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  • Advanced Web Marketing for the Seasoned Pro

    Dana Fox, PresidentEva Sheie, Vice President Internet Marketing

  • What Well Cover

  • Raise your hand if :You have had a website for at least 1 year. 3 years. 5 years. 10 years. If your site was built 10 or more years agoyou have upgraded ?? timesHow Advanced Is This Advanced Group?

  • Pop Quiz ContdYou know the difference between your domain and your hosting account?You have a strategy for your website beyond you wanted something attractiveDo you have more than one contact form on your website?Do you respond to web leads the same day?

  • What We Mean By AdvancedYou have a good understanding of how various internet systems work:You know the difference between organic and paidYou know where your traffic comes from, youve seen your analytics more than onceYou proactively collect email addresses in the office and on your website for marketing

  • What We Mean By AdvancedSocial Media: You know the difference between a Professional & a Personal Facebook pageHow to engage & convert patients onlineYou understand the significance of being on 1st Page for Google

  • Where are we?Shift from mass to nicheOne size fits all culture is goneInfinite entertainment choicesNewspaper advertising down 50%, but appetite for news is upNY Times 1.9 million visitors per dayFailure of the model, not the interest in the product

  • How is This Shift from Mass to Niche Affecting Us?Service economyExperience economy sell the sizzle not the steak$3 cup of coffeeNow so much noise, weve entered the attention economy

  • Marketing Your Practice in the Attention Economy?Incorporate 2-way communication, aka social mediaReach out instead of always waiting for patients to reach in to youCant do it all on the web You need other sources too, but in the right niche

  • 4 Rules of Internet Marketing1. Throw spaghetti at the wall2. Fail cheaply and fail often3. Always measure response4. Favor data over anecdotal evidence

  • Its all about meAnd one NEW rule

  • Build a solid foundation.

  • Anatomy of a successful websiteGive both types of people what they want serve the patient who is ready, and the one who isntDo you have interesting, clickable features? The more you have for them to do, the longer they will stayTop 3 pages on most cosmetic sites: Before & After, Financing/Cost, and SpecialsIs your website focused on conversions?

  • Before and after photosEasy to navigateInclude notes about each patientLooking for similar body typeInclude lots of detailsTry to tell the patients story

  • Financing and cost informationCost and financing information is critically importantHigh search volumeIs someone in your office good at helping people get financed? Can you feature that person on the financing page as the expert?Do you offer a cash discount?Do you include price range information on each procedure page?

  • Do specials wellAt very least, use the specials from your vendors contact your reps for more informationKeep specials simpleKeep the page up to datePromote a variety of servicesNote which promotions are successful and bring them backDont run longer than 3 monthsAsk your fans what they want

  • Make your content a priorityAnalyze your existing content with real dataWebsite must be current and have lots of contentFull page for each procedureShort paragraphs with headingsYou must pay attention to it and keep it fresh

  • Your voice needs to be heardOriginal content has a lasting impression on your patientSimilar content is okay, but identical is not goodThink about contentWell, even plastic surgeons get to say WOW at their results!

  • what is SEO, really?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

  • There is no school for it Learned by trial and error, instinct Became successful by ability to identify patterns and maximize Definitions and language arent always standard

    The unique challenge of SEO

  • Any and all activities designed to improve your conversion rateIn reality, SEO has many definitionsNot necessarily to make you #1 in Google

  • Example?

  • More SEO Best Practices

    XML sitemaps submitted to GoogleNo broken linksClean, efficient codeHaving Google AnalyticsHaving Google Webmaster Tools

  • what to do on the rest of the internet

  • Be wary of shiny objects

  • 5 SEO/SEMstrategies that work. Links Local Search Email marketing Social media Reviews

  • STRATEGY #1:Number of quality links to AND from youLinks are like votesQuality more powerful than quantityBest kind of link is the one your competitors cant getLinking out to others is also a signal that youre realIts a myth that linking to other websites can hurt you

  • What is Page Rank?Link analysis algorithm trademarked and patented by GoogleScale from 1-10, assigned by GoogleNamed after a guy named Larry

  • Page Rank in our worldMost plastic surgeons will never rank higher than 3Very few will reach 4CNN 10, Facebook 10, WSJ 8 has a PR of 6WARNING! Do not fixate on this number!Use it as a tool to identify good sources of links Find your page rank with Google Toolbar or go to

  • How many links do I have?Google Webmaster

    Yahoo Search type link:

    Open Site Explorer

  • How do I get more links?ASK for them!Link out and youll find others linking back in to youBuild great pages that can serve as resources to others and they will naturally link to youPress releases

  • Strategy #2Local Search

  • 3 Independent GooglesPaidLocal/MapsOrganic

  • PPC or Sponsored SearchPaidLocal/MapsOrganic

  • Lots of ways to spend money

  • ```The Attention EconomyPaid is much easier to track nowDivide the number of pay per click visitors who completed your contact form by the amount of money you spent on pay per click

  • Local SearchGoogle Places & MapsPaidLocal/MapsOrganic

  • The 7 Pack

  • Phone number = Thumbprint Business phone number is #1 authenticity signalAvoid tracking numbers!Hide web tracking phone numbers in images or un-indexable javascript

  • Moving up to the 7 packCitationsNAP data = Name, address, phoneNumber of reviews & star ratingLink YouTube videosUse your contact page as the website linkDistance from the centroidAuthoritative Google account

  • Submit your NAP dataData providers fuel wide variety of local search websites, business directories, GPS, map software

  • Places Profile Tips

  • What are QR Codes?

  • Reviews on PlacesUsers with Google accounts can post reviews directly on the pageReviews can be responded to by the page ownerAlso are aggregated from other sourcesChanging quickly and constantly

  • If your listing is wrongUpdate your listing, but dont expect immediate fixes30-60 daysUse the report a problem linkYou cant call Google, but they can call you

  • 2 Great Local Search BlogsDavid Mihm (


  • Dont forgetBing & Yahoo LocalBing = only other local search engineBing Local Listing CenterYahoo Local

  • The Attention EconomyStrategy #3Email Marketing

  • Reaching out with emailConnect with your patients regularly to keep their attentionAre you asking for email addresses in the office and on your website?Not everyone wants to request a consult right now, but they might want to hear about your specials and events in the futureMust have permission, illegal to buy listsBuild and segment your list over time

  • 7 Rules of Email MarketingKeep it short, sweet, and interestingTry to place the hook in the top half of the designIf you need to provide a lot of information, put it on your website and link the eblast to that pageBest time to send is Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday morning between 10-12 am. Make sure someone is there to answer the phone!Send 2-3 weeks before an event and again a few days before (dont send too early)Dont abuse your listAlways send something with value

  • Cost is minimalCost of sending is low, $15 per 1000 emails or monthly subscription feeMust use a 3rd party system like Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Campaign MonitorDo not use your office email system!

  • Groupon & Living Social

  • The Attention EconomyStrategy #4Social Media

  • 1. Does anyone within the practice blog in some way about an aesthetics-related topic?2. Does your practice have a Facebook business page (or any other social network)?3. Do you know how many reviews Google has aggregated under your profile?

    4. Have you ever invited patients to share their perspective of your website?

    5. Is Web publishing decentralized, available to many in your organization?

    6. Do you consider engagement statistics such as conversion rate and time on site as a metric?

    7. Does your practice reward social media involvement?

    8. Has anyone in the practice checked on the accuracy of local listings in Google, Bing, Yahoo?

    9. Do you regularly ask your patients to write reviews?

    10. Have you or your team done any of th