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Interactive Media and Interactive TV Advertising Presentation - Uruguay - Marketers

Transcript of Aguinaldo Boquimpani - Marketers - Interactive TV Advertising

  • 1. Interactive Media andInteractive TV AdvertisingAguinaldo BoquimpaniDigital TV / Interactive Media SpecialistBrazil

2. Agenda1. TV and Internet2. DTV in Brazil and Latin America3. Ginga: a World-class DTV standard4. TV Interactivity5. Why Interactive TV Advertising6. What is Interactive TV Advertising7. Current Offerings8. Example: Verizon Widget Bazaar9. Convergence Paths10. Multiple Screens11. IBB (Integrated Broadcast-Broadband) real world samples12. Relevant Points 3. TV is Communication Entertainment MarketingWatching TV is A lean-back experience A group experience Getting content (push) 4. Internet is Information Entertainment Marketing Using Internet is A lean-forward experience A solo experience Seeking content (pull) 5. Will Internet replace TV? Recent Nielsens 3 Screen Reports (USA) say that: Internet content viewing is growing significantly But.. TV content viewing is NOT decreasing Use of both platforms at the same time is increasingdrastically 6. Are Connected TVs the perfect solution? Google TV was branded as the killer Connected TVsolution and it was a spectacular failure. In the connected TV scenario the broadcaster is out:TV manufacturers want a piece of the action! Viewers may not want to search the Internet orotherwise have an Internet experience on the TV. But what about smartphones and tablets? Theywill be secondary screens in the home. 7. What would be the solution to integrateboth worlds? An inclusive scenario, with manufacturers (devices),broadcasters (content), sponsors and marketing(money), all in the same boat. A platform that integrates the main TV screen andthe secondary, personal screens (tablets andsmartphones) A unified user experience in all different screens An easy user interface: usability is fundamental. Technologies based on open standards, notproprietary solutions. 8. Lets go back to the beginning TV today means Digital TV How is the adoption of Digital TV and whatcan be expected? 9. DTV in the World and in LATAM 10. The World Is Switching to Digital TV16001400 2010 :1200 - 42.5% digital Analog - Only Finland Homes1000 fully digital 800 2016: 600 Digital - 80.0% digital Homes 400 - 33 countries fully digitalMillions of200Households0 20062010 2016Source: Digital TV Research Ltd., June 2011 11. Emerging Markets Will Drive DTV SalesIn the next fiveyears, TV setshipments will:grow 2.2% peryear in LatinAmerica, EasternEurope, MEA &Asia Pacificdecline in Japan& WesternEuropebe flat in NorthAmericaSource: IMS Research, August 2011 12. Free-To-Air TV Will Lead in Latin AmericaFree To Air will Lead in Latin America 140 120 Free to Air Primary pay DTT 100 DTT will grow Primary FTA DTT faster than Analog terrestrial 80 DTH or Digital free DTHdigital cable Pay DTH60 Pay IPTV subs40 Analog cable subs Digital cable subs 20Millions of0Households2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Source: Digital TV Research Ltd., June 2011 13. In 2016, Brazil Will Be 5th Largest DTV CountryBrazil will be #5 DTV country in 2016Brazil 14. TV in Brazil PC penetration: 55% of Brazilian households(1)FTA TV: 96% of Brazilian Broadband: 18% ofhouseholds(3)Brazilian Households (2) (1) Computer Industry Almanac / IBGE (2) Telecom/ IBGE (3) 15. DTV in Brazil Quick view: still a long way to go, but advancing fast - Highlights 3,00 2,00 Total current number of TVs: 100M+0,30 Coverage: Around 65M householdsiDTV 3,60 More than 13M TVs CRT sold on theLCD/PLASMA4,30 last 3 years not equipped to receiveCRTDTV Around 7M LCD/PLASMA TVs sold 8,00before 2010 not DTV-ready.4,90 3M+ LCD TVs already sold with4,00 Interactive System (Ginga). 20082009 2010ESource: 2008 and 2009 (SUFRAMA) / 2010 (estimate)(*) in millions of units 16. DTV adoption in Brazil State penetration: 23 of 26 states (1)Cities: 47, 23 capitals (1) Broadcasters: 100+broadcasters, includingheadends and affiliates (1)(1) 17. ISDB-T adoption in LATAM Population: 354 Million in LATAM (2) 11 countries in LATAM + Philippines in Asia (1)(1) 18. The Ginga Standard for Interactive TV 19. Ginga: A World-Class Interactive DTVStandardGinga, the Brazilian Terrestrial Digital TV System interactivity standard, is part of ISDB- Tb (ISDB-T Japanese standard, Brazilian version) that has been adopted for terrestrial and mobile DTV in 11 countries representing over 350 million people, including Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela.Ginga is a modern, world-class interactivity system that was recognized by ITU (the United Nations agency for Telecommunications and TV Standards) as an international standard.Today there are more than 3M TV sets in Brazil already