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Transcript of Agent Assist - Real Estate Goal Planner

Goals YOUR GOALS ANALYSISAGENT ASSIST 5.0Name: Your Name HereThis is a sample of Agent AssistCompany: exp RealtyThe Goal Planner is just one part Yearly Goals Beginning:1/1/15of this powerful application.

InformationFeel free to sample this and thesales tracking tab below to seeAverage Sales Price: $250,000 just how Agent Assist can help Company Commission:3.0%
: Enter the average sales price of the properties in your geographical with your business.Your Commission Split:80%
: Enter your Realtor Commission Rate.3% is the standard in California per side.

Weeks for Vacation:2
: Enter your commission split after desk fees, broker fees etc. Usually between 50%-90%.DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY AT:Work Weeks for Year:50
: Enter the number of weeks you will be taking for vacation.AgentGoalPlanner.comBusiness Days per Week:5Business Hours per Day:816.6666666666667
: Enter the number of days you plan to work.

Total Annual Hours:2,000
: Enter the number of hours per day you will work. Target Income:$100,000 7.23575912157884Progress AnalysisWorth per Hour:$50
: **Very Important**Enter your desired income goal for the year.Commission per Sale:$6,000 Actual Average Sales Price$574,667# of Sales Made:#ERROR!:parse# Months Remaining:7Closed SalesActual Average Commission$13,820
: *IMPORTANT*Enter months remaining foraccurate progress analysis!

Commissions to Date$82,922Needed for Year17Needed per Month1.42Closed Sales Needed to GoalNeeded per Week0.34Needed for Year to Goal8Appointments: 1 Closed Sale = 4AppointmentsNeeded per Month#ERROR!:parse
: This number can be changed based on your own personal experience and past successful results.Needed per Week#ERROR!:parse

Needed for Year68Needed per Month5.67Appts. Needed to GoalNeeded per Week1.36 Needed per Day0.27Needed for Year#ERROR!:parseNeeded per Month#ERROR!:parseContacts: 1 Appt. = 35Contacts Needed per Week#ERROR!:parse
: This number can be changed based on your own personal experience and past successful results.Needed per Day#ERROR!:parseNeeded for Year2380Needed per Month198.33Contacts Needed to GoalNeeded per Week47.60Needed per Day9.52Needed per Year1120 Needed per Month160.00Needed per Week40.00Contact Us: 707 646-1876Needed per Day8.00

SalesDO NOT REMOVE SAMPLESJUST REPLACE THEM WITHYOURPERSONALSALESSalesSales PriceCompany CommissionPersonal Commission SplitTotalFees312 eldert st $670,000
: Enter the property address and city.6.0%
: Enter the sales price the property closed at.60.00%
: Enter the Company commission amount.$24,120
: Enter your personal commission split.$500.00
: This field calculates your total commission earned to date.

: Enter any fees incurred during transaction.378 halsey st $1,200,0002.5%60.00%$18,000$0.00123 Abc Street$320,0003.0%60.00%$5,760$250.00789 Xyz Street$479,0003.0%60.00%$8,622$0.00 5475 Apple Drive$249,5003.0%70.00%$5,240$0.002020 Murtle Drive $529,5005.0%80.00%$21,180$200.00$0$0$0$0$0 $0$0$0$0$0$0 $0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0Call Brad Andersohn at 100!$0$0Averages$574,6673.8%65.00%$13,820$158.33Total$3,448,000
: Your Actual Average Sales Price To Date.
: Your Actual Average Commission Split.$82,922
: Your Actual Average Personal Commission Split after fees.$950.00
: Your average commissions earned to date.

: Your average of fees year to date.6.0

: Your Total Sales Volume year to date.
: Your Actual Income in commissions Year to date.
: Your Actual Fees Paid out Year to Date.Type in Total Income From 2012 Type in Total Income From 2013 Type in Total Income From 2014

Source Source of Business Tracking

SourceTransactions Farming 2Client Referral1Internet1Other0Auction0Door Knocking0 Floor Call0Just Listed0Just Sold0MLS0Blogging0Agent Referral2Cold Call1Flyer0Magazine0Networking1News Ad0Open House0OTHER0Radio Ad0TV Ad0

Total Business Generated8

Buyer CostClosing CostsClosing Costs EstimatorFebruary 20, 2015Buyers WorksheetBilly and Joanne BuyersBuyers Purchase TransactionTerm of loan30
: Enter Your Buyers NamesyearsPlease call for prepared estimate of closing costs. Because each situation is unique, a complete, accurate estimate of your costs is beyond the scope of this form. Form based on typical Resale closing costs. Purchase Price$400,000
: Enter The Loan Term in Years.

