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Transcript of Airbnb Presentation

  • WINtern Presentation

  • We are the WINterns.

  • #GOAL: Most Innovative Mobile Marketer by 2020

  • But first...research

    1. Mobile competitors2. Mobile audience behaviors3. Mobile landscape4. Mobile innovations 5. Product recommendations6. Advertising recommendations

  • Mobile competitors

  • Mobile Competitors VRBO

    App does not offer any recommendations of other travel plans-only booking accommodations

    HomeAway HA and VRBO, exact website; owned by Expedia Has similar Live There concept with its your vacation, why share it?

    Travelocity Focuses on all aspects of planning a trip from flights to hotels/home rentals Includes a built-in camera that recognizes a credit card to speed up transactions Includes travel guides such as: practical tips, transportation, restaurant,

    and neighborhoods.

    Kayak App includes baggage fees, weather, and destination images.

    Additional features includes packing list integrations for trip planning

  • Mobile Competitors

    VRBO + HomeAway

    VRBO uses an interactive map of the US and world 1 million listings globally Annual subscriptions start at $349 Different payment requests by owner (online, paypal, etc)

  • Mobile audience behaviors

  • Mobile Audience Behaviors Planning a trip

    47.4% of people research travel via mobile

    Search engines (61%) and YouTube (42%) are top online sources of inspiration

    Internet is top sources for travel planning (74%), followed by

    friends and family offline (48%) and friends and family online


    48% of leisure travelers utilize hotel sites/apps for travel planning

  • Mobile Audience Behavior cont.. In trip

    83% of people use mobile to get information during their trip.

    Navigate using GPS, share info and pictures, currency converter, check in via social media, receive travel notifications, search for stores and restaurants.

    After trip 57% of people use mobile to share about trip on return.

    Social media, messaging, blog posts, email, etc

    Take away: Mobile is best used for brand awareness and consideration, not booking.

  • Mobile landscape

  • Mobile Landscape

  • Mobile Landscape

  • Mobile Landscape Data and buying mobile advertising space programmatically: It optimizes on

    the opportunity to connect the right message to the right consumer at the right time and place through data mining and targeting.

    Through programmatic advertising, advertisers can now connect with their precise audience at any point in the consumer journey across channels, screens and devices.

    Relevant data sources for Airbnb aside from DMPs: Google maps and iPhone maps user data Frequent locations on data Credit card data Airlines Frequent travellers: hotels, cruises, RV owners, boat owners, etc.

  • Mobile innovations

  • Mobile Innovations What brands have the best mobile experience and why?

    According to 2016 Webby Awards:

    Tinder Swiping Gesture

    Boomerang for Instagram Short Videos

    Yummly Vibrant Colors

  • Mobile Innovation What does good mobile advertising look like?

    Coca-Cola Zero Drinkable Advertising

    360 Video Interactive video that puts consumers

    right in the scene from all angles.

    Augmented Reality Using augmented reality to attract

    consumers visually.

    Location-Based GPS, beacons allow brands to personalize

    their ads based on consumers location.

    Audio Tagging Shazaam a commercial to earn incentives.

  • Mobile Innovation

  • Product Recommendations

  • Mobile apps are becoming a reflection of our lifestyle.

  • Personalized Travel Planner Upload calendar and mark desired travel weeks/weekends Choose favorite locations & vacation activities Option to connect to Facebook to sync interests or likes Airbnb will recommend places based on ideal travel times and

    available weekends Ex: Interest in white water rafting, open weekend in July -> Airbnb

    suggests trip to Colorado

  • Business Traveler Section Separate tab for business travelers Create filters to keep listings consistent (wifi, whole home,

    automatic booking, etc.) Upload calendar or manually insert upcoming trips Recommend locations and listings suited for business travelers (city

    center, nearby airport)

  • Swipe Feature Browse listings with the users pre-existing filters Swipe right for interested, swipe left for not interested Once all listings have been reviewed, the user will be left with every

    right listing displayed in a favorites page Used as a source of inspiration for new trips

  • Fare Split Users connect through venmo or paypal Each guest is charged an equal amount to split the bill 4 people staying in Airbnb -> 4 accounts charged equal amounts Appeal to group travelers

  • Advertising Recommendations

  • The future of mobile advertising is

    interactive, personalized &multi-device.

  • Window Beacon 500 OOH displays (transit shelters) with beacons Displays will feature an empty window that you can see through The beacon will prompt the user to scan the window with shazam

    and it will bring them to a new destination featuring a scene from a real hosts window

    Users can swipe to view from other windows and can turn to get a 360 degree display of the hosts home

    Window can be featured on magazines, TV, etc. Ex: Stockholm Art Week

  • Window Beacon Example

    Where do you want to go?

    Live There

    Live There

  • ShopTV Viewers who see an Airbnb commercial

    on TV can browse listings with their remote

    Mobile users can enter their cell phone number and receive a text with a link to view more listings

    Partner with GoMo or Pure Michigan, option to shazam commercial to view listings in those areas

  • 360 Video via Social Media

    An ad for Airbnb within the snapchat discover feature, Facebook news feed, etc.

    Shows 4 locations and allows the user to chose the listing they would like to go to.

    Brought to a 360 degree video of the location

    Feature trending locations

  • Interactive Display Ads Mobile display ad urges user to scan their

    thumb to analyze their mood

    Scan completes and tell the user their current mood and how to improve it

    Mood stressed -> relaxing getaway (Hawaii, Cancun, etc.)

    Mood bored -> cultural exploration (Thailand, Germany, etc.)

    Weather-based advertisement Uses recent info from weather app to

    recommend a location

    Ex: Chicago winter, past week has been under 30 degrees -> Airbnb recommends

    listings in Cabo, Florida and California

  • Pay with a Facebook post Allow guests to post about their new booking to facebook In return they will receive a credit to their Airbnb account to use toward future


    Pokemon Go There Sponsorship with Pokemon to allow players to go there and catch pokemon in

    distant locations around the world.

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