Airlines Reservation System

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 irlines Reservation System 
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Transcript of Airlines Reservation System

  • Airlines Reservation System

  • PHASE - I

  • ContentsIntroductionProblem definitionExisting SystemProposed SystemFeasibility StudySoftware Requirement Specification

  • IntroductionThe main purpose of this system for the customers is to book the flights as when they require such that they can utilize this software to make reservations, modify reservations or cancel a particular reservation.

  • Problem DefinitionThe definition of our problem lies in manual system and a fully automated system.Manual system : The system is very time consuming and lazy. This system is more prone to errors and sometimes the approach to various problems is unstructured.Technical system : With the advent of latest technology if we do not update our system then our business result in losses gradually with time. The technical systems contains the tools of latest trend i.e. computers printers, fax, Internet etc. The systems with this technology are very fast, accurate, User-friendly and reliable.

  • Existing SystemThe Existing system is manual entry of keeping the details of the person who are registered already.And it is very difficult for each person to come to the office.Users can also enquire about the tickets through phones. But it is very difficult for the user to remember all the details that they received through phones.Another problem with this system is the possibility of errors and which requires verification and checking of data relating to various operations which is done manually.

  • Proposed SystemProposed system aim is to overcome the drawbacks of the existing system.People from different parts of the world can register very easily.It is made in such a manner that all the new users can easily understand all the options in the website.This system helps the user to go through the rates quoted by different travel agencies and select the convenient rate that is suitable for him.As it is easily understandable and user friendly, quick entries can be made in this system.

  • Feasibility studyA feasibility Study is conducted to identify the best system that meets the all the requirements. This includes an identification description, an evaluation of the proposed systems and selection of the best system for the job.The requirements of the system are specified with a set of constraints such as system objectives and the description of the out puts. It is then duty of the analyst to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed system to generate the above results.

  • Three key factors are to be considered during the feasibility study.Operation Feasibility: It is common knowledge that computer installations have something to do with turnover, transfers, retraining and changes in employee job status.Therefore, it is understandable that the introduction of a candidate system requires special efforts to educate, sell, and train the staff on new ways of conducting business.

  • Technical Feasibility: Technical feasibility centers, around the existing computer system hardware, software etc. and to what extent it can support the proposed edition. If the budget is a serious constrains then the project is judge not feasible.Here the system analyst evaluates the technical merits of the system giving emphasis on the performance, Reliability, maintainability and productivity.By taking the consideration before developing the proposed system, the resources availability of the organization was studied. The organization was immense computer facilities equipped with sophisticated machines and the software hence this technically feasible.

  • Economic Feasibility: Economic feasibility is the most important and frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed system. It is very essential because the main goal of the proposed system is to have economically better result along with increased efficiency. Cost benefit analysis is usually performed for this purpose. It is the comparative study of the cost verses the benefit and savings that are expected from the proposed system. Since the organization is well equipped with the required hard ware, the project was found to be economically.

  • Software Requirement specification SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTWindows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7.Oracle.Front end- HTML, JSP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, java, J2EE.Back end- servlets, Database (Oracle), Apache Tomcat (web Server).HARDWARE256 MB RAMHard Disk 80GBPentium 4

  • PHASE - II

  • ContentsUse-case DiagramsClass DiagramSequence DiagramCollaboration DiagramActivity DiagramState chart DiagramComponent DiagramEntity-Relationship Diagram(E-R) Data Flow Diagram(DFD)

  • Use-case Diagram

  • Class Diagram


  • Collaboration Diagram

  • Activity Diagram

  • State Chart Diagram

  • E-R Diagram