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Transcript of Advanced photoshop issue 113, 2013

  • 113 Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques The magazine for Adobe Photoshop professionals Commercial photography isbigbusiness, discoverhowto edityourphoto liketheexperts 101010PAGEPAGEPAGE SPECIALSPECIALSPECIAL FEATUREFEATUREFEATURE REVIEWREVIEWREVIEW DELLDELLDELL XPS27XPS27XPS27 OurverdictOurverdictOurverdict onthelatestonthelatestonthelatest touchscreentouchscreentouchscreentouchscreentouchscreentouchscreen andall-in-oneandall-in-oneandall-in-one CommercialCommercialCommercialCommercial photographyphotographyphotographyphotography isbigbusiness,isbigbusiness,isbigbusiness,isbigbusiness, discoverhowtodiscoverhowtodiscoverhowtodiscoverhowto edityourphotoedityourphotoedityourphotoedityourphoto liketheexpertsliketheexpertsliketheexpertsliketheexperts 111555WAYSTOWAYSTOWAYSTOWAYSTOWAYSTOWAYSTO MASTERMASTERMASTERMASTERMASTERMASTER INFOGRAPHICSINFOGRAPHICSINFOGRAPHICSINFOGRAPHICSINFOGRAPHICSINFOGRAPHICSHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowdHowtomakeyoursstandoutfromthecrowd DESIGNDESIGNDESIGN FORTHEWEBFORTHEWEBFORTHEWEBBuildacommercial-standardBuildacommercial-standardBuildacommercial-standard interfaceinPhotoshopinterfaceinPhotoshopinterfaceinPhotoshopinterfaceinPhotoshopinterfaceinPhotoshopinterfaceinPhotoshop EXPERT TUTORIALEXPERT TUTORIALEXPERT TUTORIAL FANTASYLIGHTINGFANTASYLIGHTINGFANTASYLIGHTINGPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques PerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniquespaintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques PerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques PerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigitalPerfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital paintingandlayeringtechniques Perfectdramaticeffectsusingdigital RRREEETTTOOOTOTTTOTOTOTTTOT UUUCHCHCHSECRSECRSECRSECRSECRSECREEEEEETSTSTSTSTSTS PROPROPROPROPROPRO INDUSTRY TUTORIALINDUSTRY TUTORIALINDUSTRY TUTORIAL EXPERTCOMPOSITESEXPERTCOMPOSITESEXPERTCOMPOSITESEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotosselectionsandblendingphotosselectionsandblendingphotos Essentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotos EssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotos Essentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotos Essentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotos EssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurateEssentialadviceoncreatingaccurate selectionsandblendingphotos Essentialadviceoncreatingaccurate Tutorialfilesavailableat: ISSUE 113

Your One-Stop Image Solution Find the best creatives for your advertising campaigns by browsing Depositphotos library of millions of high quality photographs, vector images and video files. S3671290 Depositphotos Inc. | Website: | Customer Service: +44-870-8200052Depositphotos Inc. | Website: | Customer Service: +44-870-8200052 Get a 7-day image subscription for FREE with promotion code: , WELCOME ISSUE 113 Welcome to the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop. Design inspiration can be a bit thin on the ground at this time of year, but 2013 has been consistently serving some of the best work ever seen. INTHISISSUE: GRAPHICS DIGITAL PAINTING PHOTOMANIPULATION PHOTO EDITING ANNA LISA SAYWELL Editor So with that in mind, we bring you a great selection of inspirational work this issue, including our cover feature on pro retouching and working within the commercial image industry, professional tips on how to master informative and visually appealing infographics, and how to design a commercial- standard webpage in Photoshop. Elsewhere in the issue, work with custom brushes to paint fantasy lighting and learn expert compositing tips with our fashion illustration tutorial. We also chat to FZD School of Design about the Asian concept market, and review Dells new XPS One 27 touch screen all-in-one to let you know if it lives up to its hype. Last, but by no means least, we have compiled a selection of great content on this months disc, including two exclusive video tutorials, 40 premium images, fonts worth $60, Photoshop brushes and much, much more. Enjoy! FINDUSONLINE: @advancedpshop /AdvancedPhotoshop 003 ISSUE 113 CONTENTS COVER IMAGE