Agilent 5973, 5975, and 5977 Series GC/MSD Supplies nbsp; Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk...

download Agilent 5973, 5975, and 5977 Series GC/MSD Supplies nbsp; Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk 5062-3514 Tools Column install pre-swaging tool, graphite ferrules G3440-80218 Column

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Transcript of Agilent 5973, 5975, and 5977 Series GC/MSD Supplies nbsp; Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk...

  • Agilent supplies for Agilent instrumentsAgilent Technologies is committed to optimizing your laboratorys productivity, so we have produced this list of the most commonly ordered supplies and parts for the 5973, 5975 and 5977 Series GC/MSD. Keep this list handy so you can quickly find the supplies you need and minimize instrument downtime.

    Agilent 5973, 5975, and 5977 Series GC/MSD SuppliesQuick reference guide

    Electron impact ion source supplies

    Stainless Source Part No.

    Inert Part No.

    Extractor Source Part No. (5977 only)

    5977 Ion source assembly G3870-67750 G3870-67700 G3870-67720350 CI Ion source assembly G3870-67404Ion source box G1999-65001 G1999-65001 G1999-65001Ion source body G1099-20130 G2589-20043 G3870-20440Draw out plate, 3 mm 05971-20134 G2589-20100 G3870-20444Draw out plate, 6 mm G3136-20530 G2589-20045 G3870-20448Draw out plate, 9 mm G3440-20022 G3870-20449Insulator, extraction lens ring G3870-20445Draw out cylinder G1072-20008 G1072-20008Ion focus lens 05971-20143 05971-20143 05971-20143Lens insulator G3170-20530 G3170-20530 G3870-20530Entrance lens G3170-20126 G3170-20126 G3170-20126Cap screw, gold-plated G3870-20021 G3870-20021 G3870-20021High temperature filament, 1/pk

    G7005-60061 G7005-60061 G7005-60061

    Transfer line socket G1099-20136 G1099-20136Repeller insulator G1099-20133 G1099-20133 G1099-20133Repeller G1099-20132 G2589-20044 G2589-20044EI Extractor transfer tip G3870-20542Spring, Xfer G7005-20024Wire, extraction lens G7000-60827Jumper, extraction body G3870-60827Screw set, M3x3L, gold plated G1999-20022 G1999-20022 G3870-20446

    Having trouble selecting the appropriate aperture diameters for the Agilent 5977A Series Ion Sources? Download publication number 5991-2106EN from the Agilent Library

    MSD filaments Part No.5977, 5975 and 5973 Series GC/MSDFilament assembly (EI), 1/pk G7005-60061Filament assembly (CI), 2/pk G7005-60072

    Chemical ionization ion source supplies Part No.Source body G1999-20430Draw out plate G1999-20446Draw out cylinder G1999-20444Ion focus lens G1999-20443Lens insulator G3170-20540Entrance lens G3170-20126Repeller insulator G1999-20433Repeller G1999-20432High temperature filament, 2/pk G7005-60072Cap screw, gold-plated G1099-20021Interface tip seal/spring G1999-60412

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    QuickSwap MS interface restrictors Part No.QuickSwap restrictor, 0.092 mm id, 4/pk G3185-60361QuickSwap restrictor, 0.100 mm id, 4/pk G3185-60362QuickSwap restrictor, 0.110 mm id, 4/pk G3185-60363QuickSwap restrictor, 0.120 mm id, 4/pk G3185-60364QuickSwap restrictor variety pack, 2 of each of the above id restrictors


    Electron multipliers and replacement horn Part No.5977 and 5975 Series GC/MSDTriple axis detector assembly* G3170-80105Triple axis electron multiplier G3170-80103EM signal wire, low noise detector G3170-800085975 and 5973 Series GC/MSDElectron multiplier replacement horn. Use with electron multipliers with straight horns


    High energy dynode G1099-80001

    * Included on 5975 triple axis detector systems

    MS interface connections Part No.RecommendedColumn nut, self tightening MSD 5190-5233Ferrule, 0.4 mm VG 0.1 - 0.25 col 10/pk 5181-3323Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk 5062-3514Traditional using brass nutColumn nut for MS interface 05988-20066Ferrule, 0.4 mm VG cond 0.32 col lng 10/pk 5062-3508Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG cond 0.32 col lng 10/pk 5062-3506Flexible metal ferruleSwaging nut, Ultimate Union and QuickSwap G2855-20555Ferrule, flexi inert 0.25 mm col 10/pk G3188-27501Ferrule, flexi inert 0.32 mm col 10/pk G3188-27502Ferrule pre-swage tool, capillary flow G2855-60200ToolsColumn installation tool for 5973/5975/5977 G1099-200305975T Column insertion tool G3880-20030

