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1. Airline Pilot Isaac Ngobi 4/8/15 AVID 9 Mr. Crawford 2. Phase 1 The average annual salary of an Airline Pilot is about $137,000, 75% making at least $103,520 per year. Money left over monthly: $4,000 Starting Salary: At least $77,000 3. Being a Pilot Test and evaluate the performance of new aircraft. Control the aircraft during all stages of flight Talk to others to convey information effectively. Instruct other pilots and student pilots in aircraft operations and the principles of flight. File instrument flight plans with ATC to ensure that flights are coordinated with other air traffic. 4. Education Recommends a four-year bachelor's degree Private Pilots License At least a high school diploma Pilots are sent back into the simulator at least every eight months to renew their license 5. Skills 20/20 vision, with or without glasses. Critical Thinking Operation and Control Reading Comprehension 6. Work Environment Considerable amount of time away from home Airlines typically provide hotel accommodations Primarily in aircraft 7. Safety of Pilots Pilots are forbidden to eat shellfish on duty Pilots are not allowed to share food Only eat crew meals Fly music free 8. Pros & Cons Pros Cons Huge Flight discounts (You And Immediate Family) Away from home a lot Travel to places Safety Paranoia Money 9. ETC. Becoming a pilot can increase divorce rate Stressful being away from home too long Respect comes with being a pilot 10. You have to love it Not anyone can just become a pilot Have to love traveling a lot Deal with flight anxiety