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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of other photographerswork (P1, M1, D1)Photographer: Jonathan Knowles1. Natural Beauty Campaign

2. 2.3. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. 6. 6. Theme or focus of imagesJonathan Knowles is an established photographer in the advertising industry. The purpose ofphotography that advertises products is to entice consumers into buying the product you'reselling.Jonathan Knowles work is very simplistic yet puts the point across effectively.Image 1 is for a natural beauty campaign launched in 2013. By choosing to only photographthe subject, it shows us that she is the focal point of the image. Jonathan Knowles hasexcluded all eye catching scenery and used a simplistic backdrop so that all our attention ison her. The subjects pose is very natural rather than forced, this allows them to convey themessage they're putting across perfectly- a smile can make anyone beautiful.The rest of the images I have chosen to look at are all advertisements for alcoholicbeverages. Again the images are very simplistic In that they simply contain an image of thedrink itself in front of a studio setting backdrop or of a person holding the drink. In thoseinstances the image of the hand holding the drink is very crisp and clear whilst the backdrophas been completely blurred out- this is so all our focus is placed onto the object they're tryingto sell.Both images 5 and 6 consist of natural lighting and convey the idea of the beverages beingrefreshing with the use of bright eye catching colours. Images 3 and 4 have both been shotwithin a studio setting, therefore artificial lighting has been used- this is more obvious inimage 4 in which we see a glass of carlings within a dark setting with a spotlight placeddirectly on it.In the final edits of the posters, it's clear to us that the Guttenburg design layout has beenused. Within the primary optical are we see some sort of statement and the beverage itselfthen in the terminal area we see either the logo or continuity of the photo of the drink.Photoshop has been used to manipulate the photos and add the effects we can see in thefinal edits- particularly in Image 3. By placing the advertised product in the centre of theimage, are attention is being drawn straight to it. 7. CompositionJonathan Knowles makes the object or person hes photographing the focal point ofthe photo. In all his images the photographer chooses to take close ups, thereforeexcluding all scenery that may take away our attention from the subject or object.The purpose of this is to emphasise the importance of the focal point.Techniques usedThe shutter speed In the photos varies between 1/800 and 1/1000 depending on whethernatural or artificial lighting was used. A shallow depth of field has been used in image 5 and 6,whilst the rest have a large depth of field. The rule of thirds has been applied to the Images-theproducts being advertised are within the focal point, therefore drawing our attention tothem.Strengths & WeaknessesA key strength in Jonathan Knowles images is his ability to make the product beingadvertised so crisp and clear whilst the rest of the image is blurred- it allows the objectto be the centre of attention. However, I personally believe that his images are verysimplistic and lack creativity.