    Inlet connections Part No.RecommendedColumn nut, self tightening inlet/detect 5190-6194Ferrule, 0.4 mm VG 0.1 - 0.25 col 10/pk 5181-3323Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk 5062-3514Flexible metal ferrule/Inert Flow PathColumn nut for long ferrule 05921-21170Ferrule, flexi inert 0.25 mm col 10/pk G3188-27501Ferrule, flexi inert 0.32 mm col 10/pk G3188-27502TraditionalUniversal column nut, 2/pk 5181-8830Ferrule, 0.4 mm VG 0.1 - 0.25 col 10/pk 5181-3323Ferrule, 0.5 mm VG 0.32 col 10/pk 5062-3514ToolsColumn install pre-swaging tool, graphite ferrules G3440-80218Column install pre-swaging tool, metal ferrules G3440-80217

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    Pump supplies Part No.Quiet Cover for GC/MS, for Agilent DS42, DS42i, Edwards E2M1.5, and Pfieffer Duo 2.5 vacuum pumps


    Foreline pump oil, Inland 45, 1 QT 6040-0834High vacuum grease, 25 g 6040-0289Diffusion pump fluid, 18.5 mL* 6040-0809IDP Series tip seal kit for 5975T IDP3TSOil-mist filter for RV5 pump G6600-80043Oil mist eliminator 3/4G and 3/8, for DS42 or DS42i SR03706556

    Gas Clean filters Part No.Replacement Gas Clean Carrier Gas filter CP17973Gas Clean Carrier Gas Kit for 7890, includes Carrier Gas filter, 1/8 in single connecting unit with bracket that installs directly on the 7890


    GC/MS filter kit. Includes: 1 connecting unit 1/8 in and 2 GC/MS filters


    Chemical ionization gas purifier G1999-80410

    Tools Part No.Screwdriver, 3 in Pozidriv shaft No. 1 pt, fits No. 2-4 screws 8710-0899Screwdriver, 4 in Pozidriv shaft No. 2 pt, fits No. 5-10 screws


    Open end wrench, 1/4 and 5/16 in 8710-0510Hex nut driver, 5.5 mm 8710-1220Screwdriver, Torx T20 8710-1615Screwdriver, Torx T15 8710-1622Screwdriver, Torx T10 5182-3466Tool-hand M5, for plug removal of the foreline pump 8710-18388 mm Hex key for DS42 8710-2326Wrench, open end 10 mm 8710-2353

    Cleaning and maintenance supplies Part No.Nylon gloves, lint-free, large, one pair 8650-0030Nylon gloves, lint-free, small, one pair 8650-0029Lint-free industrial wipes, 100% cotton 9 x 9 in, 300/pk 9310-4828Ion source cleaning kit. Includes: lint-free cloths (15/pk), abrasive sheets (5/pk), cotton swabs (100/pk), lint-free nylon gloves, alumina powder, abrasive


    Cloths, lint-free, 15/pk 05980-60051Cotton swabs, 100/pk 5080-5400Abrasive sheets, aluminium oxide green lapping paper, 600 mesh, 5/pk


    Aluminum oxide powder, 100 g 393706201GC/MS PFTBA 1 mL standard 05971-60571PFTBA sample, certified, 10 g, 5.32 mL 8500-0656PFDTD calibrant, 1 mL 8500-8510PFHT- HighMass checkout sample 5188-5357Replacement glass bulb for PFTBA and PFDTD test sample G3170-80002Replacement glass vial for PFTBA and PFDTD test sample 05980-20018MSD tool kit. Includes: source hold tool, lint-free cloth, cotton swabs, lint-free nylon gloves, abrasive sheets, wrenches, driving tools


    * Two required for 5977, 5975 and 5973 Series GC/MSD

    Ion vacuum gauges Part No.5977 Series Ion vacuum gauge G3870-800305975 Series GC/MSDMicro ion vacuum gauge G3170-800015975T LTM GC/MSIon gauge controller G3880-80010Ion gauge tube G3880-800115973 Series GC/MSDIon gauge controller for 5973A 59864BTriode gauge tube for measuring vacuum 0960-0897

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  • This information is subject to change without notice. Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2014Published in UK, April 22, 20145990-8819EN

    Agilent Inert Flow Path solutionsEnsure a reliably inert GC flow path for higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibilityespecially at trace levels.

    Flow path inertness is vital to your analysis; it is also on the cutting edge of GC. As the GC industrys premier measurement company, Agilent is uniquely positioned to ensure the inertness of every surface that touches your sample, so you can achieve the parts-per-billion or parts-per-trillion detection levels that todays analyses demand.

    By minimizing activity along every step of the GC and GC/MS flow path, Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions improve system performance, ensure better results, and allow you to process more samples without unplanned maintenance and recalibration.

    To learn how to ensure your flow path is optimized for inertness, visit