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UNIVERSITY OF WALES & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF TASHKENT Fundamentals of Information Technology ASSIGNMENT ______________________________________________________________________ __ Course: Bsc (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Management Bsc (Hons) in Business and Marketing Bsc (Hons) in Banking and Finance ______________________________________________________________________ __ Student’s declaration We Mr/Ms ___ _____ declare that I understand what is meant by plagiarism and also the consequence of plagiarism has been explained to me by my lecturer. This assignment report submitted on ___ ________ is all my own work and research. I have given credit and acknowledged any use of scholarly work of other people. Signatures: ………………………….. Date: ………4 th November 2011……………………….. Total number of pages including this cover page in the assignment submitted Student's Full Name Lecturer's Name EXAMINER/MARKER’S USE ONLY

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Fundamentals of Information Technology ASSIGNMENT________________________________________________________________________ Course: Bsc (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Management Bsc (Hons) in Business and Marketing Bsc (Hons) in Banking and Finance ________________________________________________________________________ Students declaration

We Mr/Ms ___ _____ declare that I understand what is meant by plagiarism and also the consequence of plagiarism has been explained to me by my lecturer. This assignment report submitted on ___ ________ is all my own work and research. I have given credit and acknowledged any use of scholarly work of other people.

Signatures: .. Date: 4 November 2011.. Total number of pages including this cover page in the assignment submitted Student's Full Name Lecturer's Name EXAMINER/MARKERS USE ONLY


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Ms. Preethi Kesavan

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A Report on Advancing ticket reservation system and e-ticket reservation system via online for Mega Cinema. In Mega Planet shopping and recreation centre.

November 4, 2011

Executive Summary This report describes the consultation for introducing advance ticket reservation system and eticket reservation system via online for Mega Cinema. The main goal is to give some recommendations with justifications for this new movie ticket reservation system. The report contains consultation to install new computers, kiosks, which will be used to help customers (selfservice) to reserve movie tickets at the mall or instead use Internet to do advance booking. All information, findings of software, hardware, security procedures, and backup strategy are obtained through complete research from a range of dependable sources; such as websites, textbooks, audio materials, and other consistent newspapers.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary..........1 I. Introduction....2 II Determination of hardware and input devices.....3 2.1Hardware..........................................................................................................3 2.2Input devices............................................................................................................3 III. Instruction of the computer system to print the ticket/e-ticket 3.1 Users instruction. ..4 3.2 Managers instuction...................4 IV Recommendation of software, operating system and electronic payment system.7 4.1 Software. .....................8 4.2 Operating system..8 4.3 Electronic payment system...8 V Recommend Security procedures, backup strategy and one onlinebackup services .9. 5.1Security procedures9 5.2. Back up strategy9 5.3. Online back up services9 VI. Layout Block diagram ...10 VII Limitations and Conclusion..10 VIII. Group Members evaluation report...............................................................................10 IX. References...11



The main objective of this report is to introduce an advance ticket reservation system and e-ticket reservation system via online for customers and the goals of the new system are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) To give a anytime anyplace service for the customers at their convenience To offer refund options To reduce the number of staff at the ticket box office To support mega Cinema show times and shows on the internet To enlarge the profit for Mega Cinema To get statistic information and reports from the reservation record.

The self service movie ticket kiosk or the online E-Ticket System (ETS) permits the customers to purchase ticket online and call off the seat at an appropriate time (2 days before the show to 1hour before the show). To improve the repayment function, all the customers have to make a registration and turn out to be a member before purchasing ticket. Employees can employ the system to set in and erase data (e.g. film description, time table) which will modernize the webpage (webpage are dynamic page, changing according to the data in database). In addition, staff can confirm the statistic information from the system.

