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AIIMS NOVEMBER 2007 1. All of the following are sources of a. Mustard oil b. Groundnut oil c. Corn oil d. Fish oil 2. Violent inversion of the foot will lead to avulsion of tendon of the following muscle attched to the tuberosity of the 5th metatarsal: a. Peroneus brevis b. Peroneus longus c. Peroneus tertius d. Extensor digitorum brevis 3. Kanavels sign is seen in: a. Tenosynovitis b. Dupuyterens contracture c. Carpal tunnel syndrome d. Trigger finger 4. Staging of bone tumours is done by: a. Enneking b. Manchester c. Edmonton d. TNM 5. Post-operative radiotherapy in a patient operated for Caendometrium is indicated in all of the following except: a. Deep myometrial invasion b. Pelvic lymph node involvement c. Enlarged uterine cavity d. Poor tumour differentiation 6. When stem cell transforms to form other tissues, the process is called as: a. Dedifferentiation b. Redifferentiation c. Transdifferentiation d. Subdifferentiation 7. Egg-on-side appearance on X-ray chest is seen in: a. Tetralogy of Fallot b. Uncorrected TGA c. Tricuspid atresia d. Ebsteins anomaly 8. All are essential components of TOF except: a. Valvular pulmonic stenosis -3 PUFA except:

b. Right ventricular hypertrophy c. Infundibular stenosis d. Aorta overriding 9. Hamptons hump is seen in: a. Pulmonary embolism b. Tuberculosis c. Bronchogenic Ca d. .. 10. All of the following can be used for thromboprophylaxis except: a. Heparin b. Aspirin c. Warfarin d. Antithrombin-III 11. ECG was shown. 70 year old man with no prefious significant medical history presenting with sudden onset syncope. Most likely diagnosis is: a. Vasovagal shock b. Pulmonary embolism c. Complete heart block d. Temporal lobe epilepsy 12. Uppermost structure seen at the hilus of the left lung is: a. Pulmonary artery b. Pulmonary vein c. Bronchus d. Bronchial artery 13. The best investigation is thromboembolism is: a. D-dimer levels b. Multicentric CT angiography c. Colour Doppler USG d. Intracatheter angiography 14. Hypercalcemia is caused by all except: a. Loop diuretics b. Lithium c. Vitamin D intoxication d. .. 15. Nephelometry is: a. Lambert-Beer law b. Scattering of light by particulate solution c. Defraction of light d. Decreased intensity of light 16. Most common site of spinal cord tumour is:

a. Intradural extramedullary b. Extradural c. Intramedullary d. All have equal distribution 17. Extensive involvement of deep white matter with hyperintense thalamic lesion on non-contrast CT scan of the brain is seen in: a. Alexanders disease b. Krabbes ds. c. Canavans ds d. Metachromatic leucodystrophy 18. A 2-year old child presents with scattered lesions in the skull. Biopsy revealed Langerhans giant cells. Most commonly associated is: a. CD1a b. CD57 c. CD3 d. CD68 19. A patient is posted for elective surgery. Which of the following drugs should be stopped on the day of surgery: a. Atenolol b. Amlodepine c. Statins d. Metformin 20. Which of the following is not included in intensive management of diabetes mellitus: a. Pregnancy.. b. Postural hypotension due to autonomic neuropathy c. DM with acute MI d. Post kidney transplant 21. VHL syndrome includes all except: a. Endolymphatic sac tumours b. Pheochromocytoma c. Hemangioendotheliomas d. Islet cell tumours 22. All but one acts via GABAA except: a. Thiopentone b. Midazolam c. Zolpidem d. Promethazine 23. Which of the following is not used as a sedative,but causes sedation as a side effect: a. Digitalis,anti-arrhythmics

b. Antihistaminics,antidepressants c. Macrolides, d. .. 24. Caspases are involved in: a. Apoptosis b. .. c. .. d. .. 25. Reyes syndrome is ultrastructurally characterized by: a. Mitochondrial blebs and enlarged mitochondria b. Depletion of glycogen c. Dilatation of the endoplasmic reticulum d. Perinuclear staining 26. Primitive streak initiation and maintenance is due to: a. Brachyury gene b. BMPR-4 c. Nodal gene d. FGF-8 27. HACEK group includes all except: a. Hemophilus aprophillus b. Acinetobacter baumanni c. Eikenella corrodens d. Cardiobacterium hominis 28. All are true about Thiopentone except: a. NaHCO3 is a preservative b. Contraindicated in Porphyrias c. Agent of choice in shock d. Cerebroprotective 29. All regarding Mivacurium are true except: a. Larger doses speed the onset of action b. Bronchospasm c. Flushing d. Hypertension 30. A male patient with symptoms of urethritis. Examination reveals only pus cells but no organisms. Lesions are caused mostly by:(do not remember the exact question but it was a straight forward question): a. Chlamydia trachomatis b. H.ducreyi c. Treponema pallidum d. .. 31. Lancefield grouping of streptococci is done by using:

