Affordable Art Fair Fall 2011 Fair Guide

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Information, exhibitor listings, floorplans for the Fair's fall 2011 edition

Transcript of Affordable Art Fair Fall 2011 Fair Guide

  • Let arttake

    New York CitySeptember 22-25, 2011 7 West 34th Street

  • Fair Hours

    Thursday September 22 1PM-9PM

    *4PM-9PM Free admission sponsored by

    Friday September 23 1PM-8PM

    Saturday September 24 11AM-8PM

    Sunday September 25 11AM-6PM

    Fair Location7 W New York7 West 34th Street

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    Save the DateApril 18-22, 2012The next Affordable Art Fair NYC, April 2012, will present all different artists. We will have returning favorite exhibitors and new ones too. Mark your calendars now and do not miss the special events, programs, and exhibitors.

    Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2012April 18-22, 20127 West 34th Street


    Judith PineiroDirector

    Annie GuillFair Manager, Sponsors and Programs

    Nikki IacovellaFair Manager, Exhibitor Relations

    Stef GordonController

    Ramsay Fairs Office20 West 22nd Street, Suite 1512New York, NY 10010 USAT +1 212 255 2003F +1 212 255

    Will RamsayOwner, Ramsay Fairs

    Anne RobinsonManaging Director, Ramsay Fairs, U.S.


    T +1 646 755

    Public Relations

    T +1 212 242

    Lead Creative and Design

    T +1 212 645 0565F +1 212 807

    All Fair images:Courtesy of Alejandro Ben Chimol

    Disclaimer: While the event organizer and publishers of this guide make all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information published, they cannot accept responsibility for any error, omissions, or claims made in the guide or at the Fair.

  • 3Affordable

    Art FairNew York


    4. While what constitutes "affordable" is subjective, there is almost certainly work available to suit most budgets. Many galleries offer installment plans, take credit cards, or have perhaps an unframed work or smaller print that may just be more in your budget!

    5. After you walk around the Fair, take a few moments to reflect on what you like and consider your top choices. If you decide to wait and come back tomorrow, dont be surprised if your favorite work has been sold!

    6. Enjoy the Fair! The Affordable Art Fair NYC is a fun event, so have a good time. Join in a program, meet an artist, or take a break in our caf.

    1. You have your Fair Guide great start! As you walk around, make notes about the galleries or works of art you liked.

    2. Dont be afraid to ask questions! Speaking to exhibitors is a great way to gain exclusive insight, and they are always happy to talk about the artists they represent.

    3. While keeping your options open, try to envision where in your home or office you may want to place an artwork. Choosing to buy a piece of art is a personal decision and often made because a work "speaks" to you. However, it is also okay to take into consideration practical matters such as the size of the wall in your living room!

    Helpful Tips

    Patricia BarrowmanKweit2010Paper and metal structure17 x 22 x 11 in$1,500galerie MX, Booth B-6

    Juan PajaresJim (detail)2011Mixed media on canvas27 x 19 in$1,500Villa del Arte galleries, Booth D-1/D-2

    Emilio Jimenez Paisaje (detail)2007Mixed media on wood panel39 x 20 in$1,499Art Angler, Booth E-12

    Aurora Hernando Senoritas (detail) 2011Serigraphy on ceramic 11 x 11 x 5 in$440STANDARTE, Booth A-3

    Sofia Pomar Lighting 2011Mixed media 8 x 8 in$280Consorcio de Arte, Booth F-5

    Norman Lerner New York Grand Central Station Waiting Room 1952 photograph 19 x 13 in$1,, Booth A-10

  • Micah Ganske Tomorrow LandBooth A-2Hosted by, join artist Micah Ganske for a talk on the relationship science and technology have with his work, as well as their implications on the future of art. SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 1PM

    Art for Interiors, a ForecastBooth A-7Join Bill Indursky, the Co-Founder of (Vintage and Modern), as he shares upcoming trends in art and interiors.SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 2PM

    SundAy SePTeMber 25 1PM

    How to Create Your Own Approach to Collecting PhotographyBooth A-7Robert McNeely, former Chief Photographer for President Clinton and curator of VandMs inaugural photography exhibit, will share what he likes in collecting photography and how to form your own opinion and viewpoints. SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 3PM

    How to Select, Purchase, and Care for Your Growing Collection: Advice from the ExpertsBooth A-2Chrissy Crawford, Director/Founder,; Andrew Gristina, Fine Art Department of Travelers Insurance; Liz Dimmitt, Gawkers art writer and curator; and Nick Lamina, Director of Von Lintel Gallery, will guide you through the process of starting and maintaining an art collection.SundAy SePTeMber 25 2PM

