Agile: Looking Back, Looking Forward: Adapt, Innovate, Collaborate & Deliver

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Plenary session hosted by Craig Smith with Nigel Dalton, David Joyce and Simon Bristow presented at Agile Australia 2012 in May 2012. Agile adoption in Australia and across the world is now becoming more mainstream and, as a community, we are struggling to address the issue of how to take experienced Agile practitioners to the next level, while still supporting those who are beginning their journey. With the "agile" word getting so overloaded, the challenge is to continually innovate without assigning labels or losing focus on our prime objective - to deliver! Join Craig Smith with Nigel Dalton, Simon Bristow and David Joyce (on the couch) as they explore different viewpoints on all things Agile - then, now and future!

Transcript of Agile: Looking Back, Looking Forward: Adapt, Innovate, Collaborate & Deliver

  • 1. CraigSmithNigelDaltonJoyceDavid SimonBristowImage:

2. to the couch Welcome#agileausImage: The Walt Disney Company 3. *Lets take a brief journeyback in time highlights! some selected *These are justImage: The Curiosity Company / 20th Century Fox Television 4. broke the rules, challenged the bureaucratic system that stifledinnovation and hindered progress; spelled out 14 rules and practices." 1943Skunkworksat Lockheed MartinImage: 5. strives for the absolute elimination of waste, overburden andunevenness to allow members to work smoothly and efficiently.1948 Image: System The birth of Lean 6. I believe in this concept, but the implementation describedabove is risky and invites failure. 1970Image: Waterfall & Winston W. Royce 7. Man Month Fred Brooks: The Mythical makes it later.Adding manpower to a late software project 1975Image: / 8. Image: Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (toward six standard deviations) in any process 1986Six Sigma sat Motorola 9. ...reduce supervision, combine fragmented tasks, eliminate work thatfails to add value, cut activities within each process to a minimum. 1993Image: Alistair Cockburn:Crystal Clear 10. than either could alone.Together, they accomplish better work more quickly Pair Programming 1995Image: Greenway Productions 11. Image: / exposes every inadequacy or dysfunction within anorganizations product and system development practices. 1995 Ken Schwaber / Jeff Sutherland:Scrum 12. ...reduce supervision, combine fragmented tasks, eliminate work thatfails to add value, cut activities within each process to a minimum. 1997Image: / Jeff De Luca:FeatureDriven Development 13. Adaptive Software Development life cycle comprises of three phases: -Speculation, Collaboration, Learning1999Image: Highsmith: Adaptive Software Development 14. XP starts from the premise that programming is programming, butthat you have to add some activities to sustain it over time 1999 Image: XP: Extreme Programming 15. Image: / you can use continuous integration without using any other parts ofXP its an essential part of competent software development activity. 2000 Martin Fowler: (popularised)ContinuousIntegration 16. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it 2001AgileImage: MGM/UA Entertainment Co. 17. Red Green Refactor 2002 Image: Kent Beck: (published) Test DrivenDevelopment 18. Image: / studies have shown that averaging individual estimatesleads to better results as do group discussions of estimates. 2002James Grenning:Planning Poker 19. Image: / Kanban takes an organizations development process and providesgreater visibility into the status of the work and how it is proceeding. 2007 20. Image: / principles from lean and agile to the process of innovation,helps companies succeed in a business landscape riddled with risk.2008Eric Ries:The Lean Startup 21. Releasing high quality software fast through build, test and deployment automation.2009 ContinuousDeployment /Delivery Image: 22. 2 days, 2 streams, 337 delegates42 speakers, 6 sponsors2009 AgileAustralia 23. Days?HappyImage: Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television 24. Looking ForwardImage: 25. Agile DefinedImage: 26. So manyflavours!Image: 27. Agile? TextbookImage: 28. PureAgile?28Image: 29. Agile?Drunk onImage: 30. JoePublicJust give me the process. I want to deliver something!mage: Columbia Pictures Television 31. Raccoon!Image: 32. couch friends on the Lets get somemage: Warner Bros. Television 33. CraigSmith@smithcdau 34. SimonBristow@simonbristow 35. Nigel Dalton@nxdnz 36. David Joyce@dpjoyce 37. Deliver#deliverCImage: Woodland Animations 38. CLets ponderthe AgileManifestoResponding to change over following a plan 39. C And theunderlyingprinciples Build projects around motivatedindividuals. Give them theenvironment andsupport they need,and trust them toOur highest priority get the job to satisfy the Agile processescustomer promote sustainable through early anddevelopment. Thecontinuous deliverysponsors, developers,of valuable software. and users should beable to maintain aconstant pace indefinitely. 39 40. 11 years CImage: 41. crossed We havethe chasmCImage: 42. PracticesTechnicalCImage: 43. Processes CImage: 44. Software CImage: 45. Team LevelAgile: WereGood At The DImage: Universal Television 46. agile jobs advertised on SEEK (AU/NZ)S1200Success1000= Jobs 800 600 400 2000 Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1 2005 20062007 200820092010 2011 2012 47. Feeling The Love Areas Not SImage: 48. N Agileoutside of IT 49. Adapt#adaptCImage: Paramount Pictures 50. Decline?Renew or CImage: 51. level?What isthe next CImage: 52. yet? Level 1Have we completed 52 CImage: 53. C The AgileSlider AgileTragileFragile 54. SilverBulletof the The TrapSImage: 55. Agile Outof the Box DImage: 56. D Why arepeople stilldoingWaterfall? 57. but not Promised delivered? NImage: 58. Collaborate#collabCImage: 59. Tools & Developers = Craftsmanship 61 CImage: Touchstone Television 60. QualityTesters =62 CImage: 61. Analysts =the Problem Understanding 63 CImage: Heel & Toe Films / Shore Z Productions / Bad Hat Harry Productions / Universal Media 62. TogetherThe BunchLeaders = Keep 64 CImage: Redwood Productions / Paramount Television 63. High CPerformingAnalyst / AgileCustomer Project Elaborat