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Transcript of ADVANCING WATER - Garney Construction ... Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (City of Olathe,...

  • AUGUST 2010


    PICTURED (left to right) Chuck Berry, Weaver Superintendent   Tom Baughman, Weaver Project Manager  Mike Heitmann, Garney Vice President  Wes Weaver, Weaver President   Wayne O’Brien, Garney Vice President  Beth Melchior, Weaver Project Coordinator  Lori Short, Weaver Project Coordinator  Jeff Lacy, Garney Chief Financial Officer   Bruce Herman, Weaver Project Manager   John Jacob, Weaver Project Manager

    July 1, 2011 marked the start of Garney’s latest expansion with the acquisition of Weaver General Construction. Weaver, based out of Denver, specializes in the construction of water and wastewater facilities with an emphasis in Construction Management (CM) based delivery. Acquiring Weaver will boost Garney’s CM capabilities while gaining access to several important customers with whom Weaver has strong relationships. The new entity will be known as Weaver Construction Management, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Garney Holding Co. In addition to Weaver’s CM strengths and client relationships, we were attracted to their culture, which closely mimics the strong culture we have here at Garney. The employees of Weaver are very excited about what they hear about Garney. Likewise, all Garney employee- owners welcome the Weaver folks into the Garney family. Wes Weaver, the founder and owner of the company, will remain on board for about three years,

    WEAVER CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Garney Welcomes Newest Business Unit!

    prior to retiring, to give us plenty of time to transition his operations and customer relationships over to the new Weaver. This new business unit will create many opportunities for current Weaver and Garney employee-owners. “Build for the next project,” has always been the basis for Weaver’s vision and philosophy. This means that the Owner’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Owner satisfaction comes with providing the project on time, within budget, and with the highest quality. It is also an approach of a complete team effort with involvement from the Owner, Engineer, and all contractors on a job site. Weaver has been in business since 1951. Throughout the history of Weaver, numerous educational facilities, office buildings, hotels, factories, and industrial plants have been completed successfully and to the Owner’s complete satisfaction. The stability of our company is not only accented by its longevity, but also by the

    compatibility of its employees. Many of our key personnel have been working together for more than 25 years. Throughout its long history, Weaver has performed work for numerous repeat clients who substantiate the quality of work. They are a hometown company in the Denver area, and their great reputation is vital to continued work. We now have an opportunity to learn from Weaver’s strengths as well as show them the strengths of Garney, thereby enabling both organizations to continue leading the water and wastewater industry. Garney has a unique culture. It is a culture of high expectations and strong core values. Once an employee- owner becomes engrained in our culture, they become totally committed to our cause. We are fortunate to have acquired a dedicated, hard-working team of people at Weaver and we look forward to tackling new opportunities with our combined forces. ◊


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    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Arrowhead Transmission Main, Phase 2 (City of Kansas City, Missouri) Job 4338—$9.9 million Project Manager: Ed Rolf Superintendent: Matt French

    Top Left: Left to right—Duane Mantel, John Shea, Ron Scott, Josh Hill, Kenny Wiseman, Matt French, Trent Sapp

    Top Right: Setting the final joint of 66” steel pipe inside the KCMO main water treatment plant.

    Second from Top: Cleanup inside the treatment plant area.

    Third from Top: Trench cap preparation for the 54” steel line installed in North Oak Trafficway under I-29.

    Bottom Left: Josh Hill and Trent Sapp install an insulating gasket.

    Bottom Middle: Dropping in a 72” reducing cross at the treatment plant.

    Bottom Right: Crew removing the existing line to install the upsized 72” steel water line.


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    OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA WC—0468 Phase II 42” Transmission Waterline

    (Oklahoma City Water Utilities) Job 4356—$8.5 million Project Manager: Chad Sharbono Superintendent: Mike Swift

    Crew: Jay Robertson, Truitt Thompson, Charles Griffin, David Shade, Dwayne Harper, Fletter Stoudemire, Alfonzo Stoudemire, Juan Nino, Clint Muzzy

    Top: Mike Swift and crew push a tunnel underneath W. Hefner Road in Oklahoma City.

    Bottom: View of pipe installation from the top of Lake Hefner Dam.

