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Transcript of AGC Winter Conference CPM Schedule Review Workshop · PDF fileAGC Winter Conference CPM...

  • Lowell Lingo, PEDan Moore, PEMary Harding

    December 2015

    AGC Winter ConferenceCPM Schedule Review Workshop

  • Presenter

    Lowell E. Lingo, PE

    15 Years of Experience

    MO Project Management Office

    Region 7 Planning Office

    Project Management for the Bridge Program

    MO Office of Structures

    Bridge Inspections (Prudent)

    Bridge Design (Sear-Brown)


  • Presenter

    Dan Moore, PE

    23+ Years at NYSDOT

    MO Project Management Office

    MO Legal, Claims Unit

    6 years Region 1 Construction

    EIC / PM

    Work on I-87 Exit 6 Single Point Urban Interchange

    16 years Region 1 Design



    Squad Leader


  • Presenter

    Mary Harding

    9.5 Years at NYSDOT

    1 year MO Project Management Office

    4 years MO Local Programs Bureau

    SRTS and TAP Program Management

    4 years MO External Relations Community Relations

    State and Local Government Relations


  • Course Agenda

    PMO Introduction

    I. NYSDOT Requirements for Scheduling

    II. Improved Business Processes for Scheduling

    III. PMO Assistance with High Level P6 schedule Review

    a) Importance of Schedule attributes

    b) Monthly Schedule Reports

    c) Benefits of a P6 Schedule as a Communication Tool


  • Project Management Office

    Established February 2014

    To provide project management, support and services for the Departments major projects and the capital program

    Identify opportunities to standardize project management practices in Planning, Design and Construction

    Focus on continuous improvement associated with on-time and on-budget delivery

    Consolidated scheduling responsibilities from Offices of Design and Construction

    High level and detailed schedule review


  • PMO Management Structure

    Director Eric Celia

    Construction Project Management Lowell Lingo

    Planning and Design Project Management Dan Moore

    Reporting & Performance Measures Janet Simson

    Training and Communication Mary Harding

    *Policy and Governance - TBD


  • Handouts

    This presentation

    Schedule Report Samples

    Schedule Checklist

    Schedule Importer Instructions

    Process for Automated Access Request Form


  • Project Goals











    Common Goals

  • Project Management KnowledgeAreas Include:











    How does a Project Schedule support the above PM practices ?

  • Integration Management

    Coordinated interaction


    Coordinates all activities via logic

    Defines how all parties interact and perform

    Provides a written record of the construction execution plan

  • Time Management

    Coordinated timing and execution of activities

    Plan to achieve on-time delivery


    Coordinates, allocates and measures performance

    Document and analyze time impacts if they occur

    Understand time related impacts

    Measure consequences of delays & impacts

  • Budget Management

    Planned Cost vs Actual Costs for on-budget delivery


    Can be cost loaded

    Can manages budget accountability and predict possible delay costs of impacts

  • Quality Management

    Ensures quality standards and requirements are met


    Baseline schedule formation should ensure that all quality standards are contemplated & met

    Incorporate all required elements to ensure quality

    Ensures consistency across the state

  • Resource Management

    Planned resources vs Actual resources


    Allows resources to be managed and measured during project execution

    Allows understanding of needed resources based on planned work or altered work

    Allows resource forecasting

  • Communications Management

    Plan, measure and control communication

    CPM: Allows planning, documenting and communicating the

    execution plan

    Uses reports, layouts and status to determine Responsible party

    On-schedule or Late

    Critical Path

    Identify impacts to whom, what, and when via the schedule

    Formalizes discussion of plan in documented format to share and exchange information

  • Risk Management

    Plan, identify and analyze risk

    Identify risk response to control risk


    Understand impacts of risk from scope change

    Performance measurement

    Impacts to critical path can be analyzed, monitored and controlled

    Forecast impacts

  • Stakeholder Management

    Manage and control stakeholders


    Identifies who does what and when

    Understand performance impacts to project

    External stakeholder identification .business impacted, traveling public impacts by schedule changes

  • A high quality, up-to-date project schedule is much more than just a Time Management

    tool !

    It facilitates many of the Project Management practices necessary to achieve a successful

    project !

  • I. NYSDOT Requirements for Scheduling

  • P6 Schedule Requirements

    Work in the NYSDOT Primavera P6 Environment

    Log-in through Citrix

    Get involved early!

    Timely baseline submission after Award

    Know who to contact

    CPM Scheduling Section [email protected]


  • NYSDOT Resources


  • Specification Requirements

    NYSDOT Type 2 Scheduling Spec (Item 639.xxxx) HDM Chapter 21 references when this applies

    CPM Schedule Submission on Primavera P6 Software

    Prepared on NYSDOT network servers

    Revise and update the progress schedule

    Use it in planning, coordinating and performing all work

    Shall accurately depict the entire scope of work

    Narratives are required


  • Specifications

    NYSDOT Scheduling Specification details

    Preconstruction Schedule Meeting

    Three types of Baseline Schedules

    Draft Baseline Schedule

    Baseline Progress Schedule at Award

    Final Baseline Progress Schedule at Award

    Progress Update Schedules


  • Rules for Baseline Progress Schedule at Award

    Contractor to submit 10-days after Award

    Logical and realistic plan to execute the requirements of the contract

    This is the full Baseline Schedule submission

    Contractors plan at the time of Bid

    Requires full in-depth review

    Baseline Schedule Includes: Schedule



  • What should be in Baseline Schedule?

    All physical activity to complete the work detailed in the plans

    Procurement process

    Important Milestones

    Contractual constraints

    3rd party work that affects project (utilities)

    More if it can affect the schedule it should be in the schedule


  • What Should be in a Baseline Narrative


    Project name, location

    Contractor name

    Contract Award Date

    Current Contract Completion Date

    Scheduled completion of all work

    Interim milestone dates

    General approach to the work

    Reasons for sequencing in schedule

    Resource limitations

    Potential conflicts and issues

    Critical and near-critical work elements

    3rd party influences

    NYSDOT influences

    Key plans

    Identify acronyms and abbreviations


  • Preconstruction Schedule Meeting

    At the Preconstruction Schedule Meeting:

    Bring draft BL to facilitate discussion:

    Scheduling of project activities

    Resolve questions regarding contract requirements

    WBS structure

    Proposed Calendars and Activity Codes

    Milestones and Time-Related Clauses


  • Best Practices

    Get to a Baseline Quickly

    Think about during bid process

    Recommend system access early

    At-Risk development possible

    NYSDOT can assist with draft baseline review

    Ask questions/clarify as needed


  • II. Improved Business Processes for Scheduling

    Schedule data exporterOn-line, automated request forms

    P6 15.1 UpgradeSchedule Manual

    Monthly Schedule Reports


  • Schedule Importer Upload new data from

    any CPM Software to Department systems

    Data directly entered into an Excel spreadsheet, or using copy/paste functionality from external systems.

    Bulk Upload Template allows Contractors to create schedule logic in their own environment without the risk of corrupting NYSDOT global data.


  • Automated Access Request Form Expedites the issuance of a P6 account

    Form completed and submitted on-line.

    Sign and notarize and scan to return.

    Upload of required documentation saves time and reduces the potential for data-entry error

    Identify your User ID/Log on in the Application to have new projects added

    Please remember to notify the PMO if an employee is no longer assigned to a project so the Department can remove that users access to the software application and project data.


  • P6 15.1 Upgrade

    Goal to complete by end of 2015

    Corrects known bug