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    The Season of Advent was added to the Church calendar in the sixth century, as a mini-Lent to prepare us for the coming of Christmas through prayer, fasting and works of charity. Although the penitential character diminished over the years, Advent was still a season of penitential practices until the liturgical reforms of 1969.

    Changes to the Lectionary and the liturgical calendar have transformed Advent into a season of prayer-ful watching. At the start of the season, we await the second advent or coming of Christ, the King of the Ages. Only when He does not return in glory do we then turn our attention to His birth, the first coming of the Lord.

    The Sacrament of Penance is an important part of our preparation for the coming of Christ. By cele-brating the reconciliation Christ gained for us, we open our hearts and lives more fully to His love. During Ad-vent there will be eight communal celebrations within the county and several times for the individual celebra-tion of the Sacrament of Penance. (Please consult the back page for additional times.)

    DECEMBER 2013

    Volume XX Issue 12

    A newsletter of


    C H R I S T M A S : A C E L E B R AT I O N O F J OY

    The original liturgical celebrations of the birth of Christ began in the Holy Land with customs which eventually spread to the rest of the Church. Three special Liturgies proclaimed the good news. The first was celebrated in Bethlehem during the night. Afterwards the participants walked by torch light to Mt. Zion near Jerusalem for a second Mass around dawn, called the Mass of the Shepherds. Later in the day, a third Liturgy - the Mass of the Word Made Flesh - was celebrated in the Church of the Tomb of Christ. For 1700 years, these three separate Liturgies marked the birth of Christ.

    In 1969, the liturgical reforms added a fourth celebration: the Vigil Mass. We will have two Vigil Liturgies on Christmas Eve, the first will be at 4 pm. The second Vigil Liturgy, at 6:15 pm, will begin with our children dramatizing the Christmas story. This liturgy has become very popular, especially for families with younger chil-dren. The Mid-Night Mass, which will begin at 10 pm, is the primary Liturgy of Christmas and is especially beautiful. Imitating the Christmas Liturgy of the fifth century, it begins in semi-darkness. Three readings from the Old Testament remind us of how the promise of a Savior guided God's people and prepared us to hear the Good News of Jesus' birth. The morning Mass of the Shepherds (10 am) is much simpler, also very beautiful.



    Dec 4 (Wed - 7 pm) St. Mary in Pinckney Dec 9 (Mon - 7 pm) Holy Spirit in Hamburg Dec 11 (Wed - 7:30 pm) St. Augustine in Deerfield Twp Dec 12 (Thurs - 7 pm) St. Joseph in Howell Dec 15 (Sun - 3 pm) St. Agnes in Fowlerville Dec 16 (Mon. - 7:30 pm) St. Mary Magdalen Dec 19 (Thurs. - 7:30 pm) St. John in Hartland

    Dec 21 ( Sat. 9 am) St. Patrick in Brighton

    Liturgies of Christmas Eve: 4 pm + 6:15 pm + 10 pm + Christmas morning: 10 am

  • from the FINANCE COUNCIL July 2013 - June 2014

    For Month Ending October 31, 2013 Actual Actual Fiscal Annual Fiscal INCOME Oct 31 Year to Date Budget Church 101,965 448,729 1,383,725 Capital Campaign 35,639 131,020 350,000 Religious Ed/Preschool 14,160 41,672 103,000 TOTAL INCOME 151,764 621,422 1,836,725 EXPENSES Church 32,288 216,706 840,925 Building Mortgage 41,801 167,205 620,300 Religious Ed/Preschool 15,672 96,188 375,500

    TOTAL EXPENSES 89,761 480,099 1,836,725

    INCOME/(LOSS) 62,003 141,323

    REMAINING BALANCE 12/1/13 - Building Mortgage - $3,984,399

    The Members of the Finance Council


    Our 2013-14 Time & Talent Council did not meet in November because of Thanksgiving. We will have Novem-

    ber\December meeting on Thursday, December 5, at 7 pm. The Members of the Time and Talent Council


    The Pastoral Council had a very long meeting on Wednesday, November 20. While our agenda was short, it had two very important matters to discuss. The first item was a document from the Vatican on Marriage and the Family which will be used by worlds bish-ops at their next Synod a year from now. Pope Francis has asked for a broad consultation on the document before it comes before synod so that a wide range of opinions might be considered. Our bishop has asked all the Pastoral Councils in the diocese for their comments. The document itself was not long, just a few pages, but it came with a list of questions which the Council answered. All of these comments will be passed on to the diocese to be included in our diocesan response to the document. The second task was to do a final review of Vision 20\20. There are 7 goals with each having a series of strategies for how each goal might be achieved. We reviewed all our work and polished the text. At the January meeting we will decide how we will put present the plan to our parish leadership in a Directions Gathering.