    Submitted by Chad Sharbono

    JOBS SHOTS LONE TREE, COLORADO Lone Tree Basin No. 2 (Denver Water) Job 6593—$7.5 million Project Manager: Brock Southwick Superintendents: Brad Juracek Project Engineers: Lou Jauregui Shane O’Brien

    Crew: Jose Castro, Bernardino Castro, Elizar Castro, Ramon Castro, Samuel Hernandez, Miguel Castro, Gabriel Diaz

    Right: Pouring the new inlet valve sump, filled by a 54” steel inlet line which ties in near an existing 10 MG tank located within yards of the excavation. The tank slab placement is currently slated for the first week of October. 

    Inset: An aerial view of the excavation for the new 10 MG tank. Roughly 100,000 CY of material was excavated, along with an extensive lime treatment operation due to the expansive soils.

    Submitted by Shane O’Brien



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    Pink Zone Water Storage Tank (Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District) Job 6590—$1.0 million Project Manager: Matt Wampler Superintendent: John Wright Project Engineer: Brett Green

    Crew: Jose Alvarez, Carlos Alvarez, Eley Alvarez, Manuel Bencomo, Jesus Chavez, Arturo Galvan, Miguel Luna, Francisco Ramirez, Max Solorzano, Nate Walker

    Top: View of the tank excavation.

    Bottom Left: Base slab pour.

    Bottom Right: Forming the tank walls.

    Submitted by Matt Wampler

    Harold D. Thompson Regional Water Reclamation Facility (Lower Fountain Metro Sewage District) Job 6591—$560,000 Project Manager: Mike Moore Superintendents: Dennis VanAuken Florentino Alvarez Project Coordinator: Heidi Haberkorn

    Crew: Jon Backman, Jesus P. Esparza, Dustin Hayward, Hugo Montanez, Arturo Santoyo

    Right: Two 60’ diameter secondary clarifiers are being constructed.

    Submitted by Mike Moore



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    FORT LUPTON, COLORADO Prairie Waters North Campus Project ARR (City of Aurora, Colorado) Job 2902—$2.8 million Project Manager: Keith Lemaster Superintendent: Brian Duran Project Engineer: Taylor Osgood Project Coordinator: Janel Tannatt

    Crew: Nathan Lopez, Joe Logan, Kyle Sweat, Jeryd Sisneros, Alan Castillo, Jorge Trejo, Eduardo V. Orozco

    Left: The crew installs dual 24” PVC lines for the northwest infiltration basin.

    Right: Installing the 30” steel main line.

    Submitted by Taylor Osgood

    Fruita Wastewater Reclamation Facility

    (City of Fruita, CO) Job 6517—$22.8 million Project Manager: Keith Hinds Superintendents: Bob Grivy Carey Woods Juan Torres Jeff Dickhausen Project Engineers: Nick Campbell Paul Duesterbeck Michael Huff

    Top: Overview shot of the oxidation ditches, clarifiers, headworks building, and operations building.

    Bottom: Juan Torres’ crew installs the platform that will surround the two Rotary Drum Thickeners. This room will also house the centrifuge, ATAD heat exchanger, and polymer feed pumps.

    Submitted by Michael Huff



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    Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (City of Olathe, KS) Job 8026—$33.0 million Project Managers: Joey Perell Phil Koehn Superintendents: Art Turner Stephen Harris Tim Holliday Project Engineer: Cole Rawson

    Crew: Rudy Puskas, Sean Bryson, Matt McCann, Octavio Ramirez, Terry Miller, Manuel Galven, Eric Henderson, James Gerdes, Alex Duran

    Top: Construction of the Cedar Creek WWTP. From left to right is BNR 1 and 2, blower building, clarifiers 4 and 5, the sludge and electrical building, influent pump station, and chemical building.

    Bottom: Crews are putting the finishing touches on the RAS, WAS, and scum piping in the sludge basement.

    Submitted by Joey Perell

    Osage WTP—Combined High Service and Transfer Pump Station (City of Amarillo, TX) Job 6535—$16.6 million Sr. Project Manager: Phil Naylor Project Manager: Jeff Cohen Superintendent: J.P. Bourgogne Project Admin: Ronnie Leyvas

    Crew: Porfirio Diaz, Eduardo Grijalva, Mario Lozano, Eric Poole, John Poole, Jesus Rivera, Jose Luis Mendoza, Jose Cano, Leobardo Herrera

    Top: Pump station’s 1,500 hp pumps, motors, and discharge piping.

    Bottom: Morning shot of the electrical building and high service pump station.

    Submitted by Ronnie Leyvas



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