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  • Adventures & Experiences

    Autumn term 2017

  • Welcome back to our new Autumn term and new look club

    Its been a brilliant summer and after the weeks of fun, sunshine and holiday adventures its time to settle back in and join us for an Autmn term full of exciting adventures and signature classes.

    The club has had a revamp and we hope youre enjoying the new additions as much as we are. Our classes have also had a bit of a makeover, with additional sessions of our most popular classes, a brand new Master Shapers and Mini Sculptures class in our super pottery zone and Mozarts Masterclass and Completely Classical in DJs and Divas. Well also be holding our puppet and storytime sessions in the light lab and asking all of you to be part of the story using our coloured shadows wall. Watch out for new additions to the light lab over the coming months...

    Of course we also have a term filled with brilliant weekly experiences, so you can jump in and get involved with an exciting new adventure every day. Our activities are all about encouraging multi-sensorial play and fostering creativity, exploration and discovery through art, cookery, music, movement, and active play.

    This term well be hosting our incredibly spooky Halloween bash on the 31st of October as well as welcoming Santa in early December, where, our good friend Julia Boggio will be on hand to take the perfect snap of your magical moment. You can also boogie on down at our charitable Children In Need disco, strut your stuff on the runway and be a master inventor

    Well be keeping you up to date about these and other events through our newly launched members app; on our members only area of the website; and in our Monthly Chirp Newsletter so theres no excuse to miss a thing...


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    Spring term: 15th April - 14th JulyIts as easy as 123! (9th - 15th September)The school term is back in full swing and we are welcoming in all our favourite subjects after a long summer holiday, so don a school tie and book bag as we go back to school; take to the drum kit and electric guitars for a noisy music lesson in a true school of rock style; attach googly eyes to fluffy hand sewn monster mouthed pencil cases; test your taste buds as we dip carrots in rainbow hummus and pack fruits and veggies into an ABC sponge cake; sit among our story telling class room and recite your ABCs; get those brains working in a giant mat memory matching challenge

    Strike a pose (16th - 22nd September) Calling all fashionistas, models, stylists and photographers for a week strutting the runway at Londons fashion week festival on the 21st, be sure to dress to impress! Hone your signature pose as we choreograph catwalk routines to catch the eye of fashions toughest critics; snip colourful garments from the fashion mags and get together your Autumn / Winter mood board; whip up mini avocado and beetroot biscuit canapes and blend a super grain smoothie; make the puppets do the walking and commentate on this seasons new lines; become the photographers themselves and dash about PD for the perfect snap of this seasons must haves

    A little nonsense now & then... (23rd - 29th September) September 13th marks Roald Dahls birthday and we will be supporting the authors childrens charity by reciting ridiculous rhymes, concocting marvellous medicines and dressing up as warty faced witches; journey down the chocolate river with Willy Wonka as little singing Oompa Loompas; take to the papier mache and craft a giant fluffy peach for all of Jamess bug friends; season snozcumber cakes and ice Bruces decadent chocolate gateaux; recreate Fantastic Mr Foxes most glorious mission and pinch clucking chickens from feisty farmers; grab the fishing nets and catch yourself a phizzwizard of a dream

    Lights, camera, action! (30th September - 6th October)We are getting caught up in the glitz and the glamour for a week in front of the camera to celebrate Londons film festival; put pen to paper and compose dramatic ballads to tug at the audiences heart strings; get technical by shaping cardboard and creating your very own pinhole camera; pull together crunchy crackers with a cheesy tuxedo topping and bake up marshmallow frosted popcorn muffins; get red carpet ready and read out a classic story of Romeo and Juliette; enrol in our stunt double training and recreate amazing action scenes from all your favourite films

    Columbus & the Americas (7th - 13th October) This week marks the great discovery of the Americas and we will be heading out to sea on an epic voyage to seek out new lands just like Columbus; float to DJs & Divas for a sailing adventure and bash out an on board beat with your fellow shipmates; look out for undiscovered lands with a handmade spyglass; celebrate the taste of America by munching on doughy bagels and soft butterscotch pancakes; sort through our extensive library on a fact finding mission about Columbus himself; get to grips with your north, south, east and west in a travellers game to conquer the seven seas