All information, findings of company instances are obtained through complete research from a range of dependable sources; such as websites, textbooks, audio materials, and other consistent newspapers. The report will be organized as follows: Section 1: Introduction. Section 2: Determine appropriate hardware, input devices such as kiosk hardware requirements that will be essential for the computer system to do the above tasks Section 3: Instruct the computer system to print the ticket/e-ticket. In this section, we have to show how customers make ticket reservation and how the managers will initiate the computer system to print the report on movie ticket reservation records Section 3.1: Recommend suitable software to connect the computers to the network, operating systems, electronic payment systems, kiosk at Mega Cinema, self payment methods Section 3.2 Recommend Security procedures, backup strategy and one online backup service Section 4: Overall block diagram to illustrate your recommendations in graphical/picture form Section 5: Known Limitations and Conclusion Section 6: Group Members Evaluation Report


Recommendation of the appropriate hardware and input devices

2.1 Hardware HP Touch Smart 600-1390 All-in-One Desktop PC (Black) Product Description with justifications It saves space for business environment which gives comfort ability for labors as it has slim all-in-one desktop and at the same time enables workers by selecting of touch of applications to keep them organized.

With its 23-inch diagonal display gives opportunity to watch, pause and record business transactions and moreover, with fast Intel processor and 6 GB of memory, its easy to work in several applications, concurrently. It comes up with wireless keyboard and mouse which means no need to use cables. Similarly to that, it connects to printer and other accessories wirelessly which results in keeping time wireless synching and printing. With its integrated microphone and webcam helps to chat live with coworkers and directly connects to the Web using built-in Wi-Fi which facilitates transporting business records directly from memory. There is count on HP Touch Smart software for large originality and efficiency of the transaction processing.

HP EX490 1TB Media smart Home Server (Black) Product Description with justifications Backup Keep business records, transactions and company files safe. Back up PCs and Macs in Mega Cinema automatically. Storage Leverage unnecessary space on the computer hard drives which unify the business level of the cinema. Save up to 960,000 docs and 600 hours of video with the included 1TB hard drive.Workers can watch videos on the go.

Count on automatic backup. It automatically runs every day backup to maintain latest files secure. In addition, adjoins a second hard drive for file redundancy with Select Folder Duplication handled by Windows Home Server which enables the system to be protected of

any unexpected redundancy. Afterwards, recuperate from a computer hard drive failure using PC or Mac Restoration features. Finally, back up public folders on the server to an external hard drive and stores up it off-site for an affixed level of security.

OutWay Kiosk It particularly designed for outdoor places for the most different needs. Its one of the most robust kiosks because of it is technical uniqueness and mechanical structure. The OutWay model can support a large number of components and configurations, according to the diverse demands.

It is the most suitable outdoor kiosk that can be arranged for self-service and shows a way to simultaneously lower overhead and enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

Upflow RX Kiosk Its for outside where an exclusive and heroic design is entailed with full weather protection. Therefore, it can tolerate any kind of weather, stay in the same condition in spite of cold or hot climate. Its produced utilizing a new procedure where can be revealed the top final stages and the higher robustness of the structure.

It is on hand in stainless steel with polished emery lasting and it can hold up a lot of number of components and configurations, according to the miscellaneous demands.

As the Internet availability is widespread, all this kind of kiosks can linked together, despite of different locations.

III. Instruction of the computer system to print the ticket/e-ticket 3.1 Customers instructionFirst of all, to get the ticket, the customer should become a member. However, some of the people dont want to be a member and due to this reason the company should make discount only for frequent members and by this, partly attract or involve people. Customer can do it by using his or her credit card or Mega Cinemas Card. Simply click on Buy Tickets, choose preferred cinema, movie and time, and then adhere the simple instructions.

Afterwards, customer must present the card used to book tickets online to collect them at the Ticket Box. It is good idea to bring a print-out of the confirmation page to confirm booking. Figure 1.1 Client flow chart diagram The client flow chart diagram shows how customers interect with the movie system view the movie list, select the movie and view the analysis of the movie then book for the movie.


User is a customer

Select movie

Analyze movie

Book movie


3.2 Managers or administrators instruction

Start Figure 1.2 It reveals how the administrators or managers login, manage movies, create a new user (administrator) and manage tickets.

User is admni

Input password

Is password


Create new


Delete Restore Delete Withdraw



SoftwareExTertain software by Expert IT Group

Product Description with justifications: It is ticketing solution for cinema box officers in which the solution serves to proceedings that need managing predetermined setting with different activity and price seating. Mostly, it is Online Ticketing For Cinemas Onsite Ticketing Reporting and therefore, as its front-end, it will mainly facilitate customers. The main characteristics of the solution are shown in the following:

Propose the seating layout which hepls to choose suitable seat. Permits to adjust ticket pricing which is helpful for administration to do alteration effortlessly whenever needed Make agenda for the film for viewing. Pay out the tickets through a variety of conduits like ticket counters, web, telephone and kiosks.

