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What are advertisement slogans?


  • 2. 01 Advertising slogans are short and memorable group of words used in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product. WHAT IS AN ADSLOGAN
  • 3. 01 Advertising slogans are NOT brand taglines. Taglines are created for a brand or a product and tend to last forever. Advertising slogans are more toward to a product campaign and can vary according to its target market and the audience. WHAT IS AN ADSLOGAN
  • 4. 02 An effective ad slogan needs to have the following characteristics: Memorable Easy to recall Include a key benefit What the audience can get from the product E.g. Mercedes Benz Engineered like no other car in the world HOW IT WORKS
  • 5. 02 Differentiate the brand Distinguish the brand from other brands E.g. Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach Recall the brand E.g. See the USA in your Chevrolet slogan2.htm HOW IT WORKS
  • 6. 03FUNCTIONS OF ADSLOGANS Stating the product or brand benefits.
  • 7. 03 Product distinction lawfully between competitors. FUNCTIONS OF ADSLOGANS
  • 8. 03 Generates emotion or confidence about the product or brand performance. FUNCTIONS OF ADSLOGANS
  • 9. 03 Instils a need or desire for the product or brand. FUNCTIONS OF ADSLOGANS
  • 10. 03 Aspire to be catchy and memorable, to be immortalized as taglines in our culture. FUNCTIONS OF ADSLOGANS
  • 11. 04 Slogans should be long enough to contain some words that knock on the right side of the consumer's brain. The emotional side of the brain as opposed to the left side, the logical, analytical side. - Al Ries Two Great Tastes That Tastes Great Together qZUX0 EFFECTIVE SLOGANS
  • 12. 04 Add a word. you can dramatically improve a slogan by adding a single word. EFFECTIVE SLOGANS
  • 13. 04 Memorable slogans are usually long. In order to "own a word in the mind," the stratagem to do so involves a number of words. EFFECTIVE SLOGANS
  • 14. 04 Slogans you believe in. EFFECTIVE SLOGANS
  • 15. 04 I am brazuca. Match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup from adidas Football garnered ~4million views. m/watch?v=PImQsVs XCrI&hd=1 EFFECTIVE SLOGANS
  • 16. Powerful slogans will be embedded into the minds of consumers, which enhances better recall of the particular brand. They increase the reliability of the brand. Speaks for the brand/acts as a shadow for the brand 05IMPACT ON BRANDING
  • 17. 05 Create a powerful identity. Increase desirability for the brand Builds and strengthens relationship between brands and customers: enhance customer loyalty. Emotional slogans appeal to consumers more IMPACT ON BRANDING
  • 18. 05 Predictable slogans also enable better recall of the brand. Slogans elaborate perspective for different organizations. Determines the aim of the product IMPACT ON BRANDING
  • 19. REFERENCES positively-effective-short/145755/ branding