deployed with full Ginga products from brands like Sony, Panasonic, Philips, LG and Samsung.Source: 20. Brazilian Government: TV Interactivity and Ginga are key technologies to the country LCD TVs will have to include Ginga to keep tax breaks Convergncia Digital :: 23/09/2011A change to the Processo Produtivo Bsico (PBB) is in public consultation for TVsets with liquid crystal display (LCD) that will require inclusion in these devices ofthe DTV interactive middleware, Ginga.In other words, manufacturers who wish to continue enjoying the tax benefits forthe production of these devices will have to incorporate Ginga mandatorily. Underthe proposal, until the end of next year 75% of the devices must come with themiddleware.Starting in 2013, all LCD TVs benefiting from the exemptions will have to includeGinga. Moreover, it is prescribed that all models that support IP connectivitymiddleware must not have the possibility of access restrictions on interactiveapplications for the communication channel. 21. Interactive TV Advertising 22. Interactive TV Advertising ModelViewer chooses interaction pressing OK button in the remote Copyright TQTVD / TOTVS22 23. Interactive TV Advertising Model Modelo InteratividadeViewer is asked if he wnats to receive a free sample of the product. It could also be a discountcode, a code to participate in a lottery, etc. Copyright TQTVD / TOTVS 23 24. Interactive TV Advertising ModelA dialogue is shown to get viewers permission to store his data. Copyright TQTVD / TOTVS24 25. Interactive TV Advertising ModelIf the user agrees, his data is sent to the broadcaster and the broadcaster can forwardthis data to its marketing sponsor. Copyright TQTVD / TOTVS25 26. Interactive TV Advertising ModelFrom this point on the viewer can access more information with a rich interactiveexperience inside the marketing campaign. Copyright TQTVD / TOTVS26 27. Why Interactive TV AdvertisingInterest is Growing inInteractive TV Advertising 28. Why Interactive TV Advertising Who already offers interactive TV marketing in the world?Source: 289B26E406-B5EE-1EC3-1BC7B19C0C3F7D4D 29. Why Interactive TV AdvertisingModelo de Comercializao de Interatividade na TV Who is already sponsoring Interactive TV marketing?Source: 299B26E406-B5EE-1EC3-1BC7B19C0C3F7D4D 30. Why Interactive TV AdvertisingInteractive TV Improves Advertising ValueMakes TV Advertising More Measurable & Accountable Traditional commercial spots are not nearly as valuable in homes with DVRs Q3 2009: In Tivo households, 39% of programs were time-shiftedAddresses, Engages & Empowers the ConsumerTransforms TV ad messaging into a lean-forward experiencewith scale, customization, addressability & localizationConsumer chooses when and how long to engageDe-Clutters the Ad EnvironmentOffers a rich, singular brand experience that cannotbe replicated with commercials or online advertisingSource: IAB Platform Status Report, Interactive Television Advertising, Feb 2010 31. Why Interactive TV AdvertisingInteractive TV Advertising is EffectiveCanoe Ventures Study on Interactivity& Advertising (March-Sept 2010)Goal:- Measure impact of interactivity on brand metrics- Measure recall, opinion, purchase intentScenario #1: Request for Information (RFI)- An interactive call to action during a TV commercial- A request for a product sample, a coupon, or informational brochure- Viewer simply uses their remote and clicks to receiveScenario #2: In-Program Poll- Advertiser-sponsored interactive poll or trivia quiz- Poll displayed during program, then followed by commercial 32. Why Interactive TV Advertising Interactive TV Advertising is EffectiveResultsInteractivity improves brand recall - RFI in commercial increased unaided recall of test brand 132% - Unaided brand recall rose 167% for interactive poll following adInteractivity results in a higher brand opinion - Favorability increased in viewers who noticed interactivity (42% to 51%) - 91% who accepted offer had a more favorable opinion about the brandInteractivity increases purchase intent - Interactive Poll + commercial raised brand purchase intent scores 40% - Just noticing interactive ad without clicking raised purchase intent 33. What Is Interactive TV Advertising Entry Points are the place within the TV viewing or Entry Pointsinteractive experience where the viewer is first exposed to the interactive advertisement.Main Menu Banner Interactive Tags in Commercials(a.k.a. Triggers) Interactive Guide BannerPause/Delete Screen BannerSource: IAB Platform Status Report, Interactive Television Advertising, Feb 2010 34. What Is Interactive TV AdvertisingDestinations / Capabilities Destinations are the follow-on engagements that Examples the consumer experiences once they have initiated Branded the interaction.Showcases/Microsites (a.k.a Dedicated Advertiser Technica