Key modules are: Design Module - gives power to the customers Permits consumer to model the hall seating arrangement with a user friendly interface Facilitates customer to assign seat numbering pattern which produce the choices of seats for customer to have a sit. Predefined levels of the seating are set by customer ; for example Upper class/Lower class etc. Pricing Module- suppleness to act in response to market dynamics Lets consumers to identify ticket price based on Screen Seat tier (Upper/Lower etc) Show Timings Film Scheduling module it permits in the early hours reservation and efficiently utilization of various waterway booking portals Ticket Booking - coordinated booking channels System maintains ticket booking through Desktops/Touch screens Kiosks By showing the seating pattern, customer decides the seat number Bears ticket cancellation and re-booking Reporting and Auditing System produced

Ticket sales reports in which manager will instruct, view, document, maintain or make some decisions based on the report At the end of the day, data can be entered to EIS and MIS systems. Exception/audit reports. (For Cancellations/Re-bookings etc)

4.2 Operating System Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD 1 Pack Product Description with justifications: This product will installed in all desktops in Mega Cinema due to following reasons: Make simpler daily by discovering something immediately, contrasting documents side-by-side, or releasing your preferred file in just two clicks Companys files can be backed up to an external hard drive, secondary hard drive, writable CD or DVD, or to a network location Gains dominant diagnostics and troubleshooters built into Action Center to determine majority of computer problems. FireCast OS However, there should another OS for kiosk to identify its hardware and its applications and this case, FireCast OS will assits because of the followings:

Allows to make digital signs, touchscreen kiosks, and other devices and run them with same software. Despite, its buit on Linux, its reliable and protected. Its becomnig esy to wirk with Flash animation and Web applications are built in so that the third party cant be installed.

Remote I-Kiosk Management The main reason for aquiring this software is to provide managers with effective and efficient contlrol of kiosk from location of any choice. The reason for running this software is to make sure efficient kiosk deployment because it permits remote monitoring of kiosks from a different preffered place and getting of user information. It is important for maintaning the deployed network effectively and keeping the total cost of ownership in check. Thus, managers can control the entire kiosk network from any location.

4.3 Electronic Payment System The main purpose of running Electronic Payment System (EPS) is to make Mega cinemas business process more beneficial by offering with top merchant processing services in which they suggest a large majority of credit card processing solutions from point-of-sale terminals, online e-commerce systems, and online account reporting to ensure verification services. It is very suitable for Mega Cinema because of its point-of-sale merchant processing payment solutions. As a result, it offers low processing rates, terminal leasing and cash deals. The company can enlarge its business proficiency by admitting credit and EBT card processing and permitting more customers to utilize a various type of payment options. Furthermore, the one of the main objective to run this system is that as its merchant account, its a back-end which provides more security for system to be encrypted during payment process. As a result, it provides access to the bank which is third party all transactions money goes to the bank and later on, bank returns money to the Mega Cinema by taking its commissions, tax and etc.


Recommend Security procedures, backup strategy and one online backup service with justificationsRecommended Security Measures

Without security procedures any technology in any organization or company will suffer from different types attacks that will damage the system which result in destroying vast majority of data and information. By focusing on this, there must be taken some security steps to prevent that phenomenon. Firstly, we have to acquire Norton Security for the Internet due to some reasons which are justified in the following: Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User 3PC Product Description with justifications:

Insight and SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection has been improved which will give a concrete multiple layered level of protection to the company Network Threat Protection has been enhanced to provide more secure, it is beneficial for cinemas networking to be stayed secure well. Moreover, it keeps secure the cinemas internet browser and its system security.

Installation: It takes little time to install and no need to overwrite the license because it provides with existing license which can be updated later on. Interface: Its main interface is less cluttered, plus there are easy to use buttons various menus which will be easy for employees to interact with it and irritating floating gadget is new.