    The Members of the Pastoral Council

    Rob Cooney Karen Tuthill Darlene March Ralph Hazen

    Jodi Williamsen Cindy Finelli Ted Eisenhut Ginger Bosn

    Patti Conahan Kelly Blazo Eileen Denhard Sr. Maryetta Churches

    Mary Alice Galloway Debbie Dehanke, Secretary Fr. David F. Howell

    Eric Silvestri Madelyn Gostomski David Grinnell Anne Marie Lawson

    Dick Walker Bob Henderson Chris Topley David Williamsen

    Debra Barker Dianne Hardy Ed Weber Jim Panning

    Bookkeeper, Dave Wisniewski Fr. David F. Howell

    Don Powell

    David Williamsen

    Dianne Hardy

    Ed Bixler

    Eileen Denhard

    Jill Saxton

    John Finn

    Katie Panczak

    Kristin Turner

    Rob Kehn

    Don Terns

    Sherrie Kunkel

    James Chevalier

    Dan VanTiem

    Father David Howell

    COUNCIL COMMENDATIONS The Council would like to commend Dave and Valerie Mammo who generously donated a generator for our build-ing. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated especially when we will lose our power. We are truly grateful! The Council would like to commend Darlene March and Denise Domanik for all their work, their time and their talent to provide such a memorable Halloween gathering. It was a wonderful evening of fun, food and games.


    CONFIRMATION We congratulate the 61 youth of our parish who took the final step of their Sacrament of Initiation and were confirmed! These youth and their parents worked very hard on their journey towards this Sacrament. They attended classes; worked hard at fulfilling their service hours, attended retreat and learned that together they can scale any obstacle. They prayerfully made their decision to be confirmed and accept the seal of the Holy Spirit. I would also like to thank the Confirmation team for all their hard work with our youth, led by Elizabeth Milatz. Please pray that the Spirit continues to grow in our youth and guides them in all that they do. Those confirmed are:

    Alyssa Albanelli

    Emma Allen

    Dylan Anderson

    Sofia Anderson

    Garrett Anthony

    Hayley Baerwalde

    Ryan Baravik

    Emily Barr

    Thayne Bilicki

    Katherine Black

    Peter Black

    Donald Carruthers

    Jacob Celmer

    Joey Cesarz

    Olivia Clark

    James Devine

    Jessica Fedewa

    Julianna Greenleaf

    Paul Grisdela

    Eric Habarth

    Richard Heaman

    Kathleen Heilig

    Cassie Hoisington

    Matthew Holthus

    Emma Kehn

    Daniel Keiffer

    Morgan Ketelaar

    Allison Knapp

    Jonathan Kowalski

    Cameron Kraning

    Keegan Kroll

    Abigail Krzwiecki

    Hailey Kunath

    Michael Leech

    Kristen Linck

    Eric Lindberg

    Matthew Loniewski

    Leo Lopez

    Matthew Matras

    Matthew Meredith

    Ethan Monte

    Elliott Nazarowff

    Joshua Nickerson

    Nicholas Operti

    Heather Reilly

    McKenna Resconich

    William Robinson

    Jonah Schulte

    Matthew Schutz

    Michael Slattery

    Amanda Smith

    Wilfred Stokes

    Brady Suszko

    Adam Switala

    Isabella Vincent

    Brian Weber

    Nicholas Williamsen

    Gabrielle Wink

    Emily Wolfe

    Caroline Wright

    Alexandra Wyeth

    ADVENT HANDOUTS Be sure to pick yours up after each Liturgy! After Liturgy, some of our hospitality will be offering not only color handouts for our youngest to help them remember what Mass was all about, but for the season of Advent they will have a family handout as well. These handouts will have the background to the weekly readings, faith sharing ideas and ways to get more involved to help live the read-ings each week! There are prayers for you to use as you light your Advent wreath at home as well as other infor-mation about this wonderful season!

    December Dates to Remember: During Advent, all classes will gather in Church for prayer and to light the ` Advent wreath at the beginning of class - all are welcome to join us!

    4 2nd

    Grade Parent Penance Activities 4:30/6:30 5 2

    nd Grade Parent Penance Activities 5:30

    4, 11, 18 Nativity Practice 6-6:30 11/12 2

    nd Grade First Penance

    16 Regional Penance Service here 7:30 19 Nativity