a. M protein b. Group C peptidoglycan cell wall c. Group C carbohydrate antigen d. .. 32. Increased cerebral O2 consumption is caused by: a. Propofol b. Ketamine c. Atracurium d. Fentanyl 33. Marker for acute Hepatitis B is: a. HBV-DNA polymerase b. IgG anti-HBc c. Core antigen (HbcAg) d. Anti-HbsAg 34. Ulnar injury in the arm leads to all except: a. Sensory loss of the medial 1/3rd of the hand b. Weakness of the hypothenar muscles c. Claw hand d. Adductor pollicis paralysis 35. After fracture of the penis ( injury to the tunica albugenia) with intact Bucks fascia, there occurs hematoma at: a. The penis and scrotum b. At the perineum in a butterfly shape c. Penis, scrotum, perineum and lower part of anterior abdominal wall d. Shaft of the penis only. 36. Floating Water-Lily sign is seen in: a. Hydatid ds. b. Aspergillosis c. Tuberculous cavity d. .. 37. Inflammation of a retrocaecal appendix will produce pain when there is which of the following movements at the hip: a. Flexion b. Extension c. Medial rotation d. Lateral rotation 38. Left renal vein crosses the Aorta: a. Anteriorly, above the superior mesenteric artery b. Anteriorly, below the superior mesenteric artery c. Posteriorly, at the level of superior mesenteric artery d. Anteriorly, below the inferior mesenteric artery

39. Occlusion occurs at the 2nd part of Axillary artery, blood flow is maintained by anastomosis between: a. Anterior and posterior circumflex humoral artery b. Suprascapular and posterior circumflex artery c. Deep branch of the transverse cervical artery and Subscapular artery d. Anterior circumflex artery and subscapular artery 40. In post-ductal coarctation of the aorta, blood flow to the lower limbs in maintained by increased blood flow through: a. Inferior Phrenic and pericardiophrenic vessels b. Intercostal and Superior epigastric c. Subcostal and Umbilical d. 41. Which of the following is correctly matched: a. B cells Somatostain b. D cells Insulin c. G cells Gastrin d. .. 42. Exercise causes: a. Increased blood flow to the muscles after half minute of minute b. Increase in cerebral blood flow due to increase in systolic blood pressure c. Body temperature rise d. 43. All of the following occur when the blood flows through the capillaries except: a. Increase in hematocrit b. Hb curve shifts to the left c. Increased protein content d. Decrease in pH 44. When a person changes position from standing to lying down position, following occurs: a. Heart rate increases and settles at a higher level b. Venous return to the heart rises immediately c. Cerebral blood flow becomes more than that in standing position and settles at a higher level d. Decrease in blood flow to the lung apex 45. In mitral valve prolapse, the histological finding is: a. Hyalinization of the valve b. Fibrinoid necrosis c. Myxomatous degeneration of the valve d. ..

46. Regarding flourosis all are true except: a. Flourosis is the most common cause of dental caries in children b. Deposition occurs in the skeletal system and muscles c. Deflouridation is done by Nalgonda technique d. Genu valgum 47. SAFE strategy is recommended for: a. Trachoma b. Glaucoma c. Diabetic retinopathy d. Cataract 48. Telefona is: a. Beating on the feet ( soles ) b. Pulling of hair c. Beating on both the ears d. .. 49. A female patient presents with diffuse alopecia to you. She had suffered from typhoid fever 4 months back. Most probable diagnosis is: a. Androgenetic alopecia b. Telogen effluvium c. Anagen effluvium d. Alopecia areata 50. All of the following are causes of cicatrizing alopecia except: a. Lichen planus b. Discoid lupus erythematosus c. Alopecia areata d. Lupus vulgaris 51. Learning does not include: a. Modelling b. Catharsis c. Exposure d. Sensitization 52. In death due to asphyxia, last to be opened is: a. Head b. Neck c. Thorax d. Abdomen 53. Acridine orange is used as a stain for: a. DNA and RNA b. Proteins c. Carbohydrate d. Lipids

54. PAS does not stain: a. Fungal cell wall b. Basement membrane of bacteria c. Glycogen d. Lipids 55. Not used to stain fats: a. Oil red O b. Congo red c. Sudan III d. Sudan black 56. Peroxidase is used to detect: a. Glucose b. Ammonia c. Hemoglobin d. Creatinine 57. Hemoglobin estimation is not done by: a. Drabkins method b. Sahlis method c. Spectrometry d. Wintrobes method 58. All of the following are included in grievous hurt except: a. Loss of testis b. Loss of eye c. Loss of kidney d. Abrasion of the face 59. Seen in agenesis of corpus callosum is: a. Astereognosis b. Hemiparesis c. Hemisensoriloss d. No neurological deficit 60. Hypertension with hypokalemia is seen in all except: a. B/L renal artery stenosis b. End stage renal disease c. Cushings disease d. Primary hyperaldosteronism 61. Hyperglycemia is caused by all except: a. Beta blockers b. Glucocorticoids c. .. d. .. 62. Cushings disease includes all except: a. Central obesity

b. Episodic hypertension c. Easy bruisability d. Glucose intolerance 63. True about Ogilives syndrome are all except: a. It is caused by mechanical obstruction of the colon b. It involves entire / part of the large colon c. It occurs after previous surgery d. It occurs commonly after narcotic use 64. One of the following is the watershed area of the colon between the superior and i