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  • Agile Fury Swiftly Countering With Sidhes and High Attack

  • There have always been players that have defended with high attack stats

    and a massive scout wall / buffer and with those high attack stats even

    scouts are able to kill troops easily.

    Since we have also now the Sidhe Corruptors ( Horsed troop) in play ,I

    decided to test them in their Defensive capacity, meaning when you defend

    your city.

    Sidhes have 10.000 base attack compared to Scouts who have a base

    attack of 6 and the Sidhes Speed, Range & Life is even greater then


    You would therefore not need the same numbers as you would apply with

    Scouts and you can still keep both in the mix, in addition to the other fast

    troops like Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Hussars and the fillers like Battering

    Rams & Siegwalls in addition to the SpellCaster troops.

  • The Preset

    You see that the Preset has Bit of Range, Higher Range Debuff, High

    Attack, reasonable Defense stats, High Life, High Combat Speed in Buff &

    Debuff and Accuracy and High Accuracy Debuff and to complete

    Spellpower in buff & debuff.

    Currently I have 3 versions of the Agile Fury where certain aspects are

    higher in that version, like even Higher Attack stats, or Higher Accuracy

    Debuff or Higher Combat speed in buff or debuff.

    This depends of course, on your Cards, the level of the Cards and the

    availability of the Cards. Certain players do not have certain Uniques.

    You can be creative and apply a similar Card or even something completely


    In addition, how many troops you put up to Defend is a factor as well, but I

    always follow reasonable numbers, that in principle every Player can / could

    put on Defense. You can increase the Troop Numbers to your liking.

  • The Throne Room

  • The Cards

    The Forgotten Sigil, has 2 Different versions and yours may differ

    from the one shown here . An Other version has defense in line 5 instead of


  • The Alternative Cards

    If you do not have for example the Equitatious Candelabrum then you

    could for example use another Unique or Card in cresting.

    Same goes for banner, you can / could use a Horsed Attack banner to

    increase attacks even more and let Horsed Troops profit even more.

    Either way, be creative , but Accuracy debuff is an important stat in this

    preset , same for Combat Speed.

  • The Reports

  • Interesting to see why the SiegeWalls were NOT engaged in these


  • Notes: an interesting glitch is that the SiegeWalls are not always engaged

    altough the rule for Siegwalls is that they should be engaged before

    other troops can be engaged.

    In general the flame archers and sidhes were sacced. All the Important

    stats for Sidhes are in the Preset, Attack, Defense, Life,

    CombatSpeed, Accuracy & Accuracy Debuff, and even Range.

    Sidhes have HIGH Base Accuracy against a lot of troops. Against

    Siegewalls they have an Accuracy of 3. They are killers of High

    Defense troops and the Shield of Shield Sorcerors

    Other troops have a LOW Accuracy against them, so you can

    enhance that greatly with Accuracy Debuff.

    The Shields were still involved in battles due to Spellpower creating the


    Happy Gaming

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    it leaves also many people clueless. The objective of these tutorials, is to teach, learn, educate players so ALL players have

    a better under understanding of the game. The more players participate, the better the overall experience is for all players.

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