Loan amount$249,000
: Enter The Purchase PriceLoan to value ratio45%
: Enter The Loan Amount.Interest rate5.000%Bank Closing costs
: Enter Interest RateThis section can be used to create a personal message to Discount points$100your client, or add special instructions that may not be includedFunding and review fee$405on this worksheet. Add additional notes or comments here.Payment processing fee ($200 without auto-payment from your bank account)$0Wire transfer fee$35Credit reportPrinciple and interest payment$1,336.69Loan service feeTaxes$270.00Tax registration$81Insurance$0.00Appraisal (fee varies)$300Private mortgage insurance*$0.00Flood certification$113Total payment to bank$1,606.69Other $0Pre-paid items0Total bank closing costs$1,034Estimated 15 days of pre-paid interest*$519Title company charges (call title company for accurate quote)Tax escrow (2 or more months)$0Lender's title insurance$300Insurance escrow (2 or more months)$0Owner's title insurance (optional but recommended)$6,000
: See Schedule of FeesFirst year's insurance policy cost$650Other estimated title company charges$290
: See Schedule of FeesTotal pre-paid expenses$1,169Survey (may not be needed on refinance)$400
: Contact Your Fidelity Escrow OfficerProperty value$400,000Total title company charges$6,990Down Payment$20,000Government fees
: Confirm With Your First American Escrow OfficerLoan amount$249,000
: Enter the Down Payment AmountCalifornia Intangible tax$760$0County document stamps$872Closing costs$9,756 Government recording fee$100Pre-paid costs$1,169Total Government fees$1,732 TOTAL CLOSING COSTS$9,756Needed at Close *This worksheet is an estimated breakdown of costs. It is ONLY an Estimate!
: Remember, These are only Estimates*Prepaid interest varies from $0 to a full month's interest
: Remember, this is only an estimate. Actual amounts may be different depending on variables **Private mortgage insurance may be different with variables such as credit score and other factors

MktgPlan of ActionCompletion StepsTarget DateDate Complete Call Us for More Details:We offer a wide variety of Target Marketing IdeasUse this sheet to create nichesTarget Marketing instead of Geographic Farming For Sale By OwnerContact Owner to Preview / Ask for Buyers

Expired ListingsTrace back 1 year all expired listings / Review The Anniversary FarmSend anniversary letter to all homes celebrating 5 yrs Target Market InvestorsOut of State / Country Owners Past Client ProspectingContact past clients monthly for referrals Million Dollar FarmContact all $1,000,000 and above properties 1 year Create your own marketing ideaContact Us to obtain the information and data 500K Renters in Your CountyContact all renters with a $2000.00/mo payment

That Dog won't hunt farm?Clients from previous realtor now gone from Company

The Buyer FarmContacts from Moving Sales, Garage Sales etc.

Notice of Default FarmPeople not making payments on MortgageThe Seller FarmOwner Occupied homes for 10 - 20 years any area. The Investor FarmOwners of Multiple Residential Properties. (6 min.)Zillow For Sale By Owners Zillow Make Me MovesZillow Pre-Market PropertiesZillow Rentals

Sellers Cost Agent Assist Closing CostESTIMATED WORKSHEETSeller:The SellersEscrow #:5911056TMK:1-2-4-003-4598Officer:Officers Name

Created for: Mr and Mrs Sally Sellers Seller DebtCreditDescriptionDebitCredit$1,200,000.00Sales Price / Consideration
: Enter all Debts and Costs including Loan Balance in this ColumnDeposit Retained (Paid Outside Escrow)
: Enter all Seller Credits in this column including Sales Price of Property.

Deposit By:
: Enter The Property Sales Price Here

Deposit By:

10% FIRPTA First MortgageSecond MortgageAgreement of Sale

Pay Real Property TaxesPay Assessment

Prorate Taxes Fr: ToProrate Lease Rent Fr: ToProrate Maint. Fr: ToProrate Fire Ins Fr: ToProrate Int. at % Fr: ToProrate Rent:Transfer Security Deposit

(Enter Sales Commission Below 3 - 6 %)$72,000.006%

$370,000.00Existing Lender
: Don't Forget to enter The Sales Commission Amount here

Existing Lender

$25.00Recording / Release of Mortgage$65.00Wire Fee for Payoff

$26.04Financing Statement / Lien Check$10.00Recon Tracking FeeCollection Account Setup fee$25.00Notary Fee$1,893.00Title Search / Policy$1,135.00Escrow FeeAdditional Documentation ReproductionMailing Service Charge$10.00Courier Handling Fees

$160.00Drafting DeedConsent Fee$450.00Ternite InspectionTransfer Fee$1,500.00Staking / SurveyPool ReportService Fee

Debt Balance$447,299.04Credit Balance$1,200,000.00Estimated Sellers Proceeds$752,700.96

RenterWhy Rent?Better To InvestMonthly Rent10 yrs15 yrs20 yrs25 yrs30 yrs$500.00$77,691.14$133,641.47$205,516.83$297,754.85$416,129.32$600.00$93,169.37$160,373.37$246,620.20$357,305.83$499,355.18$700.00$108,697.60$187,102.26$287,723.57$416,856.80$582,581.04$800.00$124,225.82$213,831.16$328,826.93$476,407.77$665,806.91$900.00$139,754.05$240,560.05$369,930.30$535,958.74$749,032.77$1,000.00$155,282.28$267,288.94$411,033.67$595,509.71$832,25