Setting up: Most settings are just a couple of clicks away and typically simple to come across. Security: Mostly, it is good at detecting most frequent bothering cookies and adware. Yet, compared to current security, it has come up with a new feature such as saving search marks outcomes from Google searches as secure or not or it can be checked website security by looking for Norton reliable representation. It works faster than other security software which results in saving labors time. Secure Electronic Transaction It helps in the followings: Developed to keep security of credit card transactions Confidentiality: all messages encrypted Trust: all gatherings must have digital certificates Privacy: information made accessible merely when and where essential Give privacy of payment and ordering information Make sure the reliability of all sent out data Offer verification that a cardholder is a legal user of a credit card account Offer verification that a merchant can acknowledge credit card transactions through its connection with a bank.

5.2 Back up strategy & 5.3 Online backup service R Backup Online Backup Software Both strategy and service will do by using this software. It works as usual data backup software, but it has a necessary uniqueness. It is backing up instead of transmitting backups to a tape drive, it sends all the backups via the Internet or other networking to Mega cinemas online backup server securely offsite and its done at the night time when computers are not used. Furthermore, its totally automatic and Mega cinema can put its lives on the line every night.

Online Backups will be done on agenda, consistently and remote backups are done with automated software regularly at night. Merely, the truthful files are backed up and they normally illustrate the state of the system. Thus, it solves that problem by continuously

reevaluating the computer system. Only, it has version control system which is easy to use. Moreover, all backups encrypted for total protection, but in general tape back ups are not encrypted, so anyone can get access to everything else on computers. Yet, it encrypts its back up which will secure for anyone even for RBS service provider. Therefore, all backups are instantly sent offset and kept securely away from the clients computers and their businesses. There might be a problem by doing that mentioned criteria above and in order to solve that it automatically keeps all important data at more than one site. In that case, Mega cinema can be backup and open the new computers for the newest data no matter what occurs.

It runs on all versions of Windows 7, 2003 and 2008 Servers and newer and holds up all networks that run with these operating systems.

We will show how backup system works: It divides into two modules a client and a server. The client is computerized and stores track of data and hides on the System Tray, similarly, server controls the same way. Since, all files back up; they packed together and encrypted which makes active clients Internet connection. Consequently, it makes a connection with companys Remote Backup Server and transmits it back. Lastly, backup is confirmed for integrity before transmitting and this makes sure that copy of the back up in the companys Server precisely equal to that copy that was sent. VI. The Block diagram Norton SecurityOS Hardware Manager




E-ticket reservation system




ExTetain software

Mega cinema


Norton Security


Limitaions and Conclusion

For this point, there is a new feature of E-ticket system such as an Export Line Items to Excel it permits users (customers) to export debit and credit information (account numbers, object codes, amounts and invoice number) from the system to Excel. In addition, there is need for training reqiurement because it might be comlex for novice users (customers) to instuct the system. Similarly to that, Browse My Tickets is also new feature permits various types search options if the customer doesnt know E-ticket number to utilize for a Quick Search. Thus, the new features are going to be simplified in the future. Conclusion The objective of this report has been met. All probable recommendations with justifications of the movie E-ticket reservation system has been introduced to meet users satisfaction of usability of theMega Cinema. The recommendation of the hardware, software, security, instuctions of E-ticket system, block diagram and limitation picked up for Mega Cinema after through complete research from a range of dependable sources; such as websites, textbooks, audio materials, and other consistent newspapers.

VIII. Group Members Evaluation Report

As this assigment requires a team work, consisting of 3 members. We decided to organize it in the following: All members did the organization of the assignment by determing the companys objective, conducting table of contents and introduction of this report. Afterwards, we divided the report into three parts for three members: The 1st member was responsible for recommending an appropriate hardware and input divices by justifying all reasons for aquiring all above mentioned technologies. Similarly, to show the instcruction of the computer system to print the ticket/e-ticket. From the 1st member point of view, it was difficult to find a suitable hardware and kiosk with its specification to match with a new system. The 2nd member was dedicated to recommend of software, operating system and electronic payment system and recommend security procedures, backup strategy and one online backup services. Therefore,the main difficult part was to find a suitable OS for Kiosk and E-payment system. The 3rd member was responsible for determining a proper security security, back up strategy and service. It was hard to get the secure electronic transaction for credit transaction security