    FrEE ADMISSION Sponsored by Enjoy the Affordable Art Fair NYC with complimentary admission by Nespresso. For proud purchasers of art, Nespresso has an added gift. For all visitors, stop by the Affordable Art Fair Visitor Information Lounge (Booth E-1) for a complimentary sample of Nespresso.ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 4PM-9PM

    Choosing Art for Every roomBooth A-10Hosted by, join Real Simples Senior Home Editor, Kelley Carter, as she shares her expert tips for decorating with art in every room.ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 5PM

    Finding Art You LoveBooth welcomes Jon Call, from Mr. Call Designs, as a special guest curator to talk about personal tips on finding and collecting art you will love for life.FridAy SePTeMber 23 5PM

    Art Favorites from the ExpertsBooth A-10Join Founder Pete Borowsky and Co-Founder Randy Engler as they review favorite art pieces and collecting tips from the best of Zatista.coms Guest Curator Series including interview quotes from experts in the art, design and fashion industries.SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 12PM

    recent Graduate Booth Booth A-BPhotographs, Pictures, and Images (PPI) Curated by mr. and mrs. amani olu, this exhibition includes works from recent graduates John Cyr, Beatriz Diaz, Artie Veirkant, and others. PPI explores photographys loaded history as a recording device and todays less rigid and definable function as a tool for experimentation and abstract conceptualization.

    Artist ToursBooth A-0Hosted by Art Dossier, join featured artists for guided tours of their top picks at the Fair. The curated tour will give visitors and collectors a new look at an art fair through the eyes of an artist. Each artist will focus on specific mediums that relate directly to their own work. ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 3PM

    FridAy SePTeMber 23 3PM

    SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 3PM

    SundAy SePTeMber 25 3PM

    The Invisible Dog Art Centers Open Artist StudioBooth A-ANew York artists, the Ladd brothers, Steven and William, will move their studio to the Fair; get a peek behind the curtain as they make glass bead panels on the loom, paper grenades, and anything else that strikes their fancy. WedneSdAy SePTeMber 21 6PM-9PM

    ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 6PM-9PM

    FridAy SePTeMber 23 6PM-8PM

    SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 12PM-2PM

    SundAy SePTeMber 25 12PM-2PM


    AffordableArt Fair

    New YorkCity

  • The Affordable Art Fair is for all ages! Children (under 12) attending the Fair receive free admission and a fun activity pack including a booklet designed by

    The Affordable Art Fairs LoungeChildren can come play in the lounge while looking at the art hung on the walls just for them. Kindly remember, stay with your LittleCollector.

    Kids FunAnnex 7Hosted by, artist Larry Moss will create art with the unusual media of balloons. This opportunity gives children the chance to experience art as something fun and exciting. No museum lecture about the Old Masters; and no party balloon animals. You have to see it to believe it!SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 3PM

    SundAy SePTeMber 25 3PM

    Caf Annex Take a break at our Caf for delicious food and stellar service by Monterone Inc!

    FramingAnnex 5Interested in framing a work you purchased at Affordable Art Fair NYC? Stop by Chelsea Frames at the Fair to find out more.WedneSdAy SePTeMber 21 6PM-9PM

    ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 4PM-9PM

    SATurdAy SePTeMber 24 12PM-8PM

    SundAy SePTeMber 25 12PM-6PM

    ShippingAnnex 3Is that painting too big for a taxi ride? Dont want to bring it out to dinner? We have a desk on site, where you can schedule a delivery with Welpak Corp.

    Wrapping StationAnnex 2Fair visitors will be able have their purchased artwork secured with professional packaging, at no cost!

    Features Kids

  • Private PreviewJoin the party and see the Fair first! WedneSdAy SePTeMber 21 6PM-9PM

    Free Admission Sponsored by

    Enjoy the Affordable Art Fair NYC with complimentary admission by Nespresso. For proud purchasers of art, Nespresso has an added gift. For all visitors, stop by the Affordable Art Fair Visitor Information Lounge for a complimentary sample of Nespresso.

    ThurSdAy SePTeMber 22 4PM-9PM

    Ian TraskHere Be Monsters, 2011CardboardIn affiliation with The Invisible Dog Art Center, Booth A-AWe are surrounded by trash monsters! As society continues to explore the frontiers of science and technology, what will we do with the unforeseen waste created in the pursuit of change?

    1-900-PAN-TONE, 2011Plastic pantone chips28 x 29 inIn affiliation with The Invisible Dog Art Ce