asia is less than 0.1% in 2015 Source: P3, Oct 2010 CSM 14 15. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Each region of the world expects to have a different mix of xEVs P3 GROUPTOTAL xEVs OVERVIEWELECTRIC VEHICLESHYBRID VEHICLES produced in 2015 (000)xEV MARKET &TRENDS Japan/ 88% Korea 1,751ENABLERS FOR12% SUCCESSSUMMARY57% Europe 76543%CONTACT N.91%457 America9% 37% China15563% NOTE: EV includes REX; Excludes micro- and mild-hybrids TOTAL 3,128Source: P3, Oct 2010 CSM 16 16. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 AitsxEVs are made possible by 3 enabling technology areas each area has a global supply base which are evolving fast P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS Enabler #1:ENERGY STORAGEENABLERS FOR SUCCESSBattery packSUMMARY Battery cellsCONTACT Charger Enabler #3:Enabler #2: ELECTRIC DRIVENELECTRIC POWERACCESSORIESMotorCompressor Inverter ED Water pumpEV gearbox ED Steering pumpDC/DC ConverterBrake boostController Source: P3 17 17. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 AitsAn important trend includes OEM in-sourcing of xEV components an important trend to consider when entering into the xEV market P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &Design and manufacturing responsibilitiesTRENDS MAJOR PRODUCT AREASSUPPLIERSOEMsENABLERS FOR SUCCESS Battery packs At a high level, OEMs areSUMMARY Energy storage Battery cells attempting to take design and manufacturingCONTACTCharger responsibilities of important xEV product Systems areas. Motor These trends differ by InverterOEMs and by region.Electric power Gearbox Most xEV component suppliers are cautious of DC/DC Converter these trends, influencing Controller (VCU)their corporate strategy. CompressorElectric driven Water pumpaccessoriesSteering pump Brake boost Source: P318 18. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Agenda P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS P3 Company Overview ENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARY CONTACT xEV market & trends Enablers for Success Summary19 19. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Our challenge within P3 was to combine 2 different cultures this was one Enabler to establish P3NA in the US auto market P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDSENABLERS FOR SUCCESSSUMMARYTarget Target BCONTACT B 3 hr. 2 min. AA Plan 2min.Plan 3 hr. Conclusion: The best way to get from A to B takes 3hr. and 2min. - 20 20. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits 9 Major Evaluation Criterias (EC) for companies to be successful in xEV market P3 GROUP ECS FOR OEMS/SUPPLIER (-) CURRENT CUSTOMER FOCUS (+) OVERVIEWxEV MARKET & Market analysis +TRENDS 1ENABLERS FOR SUCCESS 2 Strategic positionSUMMARYCONTACT 3 Product portfolio - New business models 4 5 Vertical Integration + 6 Cooperations/M&A - R&D Expertise 7 8 Production strategy+ 9 Supplier business(*) Source rough estimation at 50 P3 xEV Projects -- not enough focus+ enough focus 21 21. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Our P3 Key Success Factors (KSF) to enter the US xEV market P3 GROUP KSF WITHIN P3 MAIN ENABLER OVERVIEW Set-up a Management Bridge on CEO LevelxEV MARKET & Ensure a good employee mixture of Americans and GermansTRENDSPEOPLEe.g. 80% US employees, 20% German/EU consultants/engineersENABLERS FOR Hire the right people SUCCESS(electronics, mechatronics, SW Engineers etc. )SUMMARYCONTACT All competence areas are alive and kicking, but continueddevelopment of expertise and productsCOMPETENCIES Ensure global competence transfer Combine Strategy Cons and Engineering Service Develop new creative products Establish contacts to the universities PRODUCTS Business development and Flexibility is important OVERALL: Listen to the customer.. Investigation in networking Boost the Speeches & Publications BRANDING Tell everybody we are the #1 in xEV Business Our Mission: Growth is the only way 22 22. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits P3 has built its xEV and alternative Powertrain expertise through 4 primary types of projects P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDSENABLERS FOR Battery ExpertiseHybridE-Vehicle Diagnostics SUCCESS Li-Ion & NiMH Cooperation & Program Specification Definition andSUMMARYTechnologies ManagementDevelopment :development of BatteryCustomer Req - > Tech. Management SystemCONTACT Technology E-Motor, Software & spec (House of Quality)BMS requirements Benchmarking High VoltageTechnologies Project Setup Test Case definition Safety Concept and validation of BMS Cost Management Supplier Selection, Logistics Requirements,Qualification, Monitoring/ Diagnosing Concepts & Planning TechnologyOptimization of battery usage andBenchmarking Validation Test Planningevent flagging Program Management & Test data Prototype Management Communication and Management Outsourcing of Root Cause Assessments visualization of state ofEngineering Services Specification charge and energy Development (SOR) Supplier Quality Equipment Supplier usage through the Process Re-EngineeringManagement infotainment system Electronics & BMS Requirements Definition Timing Synchronization Potential for Production Audits(OEM and Supplier) communication throughand Management Prototype Planning andintegrated telematics Risk Assessment Cooperation Build Management Management Master PlanDevelopment23 23. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Agenda P3 GROUP OVERVIEWxEV MARKET &TRENDS P3 Company Overview ENABLERS FOR SUCCESS SUMMARY CONTACT xEV market & trends Enablers for Success Summary 24 24. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Summary for successful xEV Business in the USA P3 GROUP FOCUS ON KEY CONCLUSIONS OVERVIEWxEV MARKET & Strategic company positioningTRENDS OEM/Supplier long term strategicENABLERS FORpartnershipsCUSTOMER SUCCESS Strategic relationships with utility SUMMARYcompanies Enough technical talent especiallyCONTACT PEOPLEautomotive electrical and softwareengineersPRODUCT Use global expertise network Vehicle system integration capabilities Li-Ion battery-design for vehiclerange, long life, and serviceability(After market) Standardization of core componentdesigns (especially inmotors/inverters) 25 25. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Thank you for your attention! P3 GROUP listenconsult OVERVIEW Dr. Samit GhoshCEO P3 North America, Inc.xEV MARKET &TRENDS+1 248 818 [email protected] FOR SUCCESSSUMMARY CONTACT implement Rainer Aits CEO P3 automotive + 49 163 75 33 770 [email protected] Dieses Dokument enthlt vertrauliche Informationen der P3 Group und darf ohne die ausdrckliche schriftliche Genehmigung nicht vervielfltigt oder einem Dritten gegenber enthllt werden. Dieses Dokument und sein Inhalt drfen nur zu bestimmungsgemen Zwecken verwendet werden. This document contains P3 Group proprietary information and shall at all times remain the property of P3 Group. It shall be distributed and used only by the subcontractor staff registered on the distribution list of this document. The subcontractor is not allowed to copy this document without P3 Group prior written consent. It shall not be used, distributed or copied by any other third part without P3 Group prior written consent. 26 26. eMobility in the US, 06th April 2011 HMI, P3 Aits Global car salesSource: GBI March 2010 27