    Amazing inventions (14th - 20th October)Take inspiration from the great inventor Thomas Edison and celebrate his life by strapping on the thinking caps and dedicating a week to dreaming up imaginative must haves; experiment with sounds and play out your own unique music genre; let your thoughts run wild and construct robot pals in an inventive junk modelling session; discover taste sensations by kneading together your favourite ingredients to shape signature bread rolls and sprinkle spices to crack the worlds best cookie dough; pitch your imaginative inventions in our show and tell circle; come up with new playground games and test them out on your pals

    A Nordic exploration (21st - 27th October)Travel with us to the Nordics and discover a different country each day of the week by delving into fantastic foods, amazing sights and great traditions; recreate the sounds of romantic Norwegian folk music; smudge chalk and sprinkle glitter to map out the shimmering northern lights; take a taste of Sweden by shaping pork meatballs and baking mouth-watering cinnamon rolls; follow the historic travels of victorious Viking Ragnar Lodbrok; uncover the gods from Nordic myths and work together to keep the peace in the halls of Valhalla

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    A monstrously good bash (28th October - 3rd November)Things are getting a little spooky here at Purple Dragon as Halloween hits the halls on the 31st and we go in for a week trick or treating in our most terrifying get ups; perfect your zombie walk in our musical graveyard for a thriller inspired monster stomp; club together to create a giant haunted house complete with hissing cats, cackling witches and sleeping Draculas; brew up a bubbling pumpkin soup and shape white chocolate covered mummy marshmallow treats; wave cardboard puppets for a hauntingly good shadow performance; make like a true ghost buster and track down garish ghouls

    Remember remember the 5th of November (4th - 10th November) Fill the night sky with colour and light and head into a week-long fizzing frenzy filled with whizzes, bangs and whoops to mark Bonfire Night; bash out noisy drumming beats to recreate the sounds of a banging and clattering firework display; experiment with puffy paints and splay out pastel coloured firework explosions; season a sizzling banger casserole and bake fiery ginger and apple waffles; tell tall tales of gunpowder, treason and plot; snap glow sticks and head up a game of glow in the dark bowling

    Children in Need (1 1th - 17th November) Open your hearts and dig deep for a week of childlike charitable silliness in a bid to join Pudsey and help raise money for children in need; take to the stage and make like the stars in a 2017 Children in need inspired pop performance; gather pennies to donate to our Pudsey money raising mural; sift flour, knead dough and pipe out messages to make scrummy baked goods for our daily bake sale; leaf through the pages of childrens much loved stories to prove that kindness counts; join our army of painted faced Pudseys and get down at an extremely charitable disco bash

    Full of food and thanks (18th - 24th November)Its the time of year to set the table and tuck into a feast of turkey as we remember all that we are thankful for on the 23rd; get together all the ingredients for a delightful dinner in a musical memory test; write out thankful messages on autumnal leaves and add them to our thanks giving wreathes; sprinkle breadcrumbs onto mini turkey bites with oozing cranberry sauce centres and indulge on the best smooth and sweet pumpkin pie; construct a tepee and read out a story of the first thanksgiving; hunt the club for missing foods from our thanks giving shopping list and be sure to make it back in time for dinner

    Off with their heads! (25th November - 1st December) Journey with Alice through the pages of a much-loved classic and make friends with the most curious of characters on a dizzying adventure down the rabbit hole; sip silly cups of tea as we toast to a very happy unbrithday with the Mad Hatter; bring to life rose painting queens guard card soldiers; whip up Cheshire cat striped savoury muffins and experiment with deliciously bubbly drink me potions; tell a tale of being late through the eyes of the White Rabbit; take part in a terrifying game of flamingo croquet with the one and only Queen of Hearts

    Santa Claus is coming to town (2nd - 8th December)Sleigh bells are ringing here at PD, so were posting our letters, sporting festive jumpers and stringing up the Christmas lights all for a visit from the big man himself; audition to become one of Santas trusty reindeers for a bell shaking para