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Barter deals on outdoor hoardings have been offered by Global Advertisers for quite some time now. Barter deals involve an exchange of goods or services produced by the client with Hoardings/Billboard display of the same value. \nI helps to use Outdoor Advertisement to market one\'s goods or services while not using one\'s cash reserves. Global Advertisers OOH Media works very well as they own Hoardings/ Billboards at Premium locations in the heart of the commercial power house that is India - Mumbai. This is where the action is after all.\n In addition to Billboards, Global is known for its \n1. Neon Sign work, \n2. Rotational Plans, \n3. Bus Media, \n4. Railway Media and \n5. Airport Media. \nGlobal Advertisers owns Gantries and Flyover Panels at some of the busiest sites in Mumbai. \nVisit to know more about outdoor advertising special packages. \nFor Booking, Call Now at 9820082849 / 9820797773.\n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advertising Ideas- Global Advertisers

Advertising Ideas- Global AdvertisersMumbai-based Indian advertising giant Global Advertisers has widespread presence across domestic and international airports across India. With over 18 years of experience in airport media, a close eye on air travel statistics in India and the widest range of media that includes billboards, hoardings, gantries, airport bus media, kiosks, airport branding, traffic islands, bus media and in-flight branding, Global specializes in Airport-based media plans at unbeatable rates.

Whatever your brand, product or target demographic, our Airport Media team helps you create a media plan that is suited to your requirements and budget. For airport media plans that work, at extremely reasonable budgets, trust Global Advertisers!

Call Amit Gupta on 9820797773 to understand how you can book our hoardings now and pay through EMI later or log on to