Photographer Yulia Gorbachenkos stunning imagery is our top choice for the cover. Additional credits: make-up Frances Hathaway; retoucher Cristian Girotto; model Vanessa Cruz at IMG Models YULIA GORBACHENKO TYPOGRAPHY NEW MEDIA images, fonts worth $60, Photoshop brushes and FINDUSONLINE: /AdvancedPhotoshop INDUSTRY FEATURE: MASTERINFOGRAPHICS24 Pro designers share their top tips for creating informative and visually appealing graphics 42 PHOTOMANIPULATION: EXPERT COMPOSITES Use Photoshop techniques to blend photos and digital art in a fashion-based illustration EYE ON DESIGN Whats hot, whos in and the latest art & design happenings PRO PANEL Our contributors share Photoshop secrets06 PORTFOLIO INTERVIEW Eye-catching typography08 16 STUDIO INTERVIEW FZD school of design 14 PROJECT FOCUS Creative retouching CONTENTS ISSUE 113 004 08 EYE CATCHING TYPOGRAPHY MASTER REALISTIC IMAGES 86 16 FZDSCHOOL OFDESIGN 32 PRO RETOUCH FORBACKISSUES,BOOKS ANDMERCHANDISEVISIT: TECHNIQUES Professional artists reveal their high-end skills in our easy-to- follow workshops 15 ways to master infographics24 INDUSTRY FEATURE REVIEWS We put the latest creative kit, books and apps to the test 80 FEATURE: Dell XPS One 27 with optional touch 85 REVIEW: Adobe Kuler app Free with issue 113 of Advanced Photoshop RESOURCE COLLECTION PLUS: Tutorial project files Exclusive wallpapers for mobile and desktop Custom fonts worth $60 Featuring 40 high-res images, exclusive Photoshop brushes and premium Actions TAILOR MADE CREATIVE CONTENT Exclusive video tutorials on retouching and infographics 96 ON YOUR DISC Fantasy lighting52 WORKSHOP Expert composites42 FEATURE WORKSHOP Design for the web62 WORKSHOP Pro retouch secrets32 INDUSTRY FEATURE Future Gaming by Maxime Girault58 HOW I MADE SEE PAGE 22 FOR THE LATEST OFFER SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 66 Matte painting techniques WORKSHOP The key to realistic images86 READER INTERVIEW 74 Work with vectors WORKSHOP 72 Pop Bird by Therese Larsson HOW I MADE 66 MATTEPAINTING TECHNIQUES Linocut print90 RESOURCE PROJECT 52 FANTASYLIGHTING 90 LINOCUT PRINT ISSUE 113 CONTENTS 006 EYEONDESIGN PRO PANEL PRO PANELOUR CONTRIBUTORS SHARE THEIR PHOTOSHOP SECRETS, EXPLAINING HOW THEY CREATED THESE STUNNING EFFECTS USING SPECIFIC TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES EYE ON DESIGN THERESE LARSSON In order to create a compelling painting, sit down before you start and think about the actual idea. Try to give your image some kind of back story that adds emotional value. When the audience looks at your art, it should make them think, laugh, feel sad or get excited. The best art moves people in some fashion or another. Larsson reveals how she used Photoshop to create authentic lighting on page 72 MARCO NELOR One way to save time and keep an image organised is to lock layers. The overall shape of this stealth bomber was applied with a solid black colour, on a separate layer. Then the layer was locked. This allowed me to paint within the borders of the shape without going over the edges. Nelors fantasy painting secrets are unlocked on page 52 RASMUS WANGELIN I use a lot of adjustment layers, such as Gradient Maps, to control highlights and shadows. I also use Hue/Saturation to adjust colours. I often end up applying a good deal of these adjustment layers to small parts of an image, fine-tuning these individually. Adding sharpness and image blur is also a great way to make even the smallest detail stand out. Learn how to create photo-based web styles in Wangelins tutorial, beginning on page 62 Rasmus Wangelin Marco Nelor Therese Larsson 007 Imagine Publishing Ltd 2013 ISSN 1748-7277m Magazine team Editor Anna-lisa Saywell 01202 586243 Editor in Chief Dan Hutchinson Features Editor Adam Smith Sub Editor Alicea Francis Photographer James Sheppard Senior Art Editor Duncan Crook Head of Publishing Aaron Asadi Head of Design Ross Andrews Contributors Andrew Brooks, Abigail Daker, Chris McMahon, Angelica Jopson, Julie Bassett, Vesna Pesic, Rasmus Wangelin, Bobby Myers, Matt Henry, Kirk Nelson, Dmitry Fox, Marco Nelor, Alison Innes, Charlotte Crooks, Chris Christoforidis, Marcus Faint, Annabelle Sing, Yulia Gorbachenko Advertising Digital or printed media packs are available on request. Head of Sales Hang Deretz 01202 586442 A