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Airwil Aurum the new commercial project brought up and launched from Airwil Group, one of the renowned and vibrant real estate group involving Delhi-NCR. Aiwil Aurum is the project by the collaboration associated with Airwil Group and JKM group. JKM group is also renowned real estate company. This project is situated at Sector 135 Noida , effectively connected to help almost every one of the leading destinations involving Delhi-NCR. This is a multi genre project which provides retail space, retail shops, spaces for commercial setups, premium offices, store outlets and virtual spaces. The project infrastructure can be least complicated appropriate because of its multinational companies along with commercial offices. The project design gives you very effective and effectively employ of all of the space provided, aerated and also big spaces which can be imbibed with the world class offers and amenities.


Sector-135, Noida The fabulously made Airwil Aurum Retail Shops is marked as the greatest project so far for retail shops, even the beauty is project is made flawlessly from every aspect even if see the location it is strategically placed in Asias largest well planed city at well connected site in Noida- Sector 135. The location is heart of the city as it has all facilities related to transports, services, and better connectivity as it is very close to National Capital Delhi and Industrial City Ghaziabad. The location is potentially very rich as the residents have demand of stores in closer desperately.

Office Space

Retail Shops


The wonderfully designed project is offering valuable units of Kiosks, Retail Spaces, ATMs Spaces, Food Courts and Bank Spaces. The project has been given all the world class amenities to make business stronger and luxurious features too. The location has its own connectivity charm; it has been placed in Noida Sector 135.

The mega commercial project Airwil Aurum has set an example by providing greatest specification in entire Asia, the duo developers Airwil and JKM have given every new facility in their joint collaborative project. It has given dynamic designed in light durability, the structure of the building is very beautiful and heavy to provide proper feel of robust Airwil Aurum Retail